Monday, 6 November 2017


So, a quick recap on the current competition set by
Dave a few weeks ago. Just to recap, Dave wrote....


Now then....

Last week`s competition was really just the prelude to this week`s much cooler one. If you're interested, this is where you can influence the rpg realm that "Death Match" resides in!

So what's the competition I hear you say? Well what we would like you to do is design an alien, or beast or costume for one of the races; or anything you would like to see (maybe create some space pirates, for example?). This can be done as a sketch, or a description, or as a sculpt: You have three weeks from today to get your entry in.

So what's the prize? well there will be two.. as the cupboard will choose a winner. But then you will choose the second.. because we will do a post with all the entries - at which point you can vote for your favourite, being the "people's choice".

Each winner will receive the model of their design, and you will also receive a converted and painted gladiator of your choice as well, so you will truly have a one of a kind prize.

Let the creation begin . . . 

Cheers Dave

So without any further ado, here are the entries so far (you still have until tomorrow evening to get last minute entries in, and we will simply add/edit them neatly to this article.. as though it's been there all along hehe).

First, is Hils Mindless Slave/Machine Servitor. Techno Ancients (Alien Greys) are known for abducting humans, stealing their brains and placing them inside mechanical golems, which they then use to do their bidding, like zombie servants. This first creation entry from Hils is a mechanical construct known affectionately as "The Bulldog" Used to carry heavy loads and to serve as front line `cannon fodder` soldiers in times of need and strife. These lumbering monstrosities are pretty terrifying if coming at you in a full out horn first charge.

this hulking brute goes by the name "Sharphorn"

Hils second entry isnt a new creature so much as a variation on an existing theme.

The Furry Family Nest.

Next, we have a couple of entries from the Fellowship Club (Thanks Finbar and John).

The Grey Queen

and Limpo the Grey Hybrid Hero

Lovely  simple sketches. However, our Greys.. 
(actually called Techno Ancients) walk on their hands, like the Tattooine Podracer "Sebulba" an alien `Dug` from The film Phantom Menace). But these can easily be sculpted to manoeuvre this way, should they be chosen as a winning vote, and then cast into miniatures for our game.


Next we have the Tum-Tum Fire Bird (whose feathers turn flame red when trying to look aggressive and in full `attack` mode). This, fiery creature lives out in the desert wastes and its florescent yellow eggs are considered a rare delicacy for the tables at Valatrix`s court on Traventi. This is a lovely entry from budding artist Sarah Young.

Next we have a series of human Space Pirate 
costumes, a late entry from Dave Glidle. Sent to me this morning while Hils and I were on the phone to Dave (Stone).

Blanche Fletcher (a Fellowship Member) gives us
Ladran Astof, a freelance Revili gladiator, making
 rather a name for himself in the fighting arena of late. Unknown to most though, Ladran is actually a highly advanced humanoid cyborg... and also an animal rightist spy, sent to infiltrate the court of Vallatrix and ascertain the true extent of the alien animal breeding programs on Traventi.

Next we have a rather cool entry from Jez 
(Carrion Crow). He gives us....

The Nisari.

From the upper echelons to the lowest dregs of Traventian society, there is a name that instils fear in all that hear it. A name that is whispered in hushed tones - if at all, for to speak it aloud runs the risk of drawing attention that is both unwelcome and potentially fatal.

And that name is the Nisari.

Whilst the majority of the Traventian populace have embraced the Games, enjoying the spectacle and prosperity they bring, a small faction still cling to what they consider to be the traditional ways of Traventian culture. This faction, known as the Nisari, consider the Games to be an abomination and all those who support them to be betraying both their heritage and culture

Had the Nisari remained aloof from general society, ensconced in their mountain fastnesses amongst the choking red dust of the Wastes, their beliefs could have been safely ignored. However, they have chosen to wage an insidious war on both offworld visitors and those they consider traitors to their race.

Utilising the venom of the Traventian Dust Viper, the Nisari have developed a solution that is injected into the veins of their most fanatical followers. This increases the aggression, reflexes and pain threshold of its recipients, but also causes fatal internal haemorrhaging, as the toxic solution eats away at their internal organs and blood weeps from every pore. These fanatical warriors, dubbed 'The Chosen', therefore have a limited life-span and to extend their usefulness, have their bodies tightly wrapped in linen bandages to stem the constant flow of blood.

