Sunday, 27 August 2017


So from my last post you may have gathered that I really like Star Wars, and over the years have had several collections of figures based on this subject, starting with the Palitoy figures: then later on some of Grenadier Miniatures figure sets before the company folded.

Now, I didn't collect any of the Wizards of the Coast versions, mores the pity, so when Imperial Assault came out by FFG, I sat on the fence for a long time trying to decide whether I wanted to buy another set of figures. But when they started releasing the bounty hunters, I was finally swayed, as these were my favourite characters of the whole franchise.


So I started buying just the bounty hunters and got all four that FFG released, but was disappointed that Zuckuss and 4-LOM weren't released along with them in the first and so far.., subsequent waves. Not being the most patient of people I decided to convert a C3PO into 4-LOM and scratch build a Zuckuss.

As you can see in the picture I also converted Boba Fett`s cape as I didn't like the standard one.

By now I had purchased the main core game and several other booster packs, with no idea what I wanted to do with the game. I initially thought I would just play the rules that came in the box, so set about painting some more of my growing mountain of models .


Next I painted C3PO and R2D2, it was at this point I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to make a part of one of the settlement city's of Tatooine.. on a 6' x 4' board, using the Imperial Assault rules, but turning it into almost an RPG with a city full of NPC's, that may be neutral, or might be aligned to the Imperium or the Rebellion.

So as you can see in the picture I have started to paint some more R2 units and protocol droids.

I'm also planning as I go along, to do some conversions to make an R4 unit and Death Star droid and any others I can convert or scratch build.


Now, anyone who has been collecting the Fantasy Flight Games range will know they haven't made a massive amount of vehicles.. as of yet. So when I spotted a Revell Snow Speeder in 1:52 scale I snapped it up. The pilots are a little on the small scale but compared to the AT-ST that FFG make, it's pretty darn close.. as you can see in the picture.


Sorry my Hutenese is a little rusty.

Wanting to base my gaming on Tatooine, it would be rude not to do some of the denizens of Jabba's Palace. Having gotten myself the box set and booster packs which I am slowly painting, I've also been converting some of the Weequay's and Gamoreen guards to add variation to the mix; and I want to put Jabba on his throne, as it were, with Salicious B Crumb, and maybe Leia?

But to start off, I have begun building the Max Reebo band, the first two of which, I've now completed skulpting. These are Sy Snootles, and Joh Yowza shown here in their master greens.


this final part is for Steve, as we all know how much he likes his wookies >>chuckles<<. So here is Gaarkhan, a hero from the box set.. and Chewbacca.

As the observant of you will have noticed I haven't done the bases yet: these will get done when I do the gaming boards to match them in.

Until next time have Fun !


Article by Dave Stone

Friday, 25 August 2017

"Let there be Rock"

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away (okay, Bristol), a young boy stood in the rain waiting patiently for his first glimpse into a new realm. This was me standing waiting to see Star Wars for the first time, and the result was me hooked on Sci-Fi. Up until this point I had watched as many sci-fi programmes as I could find, and films ( theses were very limited back then), but the release of Star wars brought something new to the table with alien worlds that looked more authentic, and were populated with strange and wonderful denizens. It also brought about a golden age of more sci-fi, with everyone else wanting to cash in on the success of Star Wars (Battlestar Galactica, The Humanoid ), to say I was in my element would be an understatement ! 

Now fast forward a few years, I was in a model shop looking for my next model purchase, when I spotted some cool looking lead figures by a company called Grenadier Miniatures. The box I went for was "the orc's lair." These were great and reminded me of hairless apes that were green.

As soon as I got home I dug out my paints (enamels back in those days) and set to painting them. I was chuffed to bits with the results all neatly painted block colours. When one of my friends came round he said they were going for a game called Dungeons& Dragons, and that I ought to play; and so my first taste of RPG happened. This developed and evolved into us trying many other RPG's as well (Traveller, Star Trek, even TMNT).

While I enjoyed the RPG side, my friends` lack of models was a disappointment, as I spent ages making any relevant model look as nicely painted as I could: where as some of my friends would just use a piece of paper to represent their character. At this time I found wargaming, where you needed relevant models to represent your armies, as my window sill and shelves were already teaming with models this didn't seem unreasonable, and so I entered the realm of Warhammer.

