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Death Match “Amphitheatre:”

The following is a game of Death Match set in.... well... I have taken the sandbox contained within the rulebook`s background filler, lifted it out.. and placed it seamlessly into a Star Wars setting. You could of course do the same with your own preferred theme, or just use it all as its written in the book.

Death Match


A self sculpt mini of the young teen version of Boba Fett.

Date ~ 16 AtG{After the Games}... thats sixteen years after the first ever Games on the planet Traventi.

 “…and so, there we all are!

Five bounty hunters on the planet Traventi (Its name in Imperial Stella Cartography is Beta 666), chosen by Lord Vallatrix to partake in his  Spectacular Winter Games (actually being held (and paid for) by his niece the Lady Quaffig Mallatrix. Hmmmmm, a grand title considering the `exclusive` guest list the Royal Houses had brought together. Lords and ladies, the blood-thirsty and the richly insane, crime lords and their hoodlum entourages, the curious (who could pay), the gladiatorial bookies and their gore addicted punters… gamblers all, from across the far reaches of the galaxy rim.”

“They were here to watch us fight: here to watch us display our skills, and hopefully to see bucket-fulls of blood in the process. They expected a gross spectacle, to get these games underway… and we were the main attraction of day one. Five bounty hunters expected to band together to display our ability as a team - and separately, to fight as a single cold hearted killing machine.”

“Exactly how Quaffig brought us all together at one time remains a mystery to me. But then again, considering Quaffig.. nothing really surprises me. It is rumoured that 4-LOM owed Vallatrix a favour and has been bought here by the Traventi Lord, from the dust bowl planet `Tattooine` in honour of that debt. I can think of no other reason why the android would fight for Vallatrix, or Quaffig for that matter.. the slimy bitch: and Vallatrix was certainly laying on heavy bets with his vile Brother over 4-LOM`s chances of success during the approaching `hunt.`”
“Bossk, of course, is an animal and gives our kind a bad name. He`d do anything for profit; and probably has on more than a few occasions.

Dengar`s reasons for being here were unknown to me, but judging by the look of him… I’d guess he`s been down on his luck a bit lately. I’d be the richest man alive if I had an Imperial `clink` every time I’ve heard it said that bounty hunters make a fortune; and all retire early to live like princes, in Marcher Lord palaces built entirely of gold and jewels – no doubt from a thousand lucrative death contracts. Looking at Dengar at that moment seems proof enough that this myth is bogus.”

“The IG system seems to be working to some hidden (private) agenda and actually appears quite content to be here. But then again, IG88 always  looks impassive.”

“Then there was me, pfffhh! What can I say. That my pride and honour has bought me here? To show the illustrious collected audience within the Traventi Pleasure Palace just exactly how good at my trade I really am?”


“I am here because my resources and contacts have lead me to believe Quaffig has a `gifted` fugitive hiding amongst her vast collection of monsters, aliens and gladiator warriors. Though I am still convinced she is (at the time) unaware of this fact. I see no need to alert her… I’ll find and dispatch the Force Wielder before she even realizes what she`s missed… then collect the lucrative bounty single handed.”

“But for the moment –

 -  I’ll play Quaffig`s pathetic little games; I’ll even shine in bloody red gore to satisfy even the most depraved of her guests. She wants an event? I’d give her a match that will make everyone assembled disbelieve their own eyes. I’ll astound them with a display of skill that will make them all realize exactly why Boba Fett is the best the galaxy has to offer.”

***          ***          ***

The First Fight (mini battle report):

Vallatrix and Quaffig had both really gone to town this time, laying on fun and games for over three hundred wealthy (and bloodthirsty) noble families, big-time-gamblers and blood sport enthusiasts - from across the whole sector of space. Several thousand other spectators (with the credits to afford seats in the arena) flocked the amphitheatre, creating an atmosphere of intense excitement and noise. An army of exotic boys and girls of various races and description, bought trays of delicious looking refreshments round for the paying guests.

Quaffig liked the exotic… also the erotic. Though these facts were obvious simply by looking at her as she sat enthroned in her fine silks and luscious jewels, gold and silver. All Traventins are naturally sexual (unlike the hermaphrodite Hutt Lords of Nal Hutta): and Quaffig certainly chose to allow the sensual side of womanhood to dominate her persona, and dressed accordingly. The orgies she sometimes arranged, and often attended, were a legend across much of the galaxy, and illegal black-market holo-discs of these sordid drunken affairs fetched a high price in... certain quarters.

The opening ceremonies were overwhelmingly lavish. Loud music was played by high tech and freakish bands, supported by troupes of dancers who cavorted and gyrated energetically in front of the audience; clowns, acrobats and fire eaters entertained from the edges of the arena… and everywhere - strobe and spot lights poignantly flooded each of the events. Huge view screens highlighted specially skilled and interesting acts, and all the time the audience loved it and cheered enthusiastically.