The Chosen, armed with their distinctive twin-bladed punch-daggers, are therefore a grisly sight, their emaciated frames wrapped in fraying, blood-soaked bandages, the fire of their fanatical zeal burning on their eyes. Given their conspicuous appearance, they are sent on their suicidal missions concealed within dark-hued hooded robes, which are discarded when they are in a position to strike. Even the elite Palace Guards employed by Lord Vallatrix himself have come to loathe and fear these relentless killers.


Finally from Tarot (below) we have The Creminisci (the Forefathers), who are a (natural)  alien race of telepathic mystics from the planet Llya`Tasus.

and a wild carnivorous plant, occasionally found on the banks of Traventi oasis.

Pes-Tube  (the foot plant).

Remember, its not always how cool the design or the drawing is that counts: but how well we think it fits into our world view ethos of the games we are trying to create for our wild alien adventures.

Cheers guys, and best of luck :-)



  1. the nisari to win for me please, because its got the most cool background and i think this bandage wrapped desert fighter would look incredible cast as a miniature.

    1. They are very cool Luke, and I've been sketching a priestess this afternoon to go with them, it's amazing what an inspirational piece can generate

  2. Hmmmmm, there is an interesting entry in the revised Death Match rulebook, under "A HISTORY OF THE GAMES" section, which reads...

    ATG 15
    The Year of the Great Escape, when Animal Rights activists broke into the top secret bunkers and stole many alien species from Vallatrix`s Facility Laboratories, and released them into the wild.. where {amazingly} they not only survived, but thrived.

    This brings a deep relevance to Blanche`s Ladran Astof cyborg, but when combined with Jez`s Nisari, marries the two ideas into one cool symbiosis. I like both these two.

    1. They would fit very well with that concept wouldn't they !

  3. >> chuckles <<

    The Nisari every time for me.

    1. Noted Dave, and I like your pirate concepts as well

  4. Oh my, so many cool entries. I really like what Stevie says and can see a lot of potential with that idea. But regardless, Dave, I STILL want those horned bull dog soldiers cast up LOL, I have plans for those hehe *grins*

    1. Don't worry Hils, I'm sure we can fit them in

  5. They`re all excellent entries, and display a wealth of talent and skill all round. However, "there can be only one" as Christopher Lambert would have said in Highlander, and so with a sad heart (because I love them all) I have to choose Jez`s The Nisari for all the reasons already given, but also because I love the desert mummy wrap idea so much, and can imagine some of these cast into miniatures for the games table.

    1. Already working out poses for all the concepts Tarot, as there all so cool

  6. My word these are amazing! I had every intention of logging an entry myself, but alas it was not to be this time. Best of luck one and all.

    1. Understandable with your busy schedule at the moment Michael, I'm sure there will be more competitions to enter

  7. So many great entries, you all rock with all these entries.
    At the moment Jez seems clearly in the lead on the people's choice at the moment

  8. Sadly I’m like Michael and haven’t had time to enter, but like the others I think Jez edges it. What a fantastic array of ideas that have been proffered up! The artwork for the Nizaris reminds me of the adversary from the Thundercats - Mumra

    1. Not to worry Andy there will be more comps and understand with how busy you've been recently mate

  9. turn your back for FIVE minutes...Lol

    I have been trying to add a comment for the last hour or so, but my Internet has been playing silly buggers with me, so had to revert to using the laptop, rather than 'mobile communications'.

    Anyway, I am in awe of the artwork submitted by all the other entrants (Did Jez learn to draw from copying Comics? I think so...).

    My vote goes to Sarah Young's Tum Tum Fire Bird - it looks suitably alien, but also real. reminds me of the illustrations from "Barlowe's Guide to Aliens" or Petersen's Guide to Creatures of the Dreamlands".

    Having said that, I think that the creatures of Death Match illustrated by Sarah would look really cool. And get Dave Glidle to do some pictures of the seedier parts of Traventi, especially the Underpits. And whoever did the Creminisci (not credited), which remind me of both Abe Sapien and the Elves from the movie Hellboy: The Golden Army, get them to do the alien race pictures...Hell, just get everyone (except me) to provide illustrations for the rulebooks - it will then look all kinds of awesome.

    On a final note, thank you all for voting for my little idea. Mumm-Ra? I don't know what you mean...

    Thundercats Ho!

    1. Your very right Jez, there is some awesome artwork which is all very inspiring, already started two new models this evening after seeing them all.