Friday, 16 February 2018


Just getting ready to set off for the show " BEACHHEAD " in Bournemouth the event is held at The Bournemouth International Centre, BH2 5BH, which is right by the sea so nice views as well.

After my recent post about old armies, it got me thinking about my old fantasy armies, now I have sold these a long time ago as I had stopped playing fantasy, I had two a Khornate chaos army based around using mostly marauders, and a Lizardman army. I still have a couple of bits of the lizardman army as one day would like to redo this one.
First up is my Slann mage priest, the colour scheme I chose was based off a golden bell frog, as they have such unusual colours and for his skink helper I went with an albino, as these are held in high regard within their society.

Next up is a sculpt I did for T'etoeko, I did this before GW released a model for it, and I actually prefer my rendition

Just a short post today, and will catch up on your blogs on Sunday, hope you all have a great weekend, until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave


  1. Wow! that T'etoeko sculpt is awesome Dave - if that's still in your collection, then I'd say rebuilding a Lizardmen army (of some description, it doesn't HAVE to be for Warhammer) is a must!

    Hope you have a great time at the BIC :-)

    1. Thank you Greg, BIC was very enjoyable, and got to chat to lot's of great wargamers. I've been thinking of building a small army for Kings of war so will probably do lizardmen for that

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    1. Cheers mate, it has lot's of little stories throughout, which I find to be the most interesting models

  3. I do like your sculpt of T'etoeko, Dave.

  4. Lovely sculpt Dave! It did annoy me with GW releasing characters in there army books and never releasing figures for them.

    1. Thank you Simon, I have to agree and also that when they finally released some of the models they fell short of the awesome artwork from the army books

  5. That is some really nice work Dave. I love the small details, and the animals and creatures are a brilliant additions. I think the dragonfly creature is my favourite.

    Not sure about our weekend, to be honest. But least said, soonest mended.

    I've still got to check out the bits you cast for me, then I'm going to have a good look at your sculpture work, as I'm thinking about having at least one commercial figure done for the stall. I'm probably going to use someone other than who normally does Stu's sculpting, so am looking at who is commercially available for such work. As I say, I'll have a good look at your galleries and then email you, even if its just for advice on what can and can't be done, etc.

    I'm glad you had a good weekend. But it was cheating getting a lift from the power-loader, to carry stock instead of enduring The Long Walk (I do know a little Comic Book trivia, though its mainly Judge Dredd or Slaine MacRoth)


    1. Thank you Roy, when I first started sculpting commercially I did a lot of sculpting based off of artwork, so I had a reference point and could see if I was heading in the right direction.
      For me at shows it's not just about sales but networking and catching up with people I've met and meeting new hobby enthusiasts, so can always have a good show ! LOL
      No problem on the sculpting, happy to help as much as I can, be it giving a quote or advice.
      That power lifter was awesome ! LOL would have been a lot harder without it. The true guru with comic book trivia is Simon, I only dabble, but do like both Judge Dredd and Slaine