When the warriors finally paraded the arena in a grand procession, suitably scored dramatic music enhanced the atmosphere to fever pitch.

And then the games began.

At first they were simple gladiatorial fights and displays of martial skills – rarely to the death. But as time went on, these bouts became more and more serious, and blood started to flow. Teams of human prisoners (often chained together) and strange alien races fought terrifying alien monstrosities, and the crowd screamed and laughed with each new and twisted scene.

The gladiators came next. Incredible martial feats of skill, often to the death... and the sand pits of the arena started to run red with crimson, green, and blue gore.

But the main event of the first day was left until quite late in the evening. A straight fight between Boba Fett (The Boy Boba, as the crowd have taken to calling him) and a couple of Imperial Governor Grappll`s wayward Stormtroopers. If Fett survived, the fight in the arena, and presuming he dispatched both his assailants, he would be allowed `a shot` at the dungeon (the entrance of which sat at one end of the arena, through a huge and intricately carved stone archway that led into darkness beyond).


This first Boy Fett* arena match uses the new official Wargames Terrain Workshop Death Match rules.

* This event takes place (in the SW timeline) when Boba was still only a young man, not yet even fully grown: out to make a name for himself, like his father before him.

Boy Boba  Heavy Armour 1 point: Allows any stars rolled by this player in close combat on a green dice to be counted as blocks. A human in Heavy Armour normally subtracts 1 from the total of his initiative roll and action roll.. but the Boy Boba`s armour, although classed as heavy armour, is in fact special and made of  a very light plas-metal, and suffers its user no detriment to movement.

Pistol Blade {2 hits} 3 Points: One-handed
Along with a vicious curved cutting edge, the Pistol Blade includes a small but accurate pistol. The pistol may be fired an unlimited number of times per game, and may only be fired once per round (twice when standing without moving):

Short range 0-4 inches: 1 red dice, 1 green dice (+1 hit)

Long range 4-8 inches: 2 green dice (+ 1 hit)

(The weapon has an advanced balance gyro compensator, so counts stars as hits when firing this weapon).

Personal Jet Pack {0 Points): currently inoperable, as Boy Boba is still trying to fix it to make it work (was damaged when his father.. the original owner of the man sized armour.. was slain).

Life Points 12.


Scout Trooper on speeder bike (x2): Bike Blasters and personal blades {1 Red die and 1 Green Die}. Range - unlimited. Movement 8. Life Points 6 each trooper.


A plain Death Match roll up mat will represent the arena. Three (homemade) pillars arranged in a line, with another (fish tank) set of columns flank them to the left along one side of the mat… this is all the cover available during this game. An arch portal leading to the dungeon sits on the edge of the map at the point where the Scout Troopers start the game - opposite to Boy Boba.

House Rule: every 3 Life Points a miniature starts the game with, represents the equivalent of a level if thinking in terms of  an rpg (like D&D etc), and will affect the initiative dice each round. i.e. Boy Boba starts the game with 12 Life Points, which means (using my discretion) he is a level 4 character.

Round 1:

Boba rolls for initiative and rolls incredibly well, giving him a whopping 11 actions in total this round.

Scout Troopers throw poorly with only 5 (all 4 dice rolled blank faces).

Fett walks into the arena and the crowd goes  wild with cheering. He spots one of the speeder bikes across the other side of the arena and makes an educated/instinctive guess that the other one will maneuver to keep pace opposite him.. most likely using the pillars for cover. 

He runs towards the nearest (end) pillar and plants himself squarely in the middle behind it… momentarily out of sight of the bikes. A few jeers from the crowd indicate their displeasure at this seemingly non-heroic move. The Boy ignores them: certainly not interested in any showboating this round, that`s for sure.

The Scout Troopers look briefly at one another, say something into their helmet mic's and split left and right. Accelerating fast, they move swiftly across the arena – approaching the Boys position from both sides.

Round 2:

Boba rolls high again.

Leaning slightly, so he can see round the pillar he is using for cover (not moving, so he can use the gyro balance on his weapon, he lets loose a couple of shots at the Scout Trooper and bike on the right. Both shot easily hits and penetrates the target’s defense, causing a total of 6 points of damage. Both shots caused 3 hits each (X2 double swords and 2 stars.. wow amazing shooting). With six hits pumping into him, The Speeder careers wildly into one of the pillars and explodes in a ball of flames. The crowd cheers.

