Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Chibi Vampifan and Chibi Vampirella

Apologies to Hil and to those of you expecting to see the continuation of Steve and Hil's Heroclix/Horrorclix campaign. I have temporarily taken over the blog this week but normal service will be resumed next time, I can assure you.

How often have you thought of making or converting a figure to represent yourself on the gaming table? I did it when I started playing All Things Zombie. I converted a Copplestone Castings Future Wars Citizens Militia figure into a post apocalypse version of myself. Vampifan became the hero of my ATZ campaigns and will take centre stage once again when I start my new ATZ campaign. As you know I am a big fan of Chibi miniatures. I often thought about what a Chibi version of Vampifan would look like. I had no idea what type of hero he'd be - cleric, fighter, thief, wizard or something else entirely. I just couldn't decide. Anyway, that decision was taken out of my hands by my good friend and fellow blogger, Jeremy "Jez" Winstanley. I'd sent him a few figures he wanted and as a thank you he promised me he'd do something special in return. It was his secret project. I had no idea what it might be as he kept very quiet about what he was doing, until the morning when a little parcel arrived for me. Inside was a 28mm scale figure of a Chibi Vampifan that Jez had converted for me. I was just blown away by it! It was superb! Here he is alongside my Chibi Vampirella. For details about the making of Chibi Vampirella see here.
First thing to notice is that he is a fighter. I'm cool with that. Second point - he's slimmer and more muscular than me. I'm even cooler with that! He is armed with a curved long sword and a pistol. Interestingly enough, Vampirella was armed with a similar looking sword in the Swords of Sorrow comic series. Coincidence? Jez deliberately made his clothing and colours as close as possible to Vampirella's costume - hence the red coat with white hood. Fortunately, he also added some protection with a chain-mail vest. He does look rather stern, doesn't he? Hey, I can be serious, so that's not a problem.
Jez not only made the figure but he also painted him. However, I have made a few slight changes to his paintwork. I added gold to his sword hilt and bracelet, I repainted the sword blade from black to silver, I repainted the hair to match my own (Jez had done it too red), and repainted the base light grey to tie him in with my other Chibi Heroes.
The figure arrived in a clam-shell package and Jez had even printed a special card insert to advertise his own Crowhouse Miniatures company. Part of the bumf on the back read "From the mind that brought you CARRION CROW'S BUFFET comes a line of limited edition one-of-a-kind wargaming figurines for use in the tabletop skirmish game of your choice. Impress your friends! Impress the ladies! Become the Hero of the Beach!" Such attention to detail really made me smile and made the gift that bit more special.
So now that I have my own Chibi Vampifan what are my plans for him? I want him to be Vampirella's sidekick in Chibi World or Super Dungeon Explore. I doubt if I'll use them in SDE until next year, after SDE:Legends has been released. Soda Pop Miniatures are making big changes to the rules for SDE. Using them in Chibi World is a much more viable option and I have already created stats for them. Character creation only took a few minutes. Vampifan is nothing too special but Vampirella is a super-powered party killer.

Movement 4
Weapon Attacks - Melee 1d6, Ranged 1d8 with range of 8
Iron 4
Hits 10
Traits - Apothecary, Charge, Luck, Mobile Shot, Pure

Looking at the stats in more detail we see Vampifan has average Movement, Weapon Attacks and Iron stats but a relatively high Hits total, which I felt he needed to survive in combat. However, it's only just in double figures. For his Traits I wanted him to have the ability to heal himself or others so I gave him Apothecary. This allows him to heal 1d4 Hits to himself or 1d3 Hits to two other Heroes in a Turn. Charge allows him to make an attack against each enemy if he enters their Kill Zone whilst moving. It does not count as a Melee attack but a Movement action. Luck allows him to re-roll any one die in a turn. It could prove to be a life saver! Mobile Shot lets Vampifan fire his pistol before or after he moves, meaning he can shoot and move as one action. Finally, to represent his deep knowledge of all things Undead, I gave him Pure. This allows him to re-roll any one attack from an Undead character.

