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A Chibi World Campaign

An Announcement. We had planned to share the rules for the Chibi World game with you here on the blog but we have all come to the conclusion that it was not making the best use of our blog's potential. Presenting the rules in four separate parts would have taken up far too much time and space; besides which, you wouldn't have been able to use them until the last part had been posted. That meant four weeks that would have been really boring to those not interested in them. Those who do want the rules or who already have them but want to see what changes have been made, do not despair. We have a complete set of rules for you to download from here -
Just click on the link for the Chibi World PDF for them. The other link you'll find there is for those who want Chibi World stats for their Super Dungeon Explore Heroes and Monsters.
For this week, Steve is going to present you this article introducing you to his Chibi World campaign setting, a brief introduction to character generation and a short batrep featuring Mo the Barbarian and her pet puppy, Pixie. Enjoy!

A Chibi World Campaign

Chibi World is a role playing & table top set of rules I wrote for a Impact Miniatures as part of their 2015/16 dungeon Chibi (heroes and monsters) Kickstarter campaign. The rules are dedicated to enjoying fantasy adventures... using 28mm Anime style "Chibi" models. Not just those made by Impact, but also the whole host of wonderful miniatures produced by other great companies such as Soda Pop Miniatures & Ninja Division`s Super Dungeon Explore and The Forgotten King, plus any of the expansion miniatures currently available.
The material I write about on this site for my Chibi World campaign, features the lovely Chibi style models made by Tom Anders over at Impact Miniatures (and anything else I fancy adding) to play with alongside my vast collection of Super Dungeon Explore miniatures, in the unique board game and table top role playing experience that I fondly call The Frozen Shards of  Ostalya 