The remaining Scout Trooper steers his bike carefully round the Boy`s pillar (only six squares... realising too late that his amazing speed is in fact a hindrance in the arena, not  a bonus). Spying him, he lets off a shot – rolling 2 dice, which even with his skill isn’t nearly enough to hit the fledgling bounty hunter. He rolls poorly and Boba`s armour easily absorbs a single point of damage.

Nerves obviously a huge factor here, the scout silently curses himself for the missed opportunity, and waits for the inevitable… knowing he will most likely never get another chance.

Round 3:

The Imperial Trooper swings his bike round in an almost impossible arc that momentarily confuses and takes his enemy by surprise. Praying silently to whatever God was responsible for his sudden good fortune, the trooper aims his blasters, and fires once again – Aayyeee!!!! he rolls 1 hit, which bounces off harmlessly, like water from an umbrella. 

The Boy bounty hunter turns, takes careful aim, and puts two shots squarely into the Trooper and his bike. The last thought on the Imperial Scout’s mind before darkness takes him, is bitterness at having been caught by his officer trying to rape that peasant woman. Grappll`s justice was (as usual) severe, and now his life was forfeit in the arena. The Trooper fell sideways off his smoking bike, and tumbled lifeless to the ground, while the bike plummeted into the side of the stadium. The crowd cheered again.

The young Boba Fett strode forward across the arena towards the mouth of darkness that lead down into the dungeon below. He was hardly even aware of the cheering masses, or the fans ever hopeful of catching this new hero say something showboaty and suave to the crowd. However - as usual, Fett didn`t say a word.

 Fett enters the Dungeon:

The next part of this little AAR now switches from the Death Match rules, and is played out using a basic Beta version of the new Skirmish rules, that I am writing for Wargames Terrain Workshop (which will be properly launched at Salute 2018). One of the beauties of Death Match and the new Skirmish game (title still to be released... *shhhh its confidential *wink*) is that the rules can be switched out, even mid game: so that Death Match or the Skirmish game are fully interchangeable, pretty much at any point you wish to take the game out of the arena and into the realms of narrative skirmish.. for a more rpg experience.

Stepping cautiously between the cold stone pillars at the far end of the arena, the Boy Boba entered into the gloom and followed the straight, dank narrow passageway. His suit’s sensors told the bounty hunter he had covered 220 meters before emerging onto a worked slab floor. Looking about him with trained ease, he saw that he had entered a large, empty square chamber hewn completely from stone. The Boy saw two iron doors; one to his left, and another (slightly bigger one) in front of him. Dismissing the portal to his side he stepped up to the large iron door and pushed firmly. It opened inwards. 

As the heavy portal shifted and swung silently back on its hinges, the edges seemed to disappear into an inky black darkness that lay just beyond. Fett allowed the door to open completely and watched as more and more of it was swallowed up in the barrier until only it`s hinges were visible. 

Peering cautiously into the darkness for signs of movement, he could see nothing. Even his helmet’s sensitive all spectrum scanner could not interpret the images before it. The only thing Fett was vaguely aware of was the erratic moaning of the wild winds as they breathed and sighed through the myriad of tunnels and twisting paths. The dark way before Fett revealed nothing of what lay ahead. He knew he faced some kind of force field, but his sensors could not tell him the composition!

Fett stepped forward through the barrier and became enveloped by the darkness, so that… where he stepped into the nothingness, he appeared to disappear completely and become a part of the night. The sensation was strange and a little disconcerting so he pushed his way forward, and after only a few seconds he emerged on the other side.

Suddenly aware he had visibility once more, the Bounty Hunter switched his sensors to wide beam torch, and light flooded the area all around him. But although his torch was state of the art and extremely powerful, the illumination it provided seemed pitiful against the vast expanse of darkness that surrounded him; none the less, it was a lesser gloom. Not the impenetrable wall of nothingness the force field had imposed. Feeling behind him, Fett discovered the wall he had just stepped through was now solid. He smiled grimly to himself, but was not unduly surprised by his discovery. Vallatrix was full of surprises and as they went, this one was not an immediate problem to him.

From somewhere overhead… coming (it seemed) from the walls themselves, a sound blasted the silence and echoed disturbingly. It was a slow, deep rumbling: “HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA.” The laughter seemed to go on for quite a long time, and Fett was able to detect other (lesser) laughs and cackles behind the main theme.

“You`re just full of surprises Lord Vallatrix!” Boba Fett said, almost contemptuously to the walls, aware there must be hidden speakers and microphones, probably hidden all over the place. But if it had been the Lord`s voice Fett had heard amplified … it didn`t speak again.