Movement 6 (Flying 10)
Weapon Attacks - Melee 3d8
Iron 5
Hits 15
Traits - Blood Drain, Charge, Charm, Cunning Fox, Fear, Flight, Not Dead Yet

Creating Vampirella was a lot harder. Not only is she a vampire, she's also a superhero. Her stats had to reflect this. A Movement of 6 with the option of 10 if she Flies was not unreasonable as she is a lot faster than a normal human. Her Melee Weapon Attack of 3d8 is awesomely powerful and reflects her super strength. Bear in mind, she can behead a man with one slash of her claws or punch a hole through his chest with her fist. Iron of 5 is high but I didn't want to go for a 6 because she is unarmoured. Her Hits of 15 makes her difficult to be taken out quickly in combat. For her traits I designed Blood Drain specifically for her. If she uses it, she gains Hits equal to one third (rounded down) of any damage she causes to a victim. This trait may not be used with other traits such as Charge. Charge is explained above in Vampifan's details. Charm is something she often uses. With a range of 4", she rolls 1d6 and on any odd result her victim is charmed and can do nothing that Turn. Cunning Fox represents her quick reactions and gives her a +2 bonus when rolling for Initiative. Fear affects all enemies within 5". They must roll 1d6 before using a trait and if they roll a 1, they can not use that trait. Flight allows Vampirella to spout wings and fly. Not Yet Dead is an interesting trait and was chosen because Vampirella can survive death. It has happened a few times in the comic series. In Chibi World, if she is killed she returns to life with full Hits if she rolls 4+ on 1d6. This is higher than the normal 6 required for success with this trait because she has used it more than once in the past.

I must end by saying a massive thank you to Jez for creating this unique figure of Chibi Vampifan. This figure is very dear to me and I shall treasure him forever

 Bryan Scott © 2016.


  1. Its really good to see you have such a good handle on Chibi World, I studied your character stats with a fine tooth comb and magnifying glass, and found myself smiling and nodding in approval at your choices. Man oh Man you are in for a tough time keeping Vampifan alive with his 1D6 combat *gulp* but you know what I`m so GLAD you did that. That`s always the one potential drawback of a set of rules which actively encourages the reader to create his/her own heroes and monsters, and not just stick to the myriad of generic `character kits` provided.

    Chib World doesn’t use the standard levelling system for character advancement (i.e. level one, level two, level three etc). Instead the rules use a rather different approach. You buy points with Gold and add to your stats one `notch`at a time (example: suppose you want to get yourself in shape to increase your toughness “Iron”. Your little table top man already has Iron of 3, so by spending 500 Gold, this buys you training which you can then use to bump your Iron up from 3... to 4. Sounds easy don’t it... but you try finding that amount of gold. You go adventuring and after a bunch of adventures, you end up with 1500 nice shiny coins in your back pack... it’s amazing how much of a brain ache it then becomes determining what you want to spend that hard earned cash on purchasing. Gold simply never goes as far as you hope it will hehe. Do you spend 500 Gold to push that combat die up from a D6 to a D8, or do you spend the Gold to buy yourself an extra die in combat (2D6 instead of 1D6). It’s all choices, choices *evil grin*. Stat your man with a D6 in combat, and the legendary heroes with 3D20 seems like the stuff of legends (using a special ability Trait like “Berserker” could even (theoretically) temporarily push that up to something like 8 or 9 D20`s in combat wooot!!!!.

    So yeah, one of the nice things to do with Chibi World is deliberately start small, make your fledgling guy start out with low stats. Have him take a few first faltering steps into his first ever dungeon, and watch him panic and scream as he faces even one of two lowly orcs hahaha. If he wins, and survives, maybe he will find his very first treasure chest, hopefuully containing something nice (hell at that low level even a bad chest could kill him haha). Then have the guy beat a hasty retreat from the dungeon “thats.. um... enough for today I think” Vampifan thought to himself: “Discretion is the better part of valour they say, hey what” and so it progresses. Let your characters feel like they are actually progressing through a story in the form of lots of little linked adventures, until they become the true heroes of legend (assuming they live that long lol).

    Of course you can just forget campaign play...make a bunch of really touch heroes and go monster bashing in the Uber Dungeons of Hell.

    Same with Vampirella, you have only given her 3D8 in combat. Which is reasonably nice and tough but you haven’t stolen the fun for yourself by making her too tough, giving her lots of scope to improve her stats during continued play. I like it, really well thought out and fun. You`ve made a young Vampirella perhaps? With much still to learn before she reaches the legendary status where her stats are 3D20 Combat, with 25 Hits.

    Of course, I stress, Chibi World is there to be tinkered with. There really is no right or wrong way to go about enjoying it. Whatever works for you is the correct way.

    Jez`s custom work of Vampifan is a pure a work of art, and masterfully created. I`m quite jealous and find myself wishing I had a little me in miniature, to grace my table top games. I may well commission him to do this one day soon *wink* if he`s amenable to such an offer... {{££££££££ that's the tempting carrot hehe}}.

    Excellent post Bryan, and WOW you are a lucky dude. I`m so impressed by Jez`s work. Betcha wanna play a game or two now with your new hero team. I know I would.