Candy & Cola : Guardians of both Crystalia and Elyana
Part 1: The Frozen North
Please note that this is my game world version. It is totally my own material, written for Impact Miniatures, based on the rules set I originally created for Impact Miniatures. Additional unofficial material covers the Super Dungeon Explore miniatures, yet is designed to be used alongside my own Chibi World game, and is in no way meant to replace the views of Soda Pop Miniatures or Ninja Division. However, my rules work very differently from the official SDE game. I merely keep the `essence` of the original characters and monsters from that game. The rest is mine.... merely using the lovely miniatures to play a set of rules more to my own choosing.
The Tale of Vorisax
So the old men say....
Once Upon a Time, there was a beautiful green land, full of light, warmth, and innocence. Elves, wood nymphs, and all the `children of the forest` danced and made merry in the lush forest glades, and water spirits glided nimbly through the chuckling streams and rivers that fed the tall and happy trees.
The Chibi Lands of Elyana and Crystalia are a vast matrix. From the Frozen North of Ostalya and the Inner Central Lands of Mónaa; to the Western Marches of Walassa, across to the Eastern Orient of Arbony, Heliopsos, and Barshanar; the world of Elyana is a rich tapestry of wonders, from the mundane of everyday life, to the weirdly exotic of legend. While the diverse expanses of Crystalia stretch from Celestria and the Glauerdoom Moors in the West, across the Dragonback Peaks, to The Fae Woods of the Central Lands, reaching down to the Shores of the Clockwork Cove, to the Eastern Arcadian Dunes, The Wandering Monk Mountains, and the Frostbyte Reaches of the Far South. But it is with the continent of Elyana that this tale begins. Here the mountains, hills and valleys throughout, form a myriad of settlements. Towns and villages grew up along the edges of these fey enclaves and along the coastal waters of the "Colonial Coasts." These were inhabited by the humans of the world, ruled by lawful Kings and Queens, who were ever mindful to keep the peace and goodwill of all mankind, a vow, foremost in the hearts of all their merry subjects.
Dwarves mined precious, metals in the hills, trading peaceably with all the free peoples of the land. Their Steam  Clocks, and household mechanical devices were a wonder to behold... and at "Yule Time", their intricate little toys and tree decorations were the joy of all who marvelled at their sight. The Dwarven River Barges were a regular sight, puffing up and down the rivers and canals of the "Inner Reaches."
In the Mountains, the Wise Men and Sensei Masters would accept the brightest and most promising neophytes into their Monastic Orders, to learn the ways of "The Land" so that they may spread the words of the Gods to those who chose to listen, and pay their respects to the "Heavenly Celestials."
And then everything changed!
A cold wind blew down from the North, and with it came the howling lament of "The Dead."Indeed, from the North, came "The Abominations" .... Wraiths, Lich Lords, Vile Unwholesome Eldritch Monsters, Witches and Warlocks... and Others, intent on ruining the world. "The Dead" followed in their wake, armies of Skeletons, Zombies, Mummies... "The Puka" himself, so the old men say.
With these followed the monstrous legions: Orcs, Goblins, Bugbears, Packs of Dire Wolves, Ogres, Trolls, and dozens of other equally evil humanoid kin; all intent on wreaking havoc on the innocent unpreparedness of mankind.
From the Frozen North, a united voice awoke... and it was hungry.
With these came the Dragons; abominations which should never have trodden the earth. Behemoths intent on the wholesale destruction of all that stood in their path. Their intense lust for blood was an unabated perversion which resided, like a cancer, in their cruel and evil hearts. The northern lands were torn apart in a terrible war that lasted a hundred years. And the suffering of the innocent was like the mournful count of tears, immeasurable to the eternal seeds of time.
As the years rolled by... it looked as though the blight of evil was close to achieving the complete annihilation of all that stood against it. Yet, always where a spark of goodness remains, there is hope. The very last measure of valour, united, in the form of a desperate fellowship. Brave and resolute in their determination to prevail.... to save all they held dear. The very last hope for salvation rested in their hands.
With mighty prowess, and with a combined collection of skills only true Heroes possess, this fellowship, through stealth and guile, made their way through many dire and unsung perils, until they came at last upon "The Master of Pain" an old Ice Drake called "Vorisax", intent on putting this terrible ancient evil to the sword.
This mighty Drake went by many names: "The Quick Death" "Cold Bite"  "The Frost of Winter" and "The Eater of Souls," he had names for all his dreadful deeds, but "Vorisax" or "Vorisax the Hater" was his most common title.
Into the one hundredth year of the war, Vorisax was the most powerful leader of the Blighted Army of the Frozen North. If the Heroes could destroy this unholy creature, it was believed the alliance which rallied around him would crumble in his wake. Taking the Dragon by surprise as it slumbered....The Heroes struck with deadly intent; and their goodness and their skill prevailed, and Vorisax was slain. Yet even as he fell, screaming, in terrible pain and rage, he struck a curse upon the land.
The Dragon hit the ground and splintered into a thousand shards of Ice. Some were slithers, no bigger than a splinter... but anything they hit and penetrated became cold and hard and cruel, and corrupted by a darkness within. Some shards of the ice were so large and flew for hundreds of miles through the air, that they destroyed whole towns and villages where they fell.
... but the most evil blight of all, was the thing that had been the Dragon`s heart. The coldest stone of all: it flew apart into several pieces that scattered throughout the many Kingdoms, yet no one knows but where they fell. The surrounding lands then became as frozen as Verosax`s heart had been, a blight which crept across the face of the earth like a creeping shadow of pain - ever spreading in a dwimmer vortex ice induced storm.... and the world will one day be devoured by the spread of this deep, creeping... biting cold, so the old men say.
The armies under Vorisax did indeed break apart and scatter after the Dragon`s demise, back and back... driven deep into The Frozen North to cower in their cold, bitter homes. But the damage was done. The northern world as the free peoples of the lands had known it, was forever changed. Where once was light, laughter, warmth and cheer, now had changed into a frozen wilderness of cold cruel biting chill.
Pockets of humanity do still exist, thought sadly nowadays, in ever dwindling numbers. But magic, holy light and the grace of the Celestials does still endure. These last bastions of might.... havens of hope, are the life blood of Northern Ostalya, and the "Time of Reckoning" will begin  here - so the old men say.
Yet the threat of spies, of betrayal, of winter attacks is a very real and dire risk the `refugees` have to face as an almost daily challenge. Not all is as it should be within the hearts of men, and no one can ever be sure when a stray Shard of Vorisax has clouded a human heart.
Where once had been light, now whole lifeless villages lay under a blanket cloud of icy mist and snow; such places are where the Were Creatures are known to roam at night.
In corrupt mansions of madness, perched precipitously upon high fog shrouded mountain ranges, Vampires reside to worry the fearful night and haunt the innocent; those poor souls who fall astray to the lifeless hunger that never sleeps by night.
Throughout the lands, once so fair, Monsters creep forth once again, as the north struggles on the verge of extinction, trying merely to survive the madness of the times, unable any more to keep the borders safe and sound. A corruption has entered Ostalya, and the once brave hearts of men are, perhaps, forever doomed,
So the old men say.