Returning to his present predicament, Fett allowed his torch to roam a region of what appeared to be a chamber. As far as the light penetrated… which wasn’t nearly as far as he`d have liked, Fett was able to determine what appeared to be in a large natural cavern. Water dripped constantly from the ceiling and collected in deep pools of water, or ran in veins along the floor, before vanishing into cracks in the stone. Rusty chains dangled way overhead from the roof, occasionally clanking off one another when the un-earthly breeze blew. Fett spotted two more iron doors, one straight ahead of him and the other to it`s side.

Nothing else broke the unending mass of worked stone and the chill dank air worked hard to probe the Bounty Hunter`s Mandalorian armour, but to no avail. But obviously something else in the chamber was not so fortunate – judging by the dry cough coming out of the darkness.

Stepping carefully towards the sound, Fett flipped the switch on his blaster to power up the cell. A faint hum - barely audible and gone in a second, told Fett his weapon was ready to fire. Two wretched, filthy looking creatures and a Furry, escaped slaves and a pet by the look of them, sat huddled together in the northeastern corner of the cave, one of them trying to stifle another cough. 

Somehow, Fett got the immediate impression that these humanoids were stragglers from a larger body of fugitives, perhaps somewhere else within this labyrinthine complex; judging by the way they were attired… personal affects and and kit strewn about them in an uncaring fashion - like tired and defeated fugitives? The haggard expressions, with deep bags over their scar pocked feline faces and their ashen paleness, warned of their weakened state. Even the Furry looked subdued and withdrawn.

The Boy stood and surveyed them for a few seconds, but when it became obvious that none of them were going to make any aggressive moves towards him, the Bounty Hunter could see they were no threat and stepped over to the nearest door. Looking back towards the pathetic group for a moment, the bounty hunter pointed a gloved finger at the door and arched his helmeted head in an expression that meant “well?”

If any of the group actually knew what lay beyond the door he was gesticulating towards, they only shrugged: raised their eyebrows and looked away. The furry gave a whine and buried its head in its emaciated paw. But even as Fett approached the door he could smell that something was amiss.

Switching on his air tank, his rasping breath through the breathing filter sounded ominous. Pushing the portal open, the source of the smell became obvious, as more than a score of bodies were piled up in the chamber beyond. Perhaps a dozen and a half lay stripped and decaying in a large heap. The varying states of decay told Fett the pile had grown over a period of time.

Fett was glad he`d had the foresight to switch on his breathing tank – `filth fever` was a nasty way to go if not correctly diagnosed and treated swiftly; but his suit`s sensors were all ready screaming out bio-warnings and cursor lights winked to warn of airborne contagion.

Fett walked swiftly through the room, closing the main chamber door behind him as he went; a final nod of his head towards the fugitive slaves as the portal closed, towards told them he was not going to kill them.

Fett`s sensors had outlined a concealed stone door in the eastern wall, and readouts were advising him of a central pivoting hinge… probably Dwaliiff design. Fett pushed through the heavy rock door, which slid silently aside with accustomed ease.

In this fashion, Fett moved carefully through a multitude of chambers, corridors and tunnels… all devoid of interest. A week old cave in from the roof where the ceiling had become saturated by years of acidic dripping water, and a patch of green algae that looked for a moment like `mage blight` (an arcane ooze that sometimes fills the Underdeeps and old places), but which turned out to be merely a harmless phosphorous green moss… were all that distinguished Fett`s travels from the rest of his wanderings.

But after several hours wandering the silent, dank tunnels and paths, checking numerous chambers and caverns along the way; ascending and descending flights of winding stairs leading to higher and lower levels, Fett concluded that this area was dead.

But, knowing he was most likely being surveyed closely by Lord Vallatrix and Lady Quaffig.. and a whole arena of spectators, no doubt from a massed array of concealed cameras and pick-up mics, Fett was careful to conceal what he had discovered, by nonchalantly passing over the interesting bits for future study.

{{The Bounty Hunter made many dice roll observation checks along the way}}

The obvious conclusion to be made here, merely by studying signs and using his skills, was that there had been several small skirmishes in this area. Signs indicated that humanoid races had been involved in a confused mass of fighting, and over a long period of time… for Vallatrix`s sport and games? No! Fett thought the fighting looked different somehow; besides which, the Lord`s arena was relatively new, the some of these pitch fights looked to be far older. Fett had discovered another pile of rotten bodies, a lot older than the first mass grave he had found. But the disturbing thing about these had been the way something very big had been starving enough to eat several large chunks out of the corpses. Whatever it was had given up attempting to eat the carcasses… but the bite marks were alarming.

Fett also concluded that these upper levels had once been infested with vermin (rattoles and dweavels) and `roof cloakers,` (giant land squids that look like huge black wet blankets) but none of the dried up husks were recent.