Fast forward a few more years and Game Workshop brought out "Rogue Trader." Now this was everything I wanted, Sci-Fi and wargaming all in one, and I was hooked! So much so, I ended up working for the company for 5 years and had one of my army's featured in "White Dwarf" and several of my creations featured in specialist games publications.

After my time with Games Workshop, I drifted away from wargaming for a while and spent more time on other passions.. customising cars and bikes (if you think models are an expensive hobby, you should see the prices of car parts !)

After a while I returned to models but looked wider than just Games Workshop, looking for inspiring models: and there was a lot out there, so I dabbled with a few different companies products and gaming systems, including "Starship Troopers."

At this time life had decided to throw me a curve-ball and I struck out ! I got in a car accident, and was no longer able to work. The initial diagnoses was prolonged whiplash, after a couple of years it was re diagnosed as Fibro Myalgia {this is a nerve disorder for anyone who doesn't know} and can leave you unable to move at times.

So now I had a lot of time on my hands sat doing nothing, this was when my company started. Using the times when my health would allow, I created six gaming boards which I got produced in fibreglass, plus some model mushrooms..... and wargames Terrain Workshop was born !

It's been an interesting journey since that time, and my company is still here with a lot more stuff than what we started with, "oh No" I hear you say he's going to start flogging his stuff at us ! Don't worry I will be showing my own hobby stuff here. Now, one of those bits is a product I produce but we will be highlighting it in a hobby form not a BUY IT NOW!

So what can you expect to see Star Wars?  Well, will definitely be featuring it, as will Judge Dredd. There may be an occasional 40K piece too, as I still dabble from time to time. Some Bushido, and of course, Death Match. These are the four main thing's that take up my hobby time at the moment; but will also be writing some tutorials on painting and sculpting. So if there is a specific piece you'd like to learn how to do, please just ask, and I'll see what I can fit in.

 As a final note last year I got to be part of an amazing thing, and was in a fan film Strontium Dog, which can be seen here:

I got to play the rock alien restraining Johnny Alpha in the interrogation scene. Cool huh :)

Article By Dave Stone

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Dave Stone

A Mid Week-ish Mini Announcement

We have a bit of an announcement to make this week on TGC. Of course it's been on the cards for some time now but we only really talked about it properly, and finalised it on the phone the other day. It was during one of our long discussions about Star Wars (the guy`s absolutely nuts... he`s as fanatic about Star Wars as Hillers and I are, hahaha) and, well... it just seemed a natural transition really..... a natural continuation flow of a long ongoing mutual connection over all things gaming; though perhaps more importantly, the all important `spark` of friendship that exists between Hils, Dave (and his lovely wife)  and myself through many many long hours of phone chat and regular writing, makes him an obvious choice. It is clear through discussion, he has a lot to offer the hobby... with many cool and wonderful plans for the future: and while I will not mention any of them here now, I`m sure in time, all will become clear *patience young Padawan*. His unique slant on all things hobby related, is really quite wonderfully refreshing.
And so it is, that I am delighted to be able to announce that Dave Stone of Wargames Terrain Workshop will be joining us at TGC as a valued member of the emerald team and a regular contributor to all postings - from this day forth.

Dave really needs no introduction (as he`s become quite a leading light of inspiration among us all recently, I`m sure you will all agree) But for anyone new who visits us here, who may still be in the twilight hehe, Dave`s highly cool and valuable game company can be found at the following url:

Thanks Guys

Steve, Hils, & Dave

Sunday, 20 August 2017

The Emerald Alliance

Live ~ as she sits and writes

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away.. okay its only the soggy, boggy, wet, west coast of southern Ireland, but it sure feels far far away from the hub of civilisation at times there were some wargamers and role players and boardgamers who belonged to a small club called The Fellowship. Now these crazy kids like to get together every week and play all sorts of games, usually using wonderful children like toys (often unpainted) to play the most amazing and immersive games of the imagination, taking themselves to far flung and distant world(s) of make belief, in a sort of joint symbiosis of fantasy at its very best. Nowadays as the founders are getting old and crotchety and not always up to driving their tired old `land speeder` over the rugged highland spaghetti wastes of West Cork`s narrow lanes and mud tracks; they have handed the running of the club to more capable younger pups with energy and zap to spare plus oodles of imagination to use up.. while the older folk themselves tend nowadays, instead, to enjoy gaming especially rpg, rpg type boardgames, and tiny scale (8mm) wargames with their family and friends, from the comfort of their old dusty, rambling, echoing Gungan like barn.