Vampire Lord Ludwig Von Lieberwitz "Le Compt de Sain Geeste" & his evil servant, the Mad Hag Witch, Giselle  La Tres Salle.
The Lands of Mónaa
Chibi Mo stood looking from the high, precipitous cliffs overlooking the secret valley way below. 

Ivaldi was her home: her haven from all the troubles of the world. It was here, the residents had kindly taken her in when she stumbled upon this isolated little community of people. The little Barbarian girl had been semi delirious, driven half out of her wits with some unnameable horror, was cold, hungry, and alone; yet they never once stopped to consider, this child might have spelt danger to them all... what if her sudden appearance among them had been a ruse to infiltrate the village: a spy, sent before a main horde of Northern Barbarians, to sack and pillage Ivaldi of its few meagre supplies? No, the community has simply seen a girl in need of their help, and they had followed their hearts without a thought to their own self preservation.
Mo had grown up in this green hidden valley... had become a part of this isolated little community. Gentle nature magic kept the frozen snow and ice at bay, and here, nestled peacefully within the heart of the tiny Kingdom of Mónaa, lay a haven of peace... a taste of what the world was once like.

But now these people, whom she had grown to love as dearly as though they were her own family.... were in danger! The fast approaching winter had bought the Kobolds down from the Northrust Hills, in search of supplies to see them through the biting cold that was nearly upon them, and the Kingdom of Mónaa was ripe for the picking. Not that the tiny Kingdom had much of value within it; but when starvation threatens to come calling at your door, even a little is better than nothing, and imminent hunger.
The attacks had started small, throughout several villages in the area. A sheep, a goat, a fine plough horse from up Cutters Way... some sacks of grain from the Mill House store sheds in Meeplestown. But then people had started to go missing too! First a small child, snatched from an open window.... an old shepherd minding his precious flock upon the Grey Heath Moor; and then a pair of courting lovers who failed to return home from their walk together in the Whispering Woods.
Kobold footprints were everywhere, and they all pointed to a trail leading back towards their awful underground homes: The Caves of Ironfels, deep within the Northrust Hills.
Only yesterday, Ivaldi had suffered its first abduction... Cassi Miller the farmer’s wife, while out in the fields milking the cows. Concern over the missing wife was paramount; but a few of the wise folk were already silently wondering to themselves... how had the Kobolds found their way into the little hidden village?
This was all too much for Mo. This was her chance to repay the village, in part, for all their kindness to her over the years. She would venture into the hills and rescue
the missing people.
Looking one last time down into the peaceful valley below her feet, sniffing the air for the familiar scent of wood smoke puffing gently from the cottage chimney stacks... she allowed her eyes to search out her own little haven: the humble little attic room within the Grapevine Inn, perched within the central ring of the village. It was nothing much really beyond an old pile of stones and wood. But Mo loved it with all her good and generous heart.

The Barbarian girl gave a tender sign, whistled to her `Chibi Puppy Pixie` to follow, then turning northwards, she began her dangerous solitary climb along the narrow cliff shelf path which would lead her safely out and away from the hidden valley, then further... ascending into the cold hills beyond. A half remembered memory entered her head. This is the way she had once been! Traversing this precipitous trail in a blinding blizzard.... she had found Ivaldi. Stumbling through the blanket of snow, so many years ago now. This was the way she had come.  