He also hid the fact that his sensors had discovered a carefully concealed sink hole… most likely a deep well, and that there were indications the hole had been disturbed and used recently – by something climbing down. Scorch marks on the edges of the sliding fulcrum floor looked, to Fett, remarkably like those a light or vibro saber could have made?

Eventually, the hunter sat down on a plinth, and lifted his helmet visor just enough to drink a few sips from his bottle, and consumed a few synth tabs. He waited, hardly moving.. for what must have seemed hours. Eventually, a human voice, one of the palace servants no doubt, crackled over a mic: (actually, quite close to his head)“follow the guards and they`ll lead you to an exit.”

Soon afterwards, a pair of gigantean blue skinned Traventins strode into view, and vaguely gestured for the Bounty Hunter to follow them. Tired of the lack of sport the hunter was providing, Quaffig had decided it was time to show Fett the way out….this time.


Let The Games Begin!!!

“Hi, I`m Lucius Bardello… your games host for the day, talking to you live from Lord Vallatrix`s Palace on Traventi in the Outer Rim. With Quaffig`s Winter Games well underway and the first day’s entertainment, a mere taster of things to come, it is perhaps time to get to know a few of the more colourful characters due… potentially… to `compete` on day 2. I say potentially because of course, no one knows until the names are drawn out of The Felt Caps* by the Mad Hatter who or what will fight in the dungeon arena during any given match.”

 * One cap holds pieces of paper containing the names of all the day’s competitors, the other holds computer chips to insert into `Gloria` (the giant games computer), which triggers various gates to open within the arena (and/or dungeon levels - if playing the new Skirmish game), so that hungry and vicious monsters can roam free. Only the computer can determine (based on the micro chips fed into the machine by the Hatter before play commences) exactly which monsters are let loose during any given game.

“But wait a moment… no, it looks like Quaffig is pulling the scheduled program for the time being; not surprising considering the amount of carnage that was committed during yesterday’s blood bath. In fact Caretakers and the mighty Golem Goaders had to work through the night to clean the Arena for today`s events.”

“No… it certainly looks as though Quaffig is switching today’s games to the vast Holo-Emitters to cut back on expense…. and I should point out to you Ladies and Gentlemen, Aliens and Entities, that these games come to you… at no small expense, by the generosity and kind spirit of your host: The Fair and Amorous Lady Quaffig, only remaining daughter of Lord Vallatrix`s youngest brother.. Mallatrix the Vile. As I`m sure you are all aware, the Holo-Emitters project a 3D visual feast which looks and feels like the real thing. In fact the sensation is so realistic…. an alternative reality experience, as some experts have coined it… that most competitors who die within the mainframe of the Matrix, have to be  resuscitated  …  and actually bought back to life by our paramedics here in the stadium. But accidents can happen Ladies and Gentlemen; and the shock and trauma to the nervous system is sometimes too great for the body to handle, in which case, even the skills of our doctors and nurses is simply not enough – and sadly death can occur in these extreme situations.”

“But now back to the games and… yes, thank you Giles… I have just been handed a piece of paper containing a list of the competitors who may or may not be taking part in today’s entertainment. Remember, only once the Mad Hatter pulls the names from The Cap is anything definite and finite.”

“So without any further ado, let me hand you over to my co-host, the lovely and delectable Dusty Miller for a behind the scenes look at the characters… the real heroes and heroines, aliens and - others… or perhaps more aptly, the ones who make The Games what they are.”

“………….over to you Dusty.”

“Thank you LB. Good morning to everyone here at Vallatrix`s Palace, and let me welcome you all as we embark on the second day of the festivities being held in honour of Lady Quaffig`s illustrious birthday, celebrating the Great Winter Games of ATG 16.”

Camera pan out and go to fade and...... CUT! 

Next time, I look forward to showing you Lady Quaffig herself in all her sculpted and fine painted glory.. as well as some of the other new WTW DM miniatures hot off the (soon to be released) mould press. I`ve nearly painted mine already but, I can`t reveal all the fun in one post can I *wink*.

Cheers Guys,

Article by Steve.


  1. Wow!! What a whopper of a posting!! There's enough words on show here for a month of my articles!! Great gladiator duel, splendid piece of dungeoneering, and plenty of publicity for the sculpting machine known as Dave Stone :-) Marvellous stuff... and thanks for the letter btw ;-)

    1. Yo Simon, I`m really glad you enjoy the post. I was really keen to show the game for what it truly is (not just an ancient Romanesque gladiator/Sparticus romp, that simply sells it waaaay too short). DM is really a space saga romp which can be placed in any sort of game you choose. As for dungeoneering, who doesn't love a good old fashioned fantasy deep crawl into the unknown.

      As for the new minis, oh gosh Simon, you need to see them `in the flesh` to see just how good they really are. He`s excelled himself with the latest batch (and there`s so any more still to show).