And so it was that as this couple (ok... me and him) decided to grow old un-gracefully (still lots of fight in them, to resist the ravages of time, and staying young in heart), this unusual (odd some might say.. but do they care?) extreme Hobbit like couple, have taken to enjoying their hobbies to the almost total exclusion of outside influences: in fact Stevie is almost thinking of putting up "Bah Humbug" on the gate to deter random visitors from sampling my home made wines, cauldron bubbling soups, and yummy pasties.. ever baking on top of or in the kitchen range.

And so we have found our niche in the hobby. Small scale wargaming for Stevie, employing anything from 6mm, 8mm, even 10mm and 15mm miniatures at times. While I tend to enjoy the boardgame aspect of the hobby a lot more, and of course, we both love table top role play gaming.

Now, it just so happens that throughout the first half of 2017 we were looking for something: something missing in our hobby - complete fulfilment! And so we focussed our minds on something fresh, while at the same time making sure (with poignant attention) NOT to just buy the next new thing, and get caught up in that endless merry go round of fruitless collecting {there`s the problem right there, that word says it all - collecting. A collection is not gaming, its not playing, it`s just endless collecting without reward,. but anyway....  I digress}: so we looked around for `an opportunity to present itself,` as QuiGon would say. That thing came in the form of Doctor Who. Great, we thought: we can fold our other ideas into this. Batman, Dredd, Aliens, Predators, the lot, seemed an ideal solution and a great focus for us to get our teeth into. But it simply wasn't to be.

We looked around endlessly on line, we must have checked out a hundred on line resources from websites to blogs, but no one was actually playing Doctor Who games. Lots of figure painting and conversions: and sure.. lots of discussions and debates. Sadly also lots of arguments over whether old Doctor or new Doctor was best, and a horrible, vicious, almost tragic in nature, ongoing divide over the `seemingly mixed` conundrum of the next Doctor being a *gasp* woman. Thus we soon realised we were going to be very much alone, and if we wanted to take part in an ongoing living hobby full of battle reports and campaigns, we were simply setting ourselves up for disappointment. And so sadly we turned our attention back to the desert of cogitation, as we wandered, like the Israelites of old, searching for a home.

This finally happened in three stages. 

First, a while ago, Tarot returned for few weeks from her overseas job, and at the time came to visit and stay with us, full of energy, and spice, and new ideas and...  this is Tarot we`re talking about.. right! and anyone who knows her well, will know what I mean. She`s like a prolific garden of wild flowers sprouting up new blooms with each new rising dawn. Star Wars was her current theme, and of course, she inspired me to hunt out my old 28mm Wizards of the Coast "Rebel Storm" *coughs* collection from a decade and a half ago.

That was just the start of it.

I quickly realised I had some fairly enormous holes in this range of minis, and turned to Stevie with wails of dismay. I had no IG88, I had no Bossk or Zuckuss. Oh noooo, I didnt even have an Obi Wan, or a Luke in his cool tight fitting black Jedi garb. Worst of all, I was missing my beloved Boba Fett. The list went on and on. Thankfully I DID have the nucleus of a lovely nice lot of Star Wars figures; a good hundred or so Rebels, Stormtroopers, neutrals and bounty hunter `scum` and a few of the much needed main characters, like Chewie, Han, Grand Moff Tarkin, Vader, and so on. But I had enough holes in the Rebel Storm range I could almost have marketed the existing current `collection` as a Swiss cheese.  By now I had got Stevie re-interested in Star Wars, and together, over several nights, we watched all 7 main Star Wars films, and the cool Rogue One spin off as well. To top this off, we got thoroughly entrenched in the amazingly cool 2014 Lucas Films 16 hour long Anime series "Star Wars: Rebels." By the end of that marathon, we had worked ourselves into a Star Wars frenzy, and THIS is precisely when Tarot introduced us to Star Wars Imperial Assault. We were immediately hooked and Stevie ordered the core set the very same day, and  then Tar` fleshed this out for us with her extreme kindness.