    Steve :)

    1. Steve, my friend we are in total agreement on everything. Let's start with Vampifan and why I made him so weak. He is not an experienced fighter but he's not a novice either. Perhaps he had some training with his local militia whilst he worked on his main passion - studying the Undead. It is his knowledge of the Undead that brought him to the attention of Vampirella. He recognised her immediately and knew she was a good vampire. When I create characters I much prefer to start small. Watching my lowly PC grow in stature and experience is extremely satisfying and gives me a valid reason to continue adventuring. If you start big and hold all the aces, where do you go from there? Where's the challenge? I've seen it done in the past with a few Munchkin gamers from my old gaming group and it was clear they were only interested in winning at all costs. No, that's not my way. If Chibi Vampifan was an AD&D character he'd be a level:1 Fighter or perhaps at a stretch, a level:2 Fighter.

      Yes, he will definitely run away when he realises the odds are against him. Far better to run and live to fight another day than to stay and die unnecessarily. One thing that zombie apocalypse gaming has taught me well is knowing when to run and when to fight.

      I could have made him a real hard-ass, but it wouldn't have felt right. The same holds true of Vampirella. Sure she is very powerful but she has room for improvement and she is not invincible. I can take both characters forward and hopefully, they will improve. I want to run them through a campaign of my own design. Some scenarios will feature each character on their own but mostly I want them working as a team. Getting the balance right for when they team up will be the hard part. It'll be a learning curve for me. There will probably be times when I'll have to forcibly split them up so that they can face the appropriate challenges. We'll see.

      I think you can now understand why I am so taken with Chibi World. It makes a huge difference when you have your very own unique alter ego to game with.

      I can't thank Jez enough for what he did for me. I know he did say to me, this might be the start of a new line figures for him to make so perhaps he will make a Chibi Steve, a Chibi Hil and a Chibi Tarot. Just imagine that!

      Yes, I do want to play a few games with these two. A few practice games to familiarise myself with the rules and then hopefully I'll be able to start my own Chibi World campaign.

  2. A very lovely personalised and utterly unique miniature of Vampifan. It must be wonderful to have your own self on a table top. Actually, what am I talking bout I KNOW it feels amazing: I have a personalised Lady S. Hilary to represent me in miniatures for our 20`s/30`s Pulp Lost World Adventures. And Stevie has himself a fusty crusty old Colonel Gilbert of the "East Anglian Regiment of Foote" for his English Civil War games. But these are just nice minis and given personal names.. but actually to OWN a mini that LOOK like you, wow that`s something else altogether. You must be so happy Bryan. I know I would be.

    Well done Jez, you have made someone very happy here I think hehe. The modelling is very nice, and perfectly executed.


    1. Many thanks, Hil. I became very interested in Chibi World after Steve asked me to edit the rules for our blog followers. Steve and Tarot's batreps really opened my eyes to the possibilities of what could be done with the game. But it was this present from Jez that really made me a fan of the game. I very much want to run Chibi Vampifan through a series of adventures. All I can say, is watch this space.

      Oh, and yes, the feeling of owning your very own miniature that represents yourself is so wonderful and uplifting.

  3. Impressive stuff. I SO want to have a little "me" figure in my own games, I think that would be highly cool. Looks so good Bryan, and is just like you hehehe, its uncanny. Jez, you have a talent there, and I`d like to see lots more of your work.

    Oops I have to fly, Stevie and Hil`s Zombicide Black Plague Kikstarter is due to arrive - or has arrived??? (garbled text of excitement, so unsure which) haha). So I want to see this. It must be a MASSIVE parcel.

    *Line goes dead for the next few hours while the truly awesome massive opening ritual begins ___________________________

    T x

    1. Bless you, Tarot. I think we'd all like to own our alter egos in miniature figure format. I'm blessed in having two versions of myself - zombie apocalypse Vampifan and Chibi Vampifan. Jez must have based his figure on a photo of me - probably my Blogger portrait - to get my likeness so spot on. He has certainly made a cracking good job.

      You are most definitely excused for Zombicide:Black Plague unboxing. Mine has literally arrived five minutes ago. Whoopeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is so COOL!! I don't even particularly like Chibis and I think this is brilliant. Jez is a true gent and I'm not just saying that because I'm about to benefit from his largesse myself. What great work too!!

    1. It is so unbelievably cool, Andy! Jez, is a top notch guy and deserves a place in the pantheon of good guys. I bet you're even more keen than ever to get your own gift from him. I'm sure it'll mean just as much to you as Chibi Vampifan does to me.

    2. I sure am Bryan, I don't know what I did to deserve such largesse as I didnt send him any thing but I sure do appreciate it. I've even painted up the owner/operator of the Jwar Isles franchise of Cupid Burgers which I'll post about when the cart arrives 😉

    3. I look forward to seeing both your cart and owner, Andy.

  5. As Bryan very generously gifted me with some SDE Rattle bones (which means I now need a Chibi Lich to command them), I felt I had to do something a little...special in return.