    2. >> and thanks for the letter btw ;-) <<

      oooh, yes nearly forgot... good good, glad it arrived safe ;-)

  2. My word this was a post and a half! Loving the idea of taking the game out of one scenario and transporting into another scenario, something I am starting to think about with Imperial Assault and X-Wing. Fabulous narrative Steve.

    1. Thanks Michael, I`m just happy you enjoyed the post. If this inspires you to think of things you can do with your own games, then I feel content my words have helped stimulate some personal interest into your own endeavours. DM would fit nicely as it happens into Imperial Assault, and is an avenue not lost on me hehe.

  3. That was an absolutely seamless switch from a Death Match arena game into something else altogether, a narrative miniatures rpg. Most impressive and utterly enthralled me with a belief in the potential of this great rules franchise and the world that goes with it. Especially clever was the way this post didnt just rail road us and say "look, this is our world, get used to it and follow what we do" no, it went one better. It went "this is our world, and this is just one of many things you might do with it in your own games, if you want to." Very cool, and altogether a rather attractive deal. By giving us the option to take the game where we want to go with it, gives us the freedom of maturity instead of simply herding us like sheep into the prerequisite direction. Too many game systems TELL us how to think, and expects us to follow what to do, but this, this is a sandbox that allows you to put the game into any existing adventure world, and run it like a module which can fit effortlessly into any style of game you see fit. An all round winner in my books, and a great post. Thanks Steve (and Dave), this was a roller coast and I`m already in the cheque for another ticket.

    1. You honour us with your continued belief in what we do. Thank you Dave mate. I`m so happy we seem to be doing things right: lets hope we continue to please in future posts :-))

  4. this is super hot stuff and makes me extremely excited for the future of this game. just when i think i have heard the best, something else comes along which blows me away some more. this was that thing and i feel as excited by it as if i were in the queue to see a brand new star wars movie for the first time on the big screen. this was an amazing read from start to finish. i know the game isnt star wars but it can be star wars, it can be anything you want it to be, thats whats so hot about it. im so excited now

    1. DM and the skirmish game are not Star Wars specific, the game has its own built in integral world and surrounding star system(s). But that`s the beauty Luke, my friend... the game is a sandbox which anyone can take AS IT IS, or they can lift it and plonk it down into their own favourite game ethos.

  5. Simply stunning Stevie. I can`t wait for Dave to get back so he sees it too. You do honour to the game with posts like this. Especially lovely for me, was seeing all the new miniatures being used in a game for the first time. As they say in MKR, that`s a 10 from me.

    1. Thanks Hils, I love the new minis too, and can`t wait to get the rest of the new stuff into play as well. Specially the ones Dave sent pre-painted for us to use right away.

  6. *squeals and waves madly*

    Death Match, a skirmish, a sneak peak at a few of the new models, and a dungeon crawl to tie it all together at the end.. no, at the end, a scene that could have fitted neatly into a Tattooine Pod Racing commentary, or a Mad Max Thunder-dome sketch "two go in, one comes out."

    This brings things to new heights, and is altogether extremely stimulating, not least for the future of the game. I`m so proud of you guys. I wish for lots more please, you can`t stop now.

    1. We will keep going T hun, don`t worry *chuckles* this is just a beginning. May there be lots and lots more to come :-))

  7. As I was out this evening, whilst I read the first part of this post 2 minutes after it was posted, the second part had to wait until later.

    It was interesting to see the DM rules in play and being able to compare the results with the previous game played with the same participants, but a different rule set. (See? Some of us pay

    Young master Fett seemed to have a relatively stress-free sojourn in the Dungeon, but I can't imagine future visits will be quite

    Having immersed myself in the rules to enable me to provide a suitable entry to the competition (deadline is next Tuesday, so get your entries in!), yet not actually played thwm yet, it was nice to see them in action. I'm now looking at my collection and working out who I can draft in as suitable combatants for the arena. And I think I can 'build' a suitable arena for play utilising HeroScape tiles...

    Let the Games begin!

    1. Well spotted Jez. Yes we revamped an old game we played long long looong ago (which T even used in a later article, to illustrate SW using clix and stuff). It seemed appropriate to start here, and revisit an old game with rules-a-new. Funny just how much fun it was to play out this time round as well. But it illustrated a point nicely.. DM (and the new skirmish) works just fine with only a few models in play, and is just as exciting as a bigger, more normal size game.

      Young `Boy Boba` was a joy to play with, especially as he was a fun home made sculpt we messed about with a while ago now. Nice to get him into play. Gives me plenty of time to paint up the `man` Boba for when the boy is all grown up and a full size mini.

      hmmm, yes HeroScape tiles should work real well in this setting I think.