Solo modules are always fun to play, allowing the reader to familiarise himself or herself with the rules, and lets you get to grips with and soak up the atmosphere of a new game. Besides which, solo games are often the most intense and easy to set up. Chibi World is perfect for this, because Solitaire Rules are already included in the rules manual.
Browsing through the pre-made Hero Kits, there isn't really one that suited my needs for this 'on the fly' scenario I was about to make up. As I still hadn't yet gotten round to painting my Impact Miniatures Chibi Barbarian I knew the Barbarian miniature from the Super Dungeon Explore boardgame was the ideal miniature for me to use, but I still needed some stats for her.
Browsing the relevant section of the manual, I decided to use the "Chibi Warrior Red" stats for Movement, Weapon Attacks, Iron, and Hits. Then I moved onto Traits, and started to choose a few I thought would work well for my little Barbarian woman.
I should point out here that any games I play within the realms of Elyana, employ my own Chibi World rules engine. The game rules work well, and I enjoy playing Super Dungeon Explore and games using my own rules with equal satisfaction. Super Dungeon Explore is a game I am deeply immersed in, and I relish and treasure each new aspect of the game as more and more expansions and Kickstarter projects come out for this truly marvellous gaming experience. However, for a more free flow role playing experience, I tend to turn more to my own Chibi World rules. This gives me the best of both worlds. Crystalia when playing the Super Dungeon Explore miniatures board game.... and Elyana when I want to use and combine all my Chibi miniatures to play a full blown role playing game.

The gamer plans her next game.
Anyway, back to creating Chibi Mo....
Well, I don`t see her as much of a ranger or a hunter, so I should dispense for now with any need to give her a Ranged Attack ability. If I was proved wrong in this, I knew I could always assign her a Ranged Attack later on. If she earned enough Gold during her adventures, she would be able to buy this ability for herself one day, if she really wanted to.
I decided Charge would be very useful. Mo also would have Barbarian strength, so Knockback would augment her prowess in melee quite considerably. Wild Frenzy Attack was a given, considering she was a Barbarian, and I can just see her going into a berserk rage when she enters battle... this suited my mind`s eye image of her perfectly. After some consideration, I decided to finish off her character creation with Cunning Fox, effectively giving her an edge with all initiative rolls... each turn from now on when it comes to who goes first during the turn.
There... five minutes tops, and my Chibi Barbarian Mo was created and we were ready to start play. Mo`s loyal hound was easy to invent: I simply used the "Chibi Dire Wolf" stats and then boosted its Hits by a few more points, to give the dog a final Hit points total of 6. Reasonable, I think, for our Heroine`s faithful, mute, companion. I decided to remove the generic  "Chibi Dire Wolf" Trait Pack, as it really didn't apply to this animal. However, I didn't miss the fact that with Mo and Pixie both possessing the Cunning Fox ability, as this Trait is stackable, this would afford the pair a +4 initiative bonus every turn they are together in a game.... awesome!
Zoom would give Pixie the edge in speed should she need to be somewhere fast.
So we end up with:

Chibi Barbarian Mo

Movement - 4. Weapon Attacks - 2D8, Iron - 6, Hits - 20.

Traits: Knockback, Charge, Cunning Fox, Wild Frenzy Attack.

Chibi Puppy - Pixie
Movement - 5, Weapon Attack - 2D6 Iron - 4, Hits - 6.
Traits: Cunning Fox, Zoom.

Chibi  Barbarian Mo in her casual "chill out" garments.
The Game

The slog through the exposed heathland and the biting, bitter, cold winds of The Ash Heath was a miserable ordeal for the young Barbarian woman, but her steadfast determination burned like a fire in her soul. Onwards she travelled, reaching ever deeper into the heathlands. Until, eventually, she started to climb... steadily she clambered up the bare, rugged exposure of The Northrust Hills. Her assent was ever beset by cruel winds, precipitations of sweeping icy sleet, hail and blinding snow. At night, she would build a camp fire for herself in whatever shelter she could find... sometimes no more than a slight dip in the ground. Hugging the fire close and rubbing her arms, as though no warmth would ever remove the chill from her aching limbs; Pixie was her only comfort in the night, a warm blanket of doggy fur, to chase away the terrible deadly cold.
Mo was not afraid of her camp fire being detected on those starless nights. Visibility was so bad; she doubted anyone could have spotted the flames of her shelter from further than a few meters, even if life itself had depended upon it.