At first we planned just to use the wonderful array of miniatures that came with the game (which fitted perfectly alongside our old 28mm ones) and just use them to create our own adventures. Stevie wrote a rather tasty set of Star Wars rules back along in (circa) 2006, which were a 60 page supplement manual to go with his generic fantasy/sci-fi "ABC Battlechain" system (from 2003), and we had planned simply to use the components from Imperial Assault`s multiple add on sets and go our own way with the thing. BUT, Imperial Assault (a Fantasy Flight Games system) was just too good to dismiss. And before we knew it, we were hooked on the new game, and all ideas of doing our own thing went well and truly out the window.

But why Star Wars especially? What made us pick this ancient movie franchise and its massive number of spin off books and graphic novels as a home to focus our hobby interest?

Well, I think it is several things all combined.  No one else seems to be doing it in a big way, but at the same time the official FFG Imperial Assault forums community is vibrantly alive, and very friendly. The Game of Imperial Assault itself is a couple of years old, so the main hype has long ago subsided (thank goodness), and yet it still has a big, growing community of hobbyists who follow the game with a driving passion.. GenCon 2017 alone proves that fact.  The game has an absolutely VAST amount to collect for it, and FFG are still making new expansions all the time, with a new big box set just around the corner, officially announced, and soon to be publically released. If all this isn't enough for you, there is its sister game "X Wing," for those who like the idea of fighting Star Wars space saga battles alongside your thematic rpg style and skirmish board and narrative adventures.

Perhaps even more importantly, what the Star Wars universe offers the hobbyist is diversity. It`s a vast galaxy. In that galaxy must exist X Men, Superheroes like Batman and Superman. Planets like Cursed Earth must also exist out there, and probably forest moons filled with ancient ruins of pyramid like civilisations, depicting horrifying carvings in the stone of things that look like Ridley Scott`s Aliens, and John McTiernan`s Predators. Doctor Who wouldn't be out of place here either, along with the crew of The Liberator, or Charlton Heston trapped on a planet full of powerful, aggressive, human-phobic Apes.

But then, remarkably, something ELSE happened to set us on our `divine` path. It was a throwaway comment I made on line in one of the blogs.. actually a couple of comments. First, I fell in love with a miniature British officer, who looked like he was made to belong in Doctor Who`s U.N.I.T. and then oh WOW, I got to see a link to the miniatures Roger Webb used to create professionally in his company `Wargames Supply Dump.` I was simply blown away by these figures. Sadly I can NOT find the link Roger gave me which showcased these beautiful pieces in all their lovely glory. But trust me, they are GORGEOUS.
Shock horror!

What I particularly like is the way they capture the spirit of Pulp, and the Saturday Afternoon Cinema Serials of a bygone film noir hey-day. 

Immediately I thought "Flash Gordon"  which I happen to LOVE but don't know enough about to consider myself anything more than a wanna be fan... but I do, I do WANNA BE hehe. Roger had the most amazing range of 28mm miniatures, with diverse names: female femme fatale names like "Lady Goodbody" (forgive me if I get the names wrong, I can't find the link to the site and am going by memory), and the lovely and delectable "Princess Aura."  The list was extensive and my heart went out to it. "How coooool" I thought "to be able to add a sort of Steampunky, Pulpy, retro science fantasy element to the Star Wars galaxy." 

"Princess Aura."

And that`s when a most remarkable thing happened. Roger had secretly been in touch with his friend Jez , and asked for our address. A week or so later, a rather interesting parcel arrived at our door. I had Nooooooo idea what it was.