    2. Mr Stevie, What is the game this scenario was based off, I`m sure I knew once upon a time, I`m sure.. but it completely eludes me now?

    3. Great minds, you just beat me to it Tarot. I was about to ask him the same question; it feels somehow familiar as an adventure I`ve run at the table myself in the past, is it from a module?

    4. You`re absolutely right Dave, and yes T hun, you did play in the adventure in its original format, but long ago. Its a simply HUGE (840 pages) dungeon crawl adventure called "Worlds Largest Dungeon"... with some cool outlying surface elements as well, for atmosphere before you get to the dungeon proper. Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) make this whopping great expensive hardback (dont get the PDF from Drivethrou, this is a book you really need to hold in your hands and enjoy leafing through regularly). It was attacked by some gamers as being too generic for a 3.5 D&D adventure, but I actually think that was one of its major selling points, allowing you to pop it into any game you like, in slices, or in its entirety as a single module... which is what I did by placing it into a Star Wars world. Check it out on the link below.

      Alderac made a second book, equally as HUGE called (unsurprisingly) "Worlds Largest City" also designed for the same D&D system but also generic enough to fit into pretty much any setting or be usable for any preferred game system you like.

      I have run gaming groups through these two books many times over, and it is one of my stock `go to` modules, whenever I want to run a party through a on the fly game or two. The article I just did was heavily based on the beginning `entrance` level of the first WLD book.

    5. AAh, THATS why I remember it so well, but I couldn't remember the specifics. Oh wow yes **shudders** just one word, Darkmantles hehe: they still give me the creeps and make me shiver at the memory of them. I remember you used them to terrifying effect on all of us.. and we never did encounter that big beast for ever lurking about eating chunks out of the corpses, what ever it was.

    6. Just dug my copies out, the Dungeon book and the City one. I`d forgotten just how heavy they are, and what - combined, 20 or so full size dungeon maps, and the same number of city plan maps in the second book. I have an entire folder just to keep the maps in. What a find, I`m real glad I just rediscovered mine. You could own these two adventure books and never need to own another in your life, they`re so intensely overflowing with thousands of hours of adventures, just waiting to be untapped and explored. hmmm, I sound like an advert now LOL.

  8. We thought we heard some jeers from the crowd around the arena, but these are only applauds now echoing this fabulous post... Epic, full of suspense and twists ... we only have now to wait for the presentation of Lady Quaffig, with full memories!!

  9. hehe, thank you Phil, sounds like you enjoyed reading the exploits of the blood soaked arena *grins* nice contrast I thought to make the second half more about exploration and take the focus away from mayhem and death... something I wish we saw more of in narrative and rpg games: the bits BETWEEN the action, just like in the books, but sadly.. rarely entertained on the gamer`s table :-)

  10. May I ask, where were the alien monsters in that opening arena fight love?

  11. Very good question, and you`d have to go back to the previous week`s post to see a hint to the full answer to that one. Basically I was being like a test pilot and throwing the crate through its paces to see if the wings would tear off under pressure and strain. I was effectively testing the rules to the max to see how they`d hold up to modification from the norm, by taking the rules and playing them my way (like taking a D&D Dungeon Master`s Guide and seeing how easy it is to take what`s written and create a game in your mind using just what`s there... and seeing if the rules are good enough to allow you to do it without breaking the book).

    Future games will show the monsters, in action... trust me lol.

  12. I guess WTW is set up and selling like crazy right now at Antwerp. No doubt Sarah and Dave surrounded by thousands of non stop talking customers and gamers all endlessly pawing the merchandise. I spotted their stand on the layout for the show hehe.

  13. Nice illustration of the two games combined mate and a great example of picking the diverse sandbox setting and dumping it into a StarWars universe - masterful

  14. Cheers Andy, glad you liked it. I know I know right, like "why didnt I just do a straight game out the box, as it were." but I was keen to show how the game can be played any way you want. I`ll go back and do a straight game next time round ^^

  15. so if i got this straight noone minds if i use other minis with this game, anything i like. is that right?

  16. Hi Luke, I just spotted this so I`ll pick it up and reply first. As I`m pretty sure what the response from the other will be in anyway case.

    Luke, you can use anything you like. Some companies out there will insist (if you want to play in their official tournaments and so forth) that you only use their own wares, whether that`s rules, or codex supplements, terrain and miniatures, etc. Of course, any company would absolutely love it if customers enjoyed using the models they themselves produce, to enhance their game; its a compliment to the sellers and is just good business after all. But gamers are rarely tied to this rule as a hard and fast law. Some game sellers very cleverly make it very hard to use unofficial miniatures because they tie their add on game components down with rules specific stat cards (Zombicide would be one such: Bushido another), which of course makes it highly desirable for the collector to collect only ranges of miniatures from the official game product itself. But where you have a game or set of rules which actively promotes and encourages the players to be inventive (games like WotC`s Dungeons and Dragons, or Paizo`s Pathfinder rules) then there is always that open option to buy your miniatures from outside of the official range that is offered.

