Friday, 8 September 2017


Well not me personally, as I'm just a hobbyist like the rest of you, but Judge Dredd from the pages of 2000 AD.

In the 70's a new comic hit the market ~ 2000 AD.. and from issue 2 onward, Judge Dredd has graced it's pages in one form or another ever since. It was never my favourite strip, that honour is shared by Nemesis the Warlock, A.B.C. Warriors and Strontium Dog, but I have always enjoyed reading it.. with some villains more interesting than others.


This brings me to my favourite set of Villains, the four dark judges. These models are produced by Foundry and are currently available from their web store.

The first to be introduced in the comics was Judge Death, who was trapped in the mind of Cassandra Anderson and encased in Boing. He was released and joined his dark brethren, Fear, Fire, and Mortis later on, and they have returned several times to plague,trouble, and the unhappy Cursed Earth.

 If your already dead your pretty hard to get rid of, right!?

I'm not planning to use these in gaming terms, but create a display base with examples of each judges victim littering the floor.


Next up are three specialist judges also available from Foundry. You will see these models have been fitted to 25 mm round bases for gaming. On the left we have a Tech Judge: in the centre is a SJS judge ( Judge of the Judges ): and on the right we have a judge in riot gear.


Next up, we have the muscle boys.

On the left we have Judge Heston, this is a model I built after seeing Da Gobbo ( Andy ) posted up a picture on his blog and saying "Wish they'd made a model of this."  I have given away a few copies of this model as gifts to friends, but can't put them into production because of it being a licensed product.

Next is a judge model by Mongoose productions when they had the licence, which later went to Warlord Games.

Then we have a female Psi Judge, by Foundry, and last but by no means least is good old Judge Giant, also by Foundry.


I haven't decided what I'm going to do in gaming terms with these models yet, I'm thinking of waiting and seeing what Warlord games do with their Rebellion licence, and what they release.

I would like to do some gaming in Mega City 1, as well as gaming within the Cursed Earth, but with my big project on Imperial Assault at the moment: I shall be content to paint the odd model ~ as the muse descends, while I come up with a plan !

Until next time have fun ! 

Cheers Dave.


  1. you see a lot of judge dredd miniatures out there, especially death, fear, fire, and mortis. but I have to say these ones have really interesting painted jobs and interesting conversion, not just copies of the others. the heston judge is zappiest of them all, but nice conversions on some of the others too, like on the four dark judges.

  2. Thank you Luke, have a lot of interests with not enough time to do them all, well not until I retire which will be . . . . Never ! LOL

  3. Hes not wrong there, everyone and his dog does/paints the four Dark Judges, these just do happen to be four of the nicest I think I`ve seen in a long time. You go from strength to strength with your skill Dave. Fine detail on the shoulder pads and Judge Heston is to mug ya`s for - watch out lol.

  4. Thanks Dave, I think at this rate I'm going to need to hire a bodyguard for when I'm at shows in case you come looking for me ! LOL

  5. You tease. Took us a while but we managed to track down three of the four apocalypse. But we`re still missing Death. And there you go, flaunting one of the nicest mini conversions I`ve seen to date grrrrrr!!! lol. We got Heston (big thanks for that), and "Stevie.. I want him painted by the time I get back" **grins** "Got an idea for him in a game set up I got going on and half planned in my head."

    hmmmm, we must go back and finish our Judges when I think about it. Have seven finished and based, but still leaves another nine, I think it is, unpainted and unloved:


    And I believe we got a new Judge motorbike to paint too, when I get home. mmmmm, happy times ahead.

  6. Glad you approve of my offerings Hils, without a definite plan it's a bit hap hazard at the moment, but does mean I can cherry pick models.
    I'm sure you and Steve will have fun with a certain Oz judge in painting and gaming

  7. Hahaha I love my Judge Heston, he sits in judgement of my ape gangsters! Glad I mentioned it on my blog now...hehe.

    Lovely work bud

  8. Thanks Andy, I'm glad you mentioned him to. With not having a real plan on JD at the moment inspiration can come from anything

  9. Wonderful figures and great job on these worthy representative of the law, I especially like the four dark judges, very impressive, and surely very right in their decisions ...

  10. Thank you Phil, some may call the dark judges extremists, I think they just haven't found the right person to make them kick back and enjoy the after life ! LOL

  11. aye, pretty much what the other have said Dave, spiffing stuff all round. Is that a unique sculpt of Judge Fire? Don`t know that pose at all. Your`s of Foundry? Like Hils says, jealous of your Death. We still look for him to compete our unholy cabal of other dimensional unlife ^^

  12. Thanks Steve the dark judges are straight out the packet from foundry and reasonably priced to, just a little bending on the arms to add some extra dynamics, I am surprised so many of you guys noticed the minor tweaks as I thought they were very subtle

  13. Arghh... First you have me twitching and dithering over whether to paint up some more "Star Wars", and then with a flick of a post, you've got me looking at some more "Judge Dredd" minis. This is definitely not the blog to visit if you want to stick to a monthly painting plan and not get distracted!!

    Lovely work on all the models, Dave, especially Judge Fire, which having previously painted before myself, and bottled doing any black bits on him, I believe is one of your finest paint-jobs ever!!

    Loving this run of your articles, and your enthusiasm for Mega-City One's toughest lawman. Between all this sci-fi stuff, Steve's d&d/Samurai shenanigans and Hils sculpting efforts, this site is fast becoming an essential weekly visit :-)

  14. WOOOOHOOOhOOO, hear that Dave.... Hils? We`re essential. Do I get a badge :-)))

  15. Thank you Simon, very much appreciated mate. When you said you were surprised I didn't have a blog, this option seemed the best as it wasn't just me contributing, so wouldn't take up too much time. As for the distractions I'll try and keep them to a minimum but can't guarantee it ! LOL

  16. hehe. Awwww really nice Dave. and lovely thing to say too Simon.

    and could someone pleeeease give him (Stevie) a badge, he`s never forgiven me that I got an official Blue Peter one when I was a kid, and he didnt lol.

    1. Just for Steve I'll make him a one off badge then, least I can do to keep the peace ! LOL