Opening it up, I was in open mouthed awe. There before me, was literally a pile of these highly prized and adorable, professionally made miniatures. A small fortunes worth of lead - if I had tried to buy them (but what makes this so special is they were not publically FOR sale, these were all from the now closed company, and were a thoughtfully kind gift). 

Oh I WISH I could find the link and show some of these treasures off to you, but I can`t find it, and until I have these lovelies painted (which I will VERY soon, trust me on that) you will have to take my word for it, they are divinely lovely. For now though, just a few internet search finds.

This is one of my favourite of Roger`s own sculpts.

THANK you so much Roger.



And finally, for Dave Stone, here is Sy Snootles in the flesh *grins*

Article by Hils

Friday, 11 August 2017

The Force Is Strong With This One

It's been a while since we last posted here at The Game Cupboard. In truth, we have been really busy painting the house throughout (in preparation for putting it on the market next year), but also we have been busy having fun and enjoying ourselves playing lots of games, and painting oodles and oodles of figures for the games we have been playing over and over.

Weeeell, it's so easy to sit and talk, and browse endlessly on line, and buy stuff, and paint, and start projects, and.......yet....... never see anything actually get finished! Threads of ideas: dozens of half started plans, units of undercoated little men (and monsters)... some finished, others half done, many just primed in their stark white or grey/black undercoat, even more just shining up at us from the huge pile of unpainted lead.  Same with rules... endless rule books in all their shiny glory, read through a couple of times as bedtime reading, but all that initial enthusiasm we felt at first, all gone.... all used up, the rules probably untried, unloved, unused.

Weeeeeeell, aware how easy it is to be just that way ourselves (we are human, after all, and the reason we can see mistakes and problems is because we have made most of them ourselves over the years), Hillers and I decided, with Tar` gone off to enjoy a wonderful new career, making new friends and visiting amazing and wonderful places. Our own kids in various places throughout the globe, all of them equally busy getting on with their lives; Hils and I thought we would take the opportunity to batten down the hatches a bit and spend a while just immersing in one another, our hobbies, and our home.

So we dug out some of our old games. Top of the list of game things we have been enjoying has been our interest in Star Wars. Hils always intended to return to it at some point, but this time round, she`s dragged me into it as well.... and you know what, I`m LOVING IT!

What IS it about Star Wars. We rarely get excited about it anymore, and yet it's almost an intrinsic part of our joint psyche.  Is there a person in the western hemisphere doesn't immediately understand  and smile when they hear: "These aren`t the droids you`re looking for" or "Luke, I AM your Father!" or the immortal classic: "May the Force be with you." Maybe we don't get excited like the children we once were when this franchise hit the big screens back in 1977... forty years ago - this year, as is:  but Star Wars is so ingrained in us at this stage, that it`s never far away, and we all share a joint understanding of its laws and its strange, intimately familiar, but never-the-less, weird and wonderful alien ways. 

1977, Wow. The world was a different place back then. But forty years later in a new world no one from back then would recognise today at all, and Star Wars still exists for a new generation of fans: and of course us old folk still love it too.

It has endured, it thrives, it continues to grow, with new films planned and just around the corner, including several cool spin offs (some even written and actors cast): and then we have the five hundred plus Star Wars Expanded Universe novels, and dozens and dozens of graphic novels, audio stories, and.... there's even Star Wars Lego World. Plates, mugs, t-shirts, posters, badges, toys, and of course, whole ranges of amazing computer games, war-game and rpg miniatures, board games, and even a Star Wars Monopoly family game haha. 

When Hils dug out our old Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Skirmish Miniatures, maps and rules, we started having a blast.. re-playing our favourite classic scenes from the movies and (and some of the cooler books like Alan Dean Foster`s "Splinter in the Mind's Eye" and "Han`s Gambit").

And so it was that, because Star Wars doesn't make massively big waves and lots of noise anymore, it just gracefully... is, like time itself. Thus, we failed even to notice when Fantasy Flight Games bought out "Imperial Assault" back in 2015. Playing with our old Star Wars miniatures is, in fact, what alerted us to this games existence.  Hils was noticing we had some horrible gaps in our collection and started to look about on eBay and places, hoping to replace the elusive but much desired pieces. "Bugger that for a game of soldiers!" she announced, when she realised these` choice` pieces sold for anything between, five quid per miniature, and upwards.... a tenner, fifteen pounds. IG-88 £30 plus £14:50p postage: and the legendary Boba Fett is a staggering £77 for A 28mm piece of pre-painted plastic - WOW!  So a little disillusioned for her, I started to widen the field a bit and started to search outside replacing the bits we needed from within the old 2004 WotC Star Wars miniatures range itself. 