Three days and three nights she travelled through the hills. Until eventually, just as the murky blanket of dawn was supplanting the dark mantle of night; she came to the dreadful portal, wherein the Caves of Ironfels lay. Its two huge wooden doors rested slightly ajar, leading ominously into the yawning black, silent abyss beyond.
Respite from the freezing cold drove Mo, immediately, to venture inside. But her companion, Pixie, was more than a little unhappy at the thought of crossing the threshold and venturing into that dreadful Stygian darkness... yet follow her Mistress, she did.

The pair did not have to journey far into the complex before they came upon an architectural feature of note... and it was here that Mo got a very lucky break!
Situated in the centre of the passage, was a large stone built well shaft.
Judging by the disturbance of the dust, and the multiple scuff marks on the ground, Mo thought it likely these marks had been made fairly recently.
Oh joy of joys! Suddenly, the Barbarian spotted some writing, roughly scrawled into the stone on the side of the well. Who ever had attempted this must have written in a great hurry... lest they were detected by their captors, and no doubt, at great personal risk to themselves. Mo desperately hoped, that the brave soul who had left her these signs had not paid too dearly for their boldness.
*gasp!* But wait... there is more. On the inner lip of the well shaft, Mo discovered the crude but unmistakable mark of an arrow, pointing down... down the shaft. Beside the arrow was a sigil... the mark of the Master Artisan Bakers Guild. Mo smiled to herself, stroked her puppy hound, and said, almost to herself. "I could kiss her, I really could" The mark. the writing, it was all Cassi Miller`s hand. Good, she was still alive. Least-ways, she had been when she wrote this.
Mo has no specific Tracking skill, so I assumed a basic knowledge of survival, based on her character type; and given the background from whence she came living on the edge, where food is scarce, in a hidden community, with the threat of danger ever present and lurking just around the corner it was a small logical step to assess the situation called for a 60/40 snap decision to be made, by myself - playing solo, for my Heroine Mo.
60% chance of a YES in favour that Mo spots the disturbance on the ground by the well. Using the percentage dice (D100) I rolled a 07: yep, a very clear success from Mo... and possibly thanks to Pixie too; sniffing about and alerting Mo there was something there.
Next, I rolled again = 49, Yes, Mo spots the scrawled markings on the stone.

Mo rummaged about in her small leather bag, and produced a length of fine rope, which she proceeded to tie to the metal bars which criss-crossed the shaft. It was only after she had tied the rope that she realised there was a hinge which opened and closed the metal bars for easy access... but the Barbarian was not big, and found no problem squeezing between the bars and lowering herself down carefully.
Pixie licked her lips and looked mournfully at her Mistress.
"Pixie.... go look for another way down, baby. I can`t carry you down here with me. Go Pixie... go seek! Find another way to me; there`s a good puppy."
Pixie finally seemed to comprehend, and wagging her tail furiously, she licked her Mistress once on the nose as she climbed down, then scurried away into the darkness... eager to re-join her beloved owner, as fast as her furry legs could carry her.
Descending to the bottom of the shaft... way, way down to the bottom; Mo did not have to wait long for events to heat up.
Dropping  silently to the floor like a cat, she quickly took in the situation around her.
She was in some sort of large chamber, its original use was now lost to time, but the heavy scent of mushroom spores hit the back of her throat, and she was aware of a cloying, mouldy dampness in the air. A set of stairs climbed into the darkness, ahead and on her right... and directly in front of her, at the far end of the room, were a group of four Kobolds. They seemed to be cooking mushrooms over an open fire, and they were paying no heed to her, or anything else for that matter. Good, this gave her an edge over them!
Mo was aware of muffled sounds coming from a small side chamber off to the left, half way between her and the Kobolds. Through the gloom, the Barbarian woman was vaguely aware of movement... humans, a young boy, a pair of youths tied back to back to each other, and a woman holding a tiny baby.... yes.... that was Cassi; and the baby cradled in her arms must be the one that had gone missing weeks ago.
Advancing slowly, Mo placing a finger to her lips as she looked momentarily at the gagged and trussed up captives. Then her eyes were back on her enemies, as she tip-toed her way stealthily towards the filthy Chibi Kobold Warriors.  