    TBH, there wasn't much sculpting involved, as the head is from an old G.I. Joe figure and the body was a HeroQuest Orc. It was just (!) a case of making the component parts look like they belonged together. I think I managed to pull it off.

    And now I know I can do it, I might have another go - although the next subject will probably be a Chibi version of me, complete with angry eyebrows! However, after that, could there be a Sigil Master Stevie, Shadow Stalker Hill or Super Pony Princess Tarot? *tee hee*

    I've got Andy's Bushido burger cart to finish and my Bananaman, Super-Soldier and Stegron conversions to complete first, but after that, we shall see...

    1. I still think I got the better part of the deal, Jez. I really, truly appreciate your lovely gift. You did an amazing job on Chibi Vampifan. Thank you so much!

      I fear you may well have started a trend. Of course you must make a Chibi Jez and then go on to Sigil Master Steve (sounds cool), Shadow Stalker Hil (sounds even cooler) and Super Pony Princess Tarot (rolls on the floor laughing! I'm so sorry, Tarot, but the image I have in my head of you as a "My Little Pony" is so funny!). Somehow, I suspect these three will have their own ideas of how they'd like to appear in Chibi format.

    2. Jez, if you are still looking for a Chibi Lich, Impact Miniatures have one in their webstore. See here -
      Not bad for just £3.45.

  6. I see Steve as a bespectacled mage type, drawing glowing sigil in the air, Hill as a assassin/thief, in a floppy hat and trenchcoat with an animated strangling scarf and Tarot as a pretty little, sorry, can't do it...
    The last one was me just poking fun.
    Tarot I would probably do as a Miko with Naginata...

    And I have got my eye on that Lich, Bryan, although Tritex Games are only charging £2.09!

    1. Just £2.09? That's big difference and quite a bargain. I'll be checking them out myself, Jez.

    2. {{Hill as a assassin/thief, in a floppy hat and trenchcoat with an animated strangling scarf}}

      heheehhee. oh that is SO me actually. A sort of female Doctor Who or even an Indiana Jones assistant lol.

      Tarot, I see as Harry Potter type Luna Lovegood. but My little Pony works too, oh go on. go on. go on somebody HAS to make that?

      {{I see Steve as a bespectacled mage type, drawing glowing sigil in the air,}}

      hehehehehee, love it. Though I`m sure he imagines himself more like Loki from the "Thor" movie lol.

  7. OOoo Miko with Naginata... that's me that's meeeee. Mind you *thinks* I really wanna be a Pony too.

    *grins cheekily*

  8. I'm obviously an excellent judge of character, having pretty much guessed what Steve, Hil and Tarot's Chibi characters would be. Of course, now I have images in my mind of each character, including their pose, outfit, accessories and colour scheme, which will gnaw at me until I do something about it. Curse you all! Looks like I'm venturing back into the the world of Super Dynamic Chibification...

  9. HAHHAHAHAHA they`ll all just baddddd, plain baddddd the lot of them. Not me of course, I`m a good guy *hopes Jez remembers that when he envisages me looking suitably hero like and amazing as I pose like Loki in "The Winter Soldier" *

    1. Having now had a closer look at your profile pic, Steve, I may have to revise my ideas...

  10. Here's a thought, Jez. Why not ask each person you plan on Chibifying (it's a new word!) to send you a photo of themself for you to base your likeness of them on? Mind you, the mind boggles at what might turn up! I feel I got off lightly with the photo you used to base my Chibi self on! I'm just glad you didn't ask my mum to send you a photo of me at a younger age!

    1. Well, Steve's profile pic gives me a good idea of what he looks like (although for some reason I thought he wore glasses), which means that my initial idea had to be revised as he looks like the mad scientist from 'Metropolis'. So rather than Sigil Master Stevie, it's going to have to be Clockwork Mage Stevie.

      Hil posted a pic on the blog as part of her Heroclix article, so she's covered too = I'm kind of leaning towards Pulp Assassin Hil, so a brace of automatics rather than pistol crossbows = hope that's okay?

      As for Tarot, I kind of remember what she looks like from her profile pic until she changed it...still going with Shrine Maiden Tarot, but something tells me that the standard red and white are not the right colours...

      And yes, I might have made a start already... ;=)

    2. Jez, there is a really cool photo of Tarot that she posted at the end of part 2 of her Chibi World batrep.

    3. Thanks for the reminder, Bryan. I now have all I need.

      "Igor, to the roof! Daddy's feeling...creative...."

  11. HAHAhahahahaha

    "Yessssss MAAasssster"