A Twi`lek Dark Sider {Star Wars babes. good and bad, really are rather tasty, aren't they}. Twi-leks are a bit like Teiflings in D&D I always think, only perhaps even more sensually mysterious. 

And THATS what eventually led me to Fantasy Flight Games "Imperial Assault" and all its various expansions. The moment I read the first review on the big box base set, I said to myself: "Hello.. hello, I recognise YOU chaps." as I poured over the loads of unpainted miniatures which come with the game. The miniatures which Fantasy Flight use for this game are EXACTLY the same ones Wizards were using in their old "Rebel Storm" (and its subsequent expansions) way back in time. They must have sold the rights, and presumably the moulds to Fantasy Flight, and now... here were the old miniatures we loved so much being sold again, but by a different company. The original ones were all pre-painted, where as these are all unpainted plastic. A bonus to some, a crying shame to others, but the point is, HERE were singles being sold which included IG-88: here was Obi-Wan Kenobi, here was Boba Fett, here were ALL the miniatures we needed to complete our Star Wars wish list we so badly needed. And all at reasonable prices. FAR better to spend six quid on a Fantasy Flight Games Obi-Wan (all singles packs comes with lots of extra stuff too, new maps, cards, etc) than spending £24 plus postage for a Wampa from eBay or Troll and Toad. 

Diala Passil... Jedi Knight.

But what really caught my eye was the sheer amount of goodies that came in the big box sets. And so I splashed out and bought our very first base big set box set of Imperial Assault. This comes with 36 miniatures and a TON of cool full colour interlocking game play tiles.

The Legendary Boba Fett

"Hmmm these will be useful, anyway" I thought to myself. But you see, I had absolutely no intention of playing the game out of the box,  just wanted some of the amazingly cool components. The bulk of the miniatures alone worked out at about £1.40p a piece and there are a few AWESOMELY inspiring big models included as well, which you would easily pay £40+ pounds for from Games Workshop, and this made all those cool game tiles a lovely free bonus.

But then something amazing happened.

When the game arrived in the post and we opened it up, the whole thing looked so very attractive and playable, we decided to give the game a go. Wow what can I say, except.....

ITS   SO   so   so   sooooooo   FANTASTIC!!!!

Didn't take us long before we picked off the first small expansion set. But then the next amazing thing happened.

A big, big... I mean BIG parcel arrived in the post. No outward sign of who it was from at all. The box contained just about ALL the Imperial Assault expansion boxes and singles sets. Still no accompanying note inside (obviously had simply been paid for and shipped giving our home address as a final destination drop off point). We STILL don't know who it was that sent it, but we have a darn fair idea who it was grrrrrrrrrr, you bad bad girl you. >>>>Big, big, big, biggest hug in the world<<<<

Now THAT`S a really bad girl - Asajj Ventress

Yep, that`s open eyed shock on mi` ugly ol` mug.

The proud Father.

An Endless variety of suitably thematic Star Wars Tiles.

So our Star Wars collection is now.. well... vast... quite frankly. And our immense respect for Imperial Assault the game is immeasurable. It plays wayyyy better than FFG`s Descent (which it is heavily based off), better than any other game in our collection, and it has to be said, is beyond any shadow of a doubt, THE best, most thematically perfect rendering of a Star Wars table top wargame / rpg experience, to date... anywhere else in existence.

            Vampire Sith are as terrifying as they are beautiful in a Star Wars universe.

The scale match is perfect for our old existing WotC Skirmish miniatures (which is where this whole venture started in the first place, when Hils dug the old collection from the box and dusted it down) and we can add in lots of these to the game: and we even get the pleasure of painting all the new Imperial Assault stuff ourselves (as opposed to the old WotC pre-painted ones), which we have begun doing like crazy. 