Winning the initiative two turns in a row, Mo is able to position herself quite close to the Kobolds before they spot her presence amongst them.

Meanwhile, Pixie bounded through the Caves, instinct, intuition, and scent guiding her onwards towards her beloved Mistress. But, oh no!
Suddenly, rounding a corner, standing in front of her, side by side.... fangs barred and deep growls of anger emitting from their throats, two Chibi Dire Wolves barred Pixie`s way. These are her kin, wild wolves of the Frozen North... but they are nothing like her. They could smell the scent of human flesh on Pixie`s fur and they despised it, even as it excited pangs of hunger deep within them.
The stand-off seems to last an eternity. Pixie barred her teeth and growled from deep within: "You`d better not try and stop me" she growled in canine. Thunderous sounds fill the tunnels as the Dire Wolves and Pixie pared off against one another.
"Well, well, look what we have here" one of the Wolves... the elder of the pair... growled back.
"Look, its a little runt, a pathetic puppy, and it stinks of HUMAN" the second Wolf responded.
Pixie saw there was going to be no easy way out of this situation, she had to get past these creatures, and she was not going to let two mangy mongrels stop her. "You have been warned... now step aside and no one need get hurt." She growled fiercely.

The eldest Wolf laughed gutturally,  it emitted from his throat as a long spine tingling howl: "Listen... whelp! The only one going to get hurt around here is YOU. Now prepare to be ripped apart, you traitorous human loving PET."
But Pixie had lost enough time already, and was by now bored of this conversation. Her Mistress needed her, and she had to get moving. Leaping forward with a wild war howl of her own, she lunged between her two foes, snapping first left, then right, with her long sharp fangs.

But the Dire Wolves were fast... faster than she was, and older and nastier.
Pixie`s teeth crashed down on... air!
The Wolves howled in glee. "You`ll have to do better than that... Puppy."
And as one, they both snapped at Pixies flanks, tearing away large clumps of fur and flesh into their bloodied mouths. Pixie yelped in pain, but lowered her head ominously, standing her ground bravely. The fight was on, and a whirling, martial duel of death ensued.

They were Ice Kobolds, just as Mo had suspected. Evil and corrupt creatures at the best of times, driven now by the pangs of winter hunger, they were a very formidable foe indeed.
Suddenly! Looking up and sniffing the air, a Kobold half turned and spotted the Human woman, and shouted a bestial warning to its companions.
But the Barbarian was among them, far more quickly than they could respond, and her axe clove a whirling arc in the air, weaving an unstoppable pattern of death in its wake. Out of the corner of her eye, Mo spied a ball of fur bound down the steps to her right, then hurl itself into the fight... by her side. A low growl emitted from its throat. But to the Barbarian woman, who knew better, she recognised it as a howl of anguished delight and ecstasy at being, once again, reunited with her Mistress.
Her fur was matted with freshly flowing blood, one of her hind legs trailed behind her lamely and looked painful to place weight upon... and one ear hung limply over her eye. But her spirit and her strength remained perfectly intact. Mo smiled happily, and with pride. She started to sing a loud, discordant song of the wilds. A berserk rage was rising deep from inside her; and as she sang, her puppy too, howled gleefully in happy canine disharmony.
And when the song was finished, every last one of the Kobolds lay strewn about the chamber, dead and bleeding on the ground.

