Tuesday, 24 October 2017


In what seems like forever ago, I started to show my Star Wars hobby. Now, with working on a new game to run alongside Death Match I've not had as much personal hobby time as I would have liked, but business has to come first.

 However, with what little time I have had.. I`ve made some small progress.


So, after Sy meet an untimely disaster (at the hands of a family youngling), I have managed to finish painting Joh Yowza, Droopy McCool, and Rappertunie. Yaaay, go me!

Pleased with the look not just the photo's, I have started making Max Reebo, but with my current sculpt list he may still take some time.


So recently for my birthday, my in-laws very kindly got me a model I've wanted for a long time... the mighty AT-AT. this model is by Revell and is in 1:52 scale; and listed as an `easy-kit.` For anyone that don't know what this means, it is a snap together kit and comes pre-painted. 

For now I'm going to leave the model as is, but at a later stage I would like to do a better weathered paint job on it.


Dash sat with his feet, on the console of the Outrider while watching the Boonta Eve Pod Race: he had a sizeable bet on the Dug.. who, in his opinion was the most vicious and underhanded racer since Seebulba was defeated by the local Skywalker boy.

Leebo entered the cockpit, "Sir could you remove your feet from the console, last time you did that, the Outrider was out of commission for a week !" 
"Your right Leebo, had completely forgot about that"

As Dash slowly removed his feet, an alert went off.

"That wasn't Me!" exclaimed Dash.

"No Sir, it's an incoming communication."
Leebo, adjusted the vid screen to project the incoming communication. Bib Fortuna's grinning image came into view.

"Greetings Dash from his greatness Jabba the Hutt, we have a job for you if your interested?" ( in Huttenese).

"Yeh I've got time, what do you need." replied Dash.

"simple pick up, Jabba has brought in a new act for the palace, but they got dropped off in Mos Espa instead of Mos Eisley."

"how many?"

"Five in total" 

"No problem ,what's the fee?"


"Not that I'm complaining, but that's a lot for a simple pickup"

"Let's just say there may be some trouble."

"Okay Bib, I'm on it."

Leebo cut the comms.

"Get the Gladfly prepped, Leebo, want to get in and out undetected, and the Outrider has been picking up too much heat recently!"

Leebo nodded and left the cockpit, Dash sat thinking for a minute, why would a band cause so much trouble ? Guess I'm about to find out !

This is where I will be starting my campaign with Dash flying over the badlands to Mos Espa.

Until next time have fun.

Cheers Dave


  1. Ooh Star Wars batreps! A treat to look forward to. Love the band Dave. Brilliant

    1. Cheers Andy, hoping after Crisis to set a day a week for my hobby time but will have to see as plans are always subject to change ! LOL

  2. I simply LOVE (and covert) the band members and am sitting here going Ooooo and Awwww about them. We only have our home made Sy that Hils sculpted. Yours though are really spot on mate.

    As for the AT-AT, well. you already know what I think if this, and you`d best check your shelf (or my luggage) when I fly over to visit you in a few weeks. It MIGHT just tip into my empty suitcase and accidentally come home with me **innocent expression**

    Love the Dash Rendar intro teaser. Do you know **embarrassment** with all my knowledge of Star Wars (which it pretty extensive really, I suppose), I actually know NOTHING about Dash at all. I`ve never ever read one of the graphic novel stories about him, and in fact **shame** hadn`t even heard of him until recently.. can you believe that lol.
    I need to rectify that I`m thinking. Any graphic novel you`d especially recommend I start with?

    1. Cheers Steve, was really happy with how the band turned out, Have the AT-AT security tagged and set with booby trap for your visit ! LOL
      I first found out about Dash and his robot Leebo, after playing Shadows of the Empire computer game, then got a lot more information from the Star Wars fact file, I haven't read any of the novels either so really must rectify that at some point.
      He doesn't join the rebellion until after the battle for Hoth, so I thought it gives me plenty of scope to do what I wanted on Tatooine as was setting my time period before Rogue One, also being on Tatooine I could include young Luke, Ben Kenobi could make an appearance as could Darth Maul, Han and Chewie, just so many options to be able to include

  3. i like Joh Yowza, Droopy McCool, and Rappertunie very much indeed and think they are essential figures to own for any self respecting star wars fan (if you have the skill to make them that is). we just need sy now. The AT-AT might be falling into my bag too, its super and is making me drool. the Dash story sampler leaves me wishing for lots more, so please, lots more of this soon i hope.

    1. Thank you Luke, glad you like them. By the sounds of it I may need to hire a security guard for my little AT-AT ! LOL Will do my best on making the Dash story a regular feature for you

  4. Terrific work on the Band, Dave, first-class sculpting (and painting too). Some "Star Wars" batreps would certainly go down well I think, and I'm sure with your flair for writing things up, they'd be particularly gripping reads :-)

    1. Thank you Simon, at the show next weekend hoping to find a pack of hired guns to be able to do another of the band, and have a spare Weequay now to do one of the two drummers as well.
      Hoping to do as gripping a batrep as Steve, but as we both know he's the linguist and I'm the sculptor, so we will have to wait and see ! LOL

  5. Ahhhh, more Star Wars...lovely. very nice work on the band members and a good find on the AT-AT. As I currently own zero SW miniatures, you jave no worries on me attempting to steal it.

    And the intro for future SW AARs does make me look forward to them, especially as the setting is Tatooine, my favourite SW location. Bring on the Jawas!

  6. Thank's Jez, at least that's one less person to worry about being after my little friend ! LOL
    Tatooine, does seem to be the linch pin to this time period in the Star Wars galaxy, with so many cool things on the planet, including Jawa's and who knows maybe even a Krax Dragon !

  7. I just love those band members, so good Dave! As for the AT-AT, just wow! I am going to put one on the Birthday and Christmas list and see what happens. :)

    1. Thank you Michael, great to have you back at the cupboard. The AT-AT are starting to dissapear off the shelves as they only release a limited number and for a set time period after a movie, as the next movie has a different variation in it the regular AT-AT will sky rocket on ebay !

  8. Great looking AT AT. Shall look forward to reading some Star Wars reports. Will have to do some research on Dash as out side of the movies my knowledge is a bit lacking.

    1. Thank you Simon, the batrep's should be fun, and fulfill a childhood dream of having my figures act out the scenes I wanted to do. Dash is a lot like Han Solo, in he was a smuggler before joining the alliance and doesn't always follow the rules

  9. aaah finally, a bit of spare time. It`s been a crazy week.

    Max and his band, a total winner and a big smile from me to see these guys rendered, and so well too. The AT AT is a massive boys `must own` LOL (why do boys always go for BIG is better hehehee), so I can see the appeal there *grins owlishly* Not sure how anyone would field it effectively on a game table and find an enjoyable game use, but hey it might be fun trying. Lovely model though.

    Dash is looking like a promising start and could turn into a TGC favourite of mine to sit and read as each part comes out.

    1. You and Steve have had a bit of a manic week ! Glad you like the band, once Max is done got a couple of the more obscure ones to do then the back up singers.
      The AT-AT I want to use as a patrol vehicle on the outskirts of Mos Eisley, with a bad roll could come into play, at which point could be devastating !
      Having played all of Shadows of the Empire, I thought Dash would be a fun character to base my campaign round as he's a lesser known character in the expanded universe, and there is not so much history of the character to get right. Hope the instalments live up to the hype ! LOL

  10. more excellence, as indeed I have come to expect from this place. Very nice sculpting, pro painting, and a nice story to finish off. Can`t really ask for much more.

    1. Many thank's Dave, like to try and provide something for all tastes