We paint pretty fast so, will probably have everything done before too long... although Hils has a good point, and suggests we don`t worry about busting a gut over feeling the need to plaint everything at once: and enjoy mix and matching the painted with unpainted in our home games (if 9 out of 10 YouTubers can enjoy playing with unpainted, so can we... I hate painting snobbery intensely). Mind you, the speed we are getting through them, I think all 300 odd will be finished by the end of September - at the latest.

Best of all, not only are we now enjoying Imperial Assault straight out of the box, but with such a complete combined collection now in our hands, we are able simultaneously to continue using the minis to double up alongside our existing official WotC ones AND add in our own Clix, and Crooked Dice, and Blakes 7, and Planet of the Apes, Warlord Games  Doctor Who, and even our cool rapidly growing JD collection as well. Making the collection of Star Wars up to a good few thousand minis.


Effectively meaning we can make the sci fi universe of our dreams.... while still enjoying THE best board game we have ever played, all at the same time. It`s a true win/win situation all round.

`Luminara Unduli` and her apprentice `Barriss Offee,` two of my favourite Clone War/New Hope cross over era characters of all time. Were on my wish list for a long time before I finally got lucky with a cool eBay purchase.

A few people may know, we had intended to make Doctor Who our main central theme to our future campaigns, and smoothly mix in (like making a light fluffy cake) elements from Gotham, JD, and Marvel/DC as well, in a sort of seamless cauldron of limitless ideas. But somehow, with everyone posting about Doctor Who at the moment, we didn't feel we were covering any new ground: and then the endless controversy *gasp, shock horror* over a new female Doctor hit the media, this just ruined it all for us. Our fault, we allowed ourselves to read lots and lots of articles on various blogs out there, and we watched lots of you tube opinions about it, and even listened to people`s opinions about it on the TV news and chat shows, and in the end, it all just turned us off the whole subject entirely. 

A Dark Sider Sith Apprentice.

Fan costume dress up is still massive for amateur and pro cosplay artists today. Proving yet again... that Star Wars babes ROCK!

Steampunk Star Wars

We STILL love Doctor Who and enjoyed catching up on it all so we were no longer just DW noobies... by watching all the DVD`s from the 9th Doctor all the Way to the 12th (including all the special episodes), despite all the spoilers which hit us left right and centre, which failed to ruin it for us, regardless lol, but we have decided, at the end, simply to put Doctor Who and all the companions and all the aliens within our own games, rather than play in a pure strain DW world. A bit like putting monsters in a game of D&D. We will put Who-verse into our games in the same way a D&D player might come across... let's say... Orcs in a fantasy world (Orcs of course, being an invention of Tolkien and originate in the lands of Middle Earth): i.e. Doctor Who won`t DOMINATE our games, but he will appear in them. Same for MC1`s J Dredd, DC`s Gotham Bat, Marvel`s S.H.I.E.L.D. and Dark Horse`s Hellboy, etc etc etc.

While not necessary to play with painted minis, it is of course really nice. Like many others, I do prefer to play with painted stuff. But I am never slow to remind myself that I enjoyed playing with unpainted toys as a kid, so why the hell not now too, if I feel like it.

I suppose for us, we`ve lived with Star Wars all our lives. Let`s see, I was about 14 (Hils would have been 10) when the film first hit the big screen and I can still remember, like it were only yesterday, the mile long queues to get in.. and people sleeping on pavements all night, hoping to get into a viewing the following day. For us Star Wars is as alive and vibrant as Cursed Earth or Doctor Who is for others, and is very, very current for the happy hobbyist gamer, what with games like Imperial Assault, X Wing, and Rebellion currently in print for the enthusiast to pursue.

What started as an on line search to flesh out our existing collection of Star Wars miniatures for our old game of "Rebel Storm" from nearly decade and a half ago; soon turned into a full on project, as we discovered far more than we were looking for, ending up with us seeing the barb... jumping happily onto the worm, and biting down hard on the hook: whilst we allowed ourselves to be {willingly} well and truly reeled in.

The rest is history *wink*

 Article by Steve