In the battle against the two Chibi Dire Wolves, Pixie had been reduced to within 2 Hits of death. She sustained another Hit during the reunited encounter with the Kobolds as she stood shoulder to shoulder with her Mistress. She teetered on the brink of destruction, but prevailed, as all true Heroes do.
Chibi Barbarian Heroine Mo lost 9 of her 20 Hits in that fight.
All round, quite a close call, really. Luckily for our Barbarian and her Puppy, this was a simple little "dungeon" and fairly straight forward to navigate and complete in a single sitting. Ideal for a starting Hero to take on solo.


  1. Steve, this is addressed to you. I'm really glad to see the Chibi World rules available as a single download but I have one small problem with the Chibi World Bestiary. I know that all of the monsters and heroes listed are also available as Impact Miniatures figures. That is why they were included, as a marketing ploy for the company, right? I'm okay with that. However, you do realise there is at least one glaring omission from the list? A small clue - my user name is Vampifan! So where are the stats for vampires? Yes, I know Impact doesn't make a Chibi Vampire but that does not excuse their omission. SDE make a vampire model and I recently converted a figure into my own Chibi Vampirella. Actually this is how I noticed that vampires were missing from the list. I set out to create my first Chibi World Hero and naturally, I wanted to recreate Vampirella. But how? There are no stats for vampires! BIG OMISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on, Steve, help a friend out here! Please? I could come up with a set of stats for myself both for vampires in general and for Vampirella in particular, but I thought I'd mention it to you first seeing as Chibi World is your baby.

  2. lol, well spotted Bryan. You are absolutely right, the Vampire is missing from the Bestiary. This was originally because I was planning to do a whole feature on the new Impact Miniatures Vampire.... WHEN it gets made, but somehow along the way, Tom never got round to adding the Chibi Nosferatu to his range; and as time went by, I plain and simply never got round to `bunging it in` the Bestiary *slaps own hand*

    However.... Da daaaa!!! <-- drum roll... If you look in the Super Dungeon Explore Expansion file, you will find all the starts for all the SDE miniatures, including, yep... yours truly Von Drakk and Nocturne.

    For a generic Vampy, if I were making one up for my own games, hmmmm, I might go something like this (these are nice easy stats for a basic monster. Could go tougher perhaps, to meet the challenge of heroes as they level up through extended play).

    Movement 6
    Weapon Attacks 2D8/special*
    Iron 5
    Hits 6

    Army of Bones {raise 1D6 Bone Heads within 4 squares - may cast once per game}.
    Dexterity: Stare: Flaming Palms: Fear:

    1. Many thanks, Steve. I had noticed the stats for Von Drakk and Nocturne but they are very specific characters and far from being "generic," assuming any vampire can be regarded as being generic. Hmm, I suppose they could if you found a nest of them like the Brides in Bram Stoker's "Dracula." Still between them and your answer above I now have enough info to recreate Vampirella for Chibi World. YAY!

  3. I don`t know about the goys, but I`m going to make myself a Elizabeta Bathory, Countess Csejte Trencsén of Little Carpathia. I think I know JUST the chibi to use for my evil version of Elizabeta. I`ve always had a thing about this notorious real life fiend. I must ponder her stats and think how I want to make her starting character kit.

    1. Hils, I have read a lot about Elizabeta Bathory and I totally agree that she would make a fine basis for your own Chibi female vampire. I'm just intrigued to find out which figure you plan on using for her.

  4. Hmmmm Bryan. When you go to make up your Vampirella. Think of the comic book character and write down the key things that make this character who she is and larger than life. Then look through the Traits in the rules and find what seems best to fit this image (if you need a Trait not mentioned, just make up a new custom Trait for your famous girl). For her normal stats, can she fly (i.e. does she need walk and fly stats?), does she glide? she wears no armour yet probably has amazingly tough skin (Iron) so an Iron of 5 sounds good: Iron 6 if you REALLY love your girl so much you can`t stand to see her get hurt, but that puts her at max Iron alongside a Plate Armoured tank. You`d want Melee Attacks high I`m guessing, maybe 3D12. Does she have ranged attacks too? might need to go 3D12/range10-2D8 for her Attacks (I have no idea if she even uses ranged weapons). Hits/Wounds should be pretty amazing, she`s a super anti/hero after all, so I`d guess 16 Hits maybe?