    Companies LIKE their customers to buy the cool things they offer, but it is not always a prerequisite to collecting. Take my own Dungeons and Dragons games, I use lots and lots of the official Wizards of the Coast D&D miniatures, but I also use (and mix in) plenty of Pathfinder ones too, also Mage Knight, Hero Clix, Horror Clix, Hasslefree, Crooked Dice, Fantasy Flight models from various games such as Doom and Descent: and I use a whole wealth of bits and pieces from various sources, as I pick and choose to make my games the best I possibly can for the guys to enjoy. I also use many of Stevie`s Death Match Aliens in my Dungeon crawls to represent new monsters and even variations on existing ones (for example, the Pitilliad makes a great Umberhulk variation).

    Death Match is supported by a fairly large range of miniatures with more being created all the time. The new skirmish game equally, will comprise a large range of (fully interchangeable with DM) models.. easily enough to form the nucleus of any cool collection: or if you like to keep your collection `pure` the range sure is growing, enough to flesh out an entire collection in its own right.

    But there is absolutely nothing to stop you adding in miniatures from your own existing collection, or any new ones you buy from other companies in the course of time, if you consider them suitable for your game needs.

    Hope that helps :)

  17. It’s your game Luke, yes Dave has produced a beautiful set of official figures but if you wanted to do the whole thing in 15mm there wpould be nothing to stop you!

  18. Put it this way Luke; maybe this helps,

    I play three kinds of games with my growing collection of Dave`s WTW miniatures. One type keeps just the DM and Skirmish models `pure` and I dont tend to mix and match much when I`m using the pieces for these game.... that`s for when I`m playing the `official` rules, right out the box.

    The second thing I do (often) is put aside all the Death Match and skirmish game rules altogether and just use the cool models to stand in as alien races and human space explorers in my Star Wars and Expanded Universe games - using Imperial Assault and Edge of the Empire rpg rules to manage most my club and home games.

    But another thing I like to do with Dave`s minis, is use them to make up my own Doctor Who adventures (there, the cat`s out of the bag now lol). I use the amazing Doctor Who Cubicle 7 rpg rules, and I have the most incredible adventures using a combination of Warlord Games Doc Who range of models, alongside a fair few Hero-Clix, and the entire range of Dave`s models fit nicely into this mix and gives me a lovely range of pieces to pick and choose from, allowing me to make up my very own homebrew DW series and episodes.

    . and yes I will be writing some Doctor Who batreps and AARs for this sometime soon.

  19. that is just what i needed to hear. so many games make you feel useless and second best when you start to try adding in other things you already own. i like things that allow you to use everything and put it together to make an even better game.

  20. Finally back home and with proper internet access ! To any one who has sent in competition entries over the weekend I will answer them each in the morning when I'm physically able to sit at the computer.
    Great article Steve, what on earth do you need me on the blog for ! LOL
    Luke we already have plans to run tournaments where people just need a model to represent their gladiator, and doesn't have to be a WTW model just one they like, if people want to use other models or use our models in different games I have no problem with it whatsoever

  21. Welcome back mate *and waves to Sarah*

    1. Hope your weekend was successful. Should you require a better image for my entry, I can scan the original = I just didn't have access at the time of the original email, so settled for a snap on my phone.

    2. Thank's Jez, picture is fine mate, can clearly see the concept and great description as well

  22. I now have the five entries from the Fellowship club as well, so I`ll put together an article (and their background filler) for that a little later today :-) Plus Hils and my entry.... and let you and Sarah and Hils choose a winner.

    1. Sounds good mate, look forward to seeing them all, and then everyone can vote on the article for the peoples choice.
      A little later today the first of the new figures will be available from the webstore, these will be the guard models

  23. OOooh all sounds perfect. I`d better ring you on the blower now I think Dave.... gimme ten and I`ll call you.

  24. ooops, I think you got that wrong dear. The article will go up yes, but then its `people`s choice` who the winner is hehe. I`m sure Dave will elucidate more on this a bit later on. But yeah anyway.. bottom line, you guys post the entries later today (there`s still time for last minute entries), and then everyone can vote for their favourite in comments.

    1. Both right Hils, as there is two prizes, the people's choice and our choice, and as you say anyone who hasn't entered their entry you've still got time as the closing date is by the end of the day on the 7 th, so finish your sketches and get them submitted