    1. Great advice, Hils, and all stuff I had pretty much thought of myself. One vampiric trait Steve has not given any of his vampires is Charm. Vampirella certainly needs this. She can fly so Flight is a must. I can live with Iron 5. She is no tank but she can soak a lot of damage so high Hit Points should cover that. She can use ranged weapons but rarely does so. I want to give her a new trait - Blood Drinking so she recover Hit Points from a victim by feeding on him. Her Attack Damage should be high. She can easily behead a man with one swipe of her claws or punch a hole through his chest and pull out his still beating heart. I'll get her done real soon and let you guys preview her before I show her off on the blog. Oh, and you'll love my Chibi conversion of her!

  5. Oh without any shadow of doubt, I`d make a nice (slightly alternative) version of the Chibi Female Samurai. I think I can customise this piece nicely, into my deadly beautiful female Vampire maiden. I even have a medieval dress I could wear for the occasion when playing this part round the table with the guys hehe.

  6. there you go Bryan, you`re almost a pro at CW already. See how easy and quick it is to make up a new Character/Hero/Heroine or Monster? And its fun too. More about hands on, getting right in there, and spending more time ON the table, experimenting with ideas than having too fight the rules all the time.

  7. Steve, sorry to bother you again, but reading through the Chibi World rules there are a few questions I'd like to ask you. Obviously, I could ask them here in the comments section or send you an e-mail, but I was wondering if you planned on posting a Chibi World FAQ document? Depending on how many you get it could become a regular feature of the blog. Also, if you did decide to do it, how would you like us to send you our queries -in the comments section or by e-mail?

  8. Hi Bryan, yes a FAQ is a great idea. I actually already have quite a collection of Q`s and A`s from previous people, especially from the three clubs who play tested the rules for me at the game`s conception: we can do everything as a default FAQ document if you like, and can add to this (update it) every so often. Its probably easier for anyone to ask questions here in the blog comments than writing me email`s each time (although anyone is welcome to: <-- double underscore between gypsy and dance). And when we get enough, we can just update them to an easy to read FAQ page.

  9. Out of interest, Mo`s pet in the story is based on my real life dog "Pixie"

    Only problem is, after that game was played and the story written: I re-painted the chibi wolf miniature. I painting her from real life, so it is a very accurate representation of my - erm - black and white collie, hehehehe.

    It will take some creative story telling to explain away how Mo`s faithful pooch, Pixie, completely changed colours overnight, should Stevie ever write part 2 of the Chibi Mo story.

    Dum-di-dum-di-dum *looks away innocently*


    1. Quote: *looks away innocently* - yes, riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  10. Blame it on the painting elves - leave a half-painted figure and your paints out over night and voila! When you wake up the next morning and go downstairs you'll find a nice, shiny...pair of shoes?! WTF?!

    Stupid elves...

  11. of course, its a Trait we all possess:


    applies to feminine wiles only. May re-roll any dice roll, allows us to change our minds (even after taking a turn, if we think of something better later on). Combine this with "Looking Away Sweetly" makes us look cute and gives us a +4 to all Charisma and Charm abilities for the rest of the game.


  12. Yeah - what she said!!!

  13. Well I will say it then.

    THANK YOU so much for taking the time to share that amazing story and game play through with us Mr Steve. It is greatly appreciated and I for one can`t wait to see more adventures revolving round this enchanting heroine and her ever faithful pet. It almost feels like a medieval fantasy version of TinTin and Snowy.

    T x

    1. Well said, Tarot. It is a matter of concern that the blog is suffering a dearth of comments from those not directly involved in it. Of course, most blogs when starting out take time to build up a list of followers and only a select few followers even bother to leave comments. It is early days yet so I'd give it time. When I started my Vampifan blog there were times when I'd get no comments at all for a post. Imagine how that felt! But I persevered and to misquote the film "Field of Dreams", "if you build it, they will come!"