Monday, 31 July 2017

The Time Has Come, The Walrus Said, To Speak Of Many Things

And so time passes. The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round.. la la laaa!!!  the clock face spins and the transience of each moment melds into the orbicular  span of moments (still reflexes of impassionate time). The moment is now, yet as soon as you`ve said it.. its past.

It is like this with the hobby too.

Stevie talks about when the Star Wars skirmish miniatures first hit the shelves, and as he talks about it his eyes shine, and he speaks faster and faster as he gets more and more excited, as though it were only yesterday to him. And I suppose to a lifelong gamer it does feel like only a short time ago.

The first miniatures  skirmish game Wizards of the Coast bought out for the Star Wars franchise, was a set called "Rebel Storm" which was released unto the world on September the 3rd 2004 (subsequent releases continued for a number of years following this initial run, and covered the Star Wars prequel `Clone Wars` and even some of the `Expanded Universe`). Funny, even I can remember this game took the gaming world by storm (no pun intended there lol) along with its slightly older sister range of Dungeons and Dragons plastic miniatures. But you try now to find someone to talk to about this  game, and you will usually come up a solid blank.  A decade has passed, and already this game, like so many others, has passed from being popular, and into the realms of obscurity. Same really for Mage Knight, Heroscape, Heroclix, and the rest. Insane really!
Games have a limited shelf life it seems, and may go on being popular for a number of years (sadly, usually far less than this for most) but eventually, every game seems to have its day: and today`s mega "Warhammer" soon  becomes yesterday`s "Old Hammer."
Someone recently said something on YouTube, which I thought was brilliant.  

He said: 

"yep, but now that the game is dead, you can play it as an actual game and have fun with it. I built a collection, and when I want to play it I prepare two parties that seem balanced, let a friend pick who plays what side, and we fight. Sometimes a game needs to be dead (and its meta / tourney aspects with it) to become enjoyable."

In regards to Star Wars, to use as an example once again,  now that the game is old and `defunct,` you can buy relatively cheap `lots` on eBay, and for those choice special pieces, you can buy from  various online stores who specialise in selling singles. The game will play just as well as it did the day it hit the shelves, but without the collector needing to get caught up in all that hype surrounding the initial phenomena, while still popular and in trend.. but will save you a heck of a lot of money should you latterly choose to buy into it. Sure, some bits and pieces will be rare and hard as gold dust to acquire, but hey, isn't that part of the charm and appeal?

Plus surely, it makes you a true collector if you try to flesh out a retro collection in this way: which is another nice way of looking at it.

Yeah these beauties even come pre-painted, like so many miniatures of this era did, as each company followed suit and offered reasonably priced random packs of goodness for the gamer to tear open and play with straight away.. another sign of the changing times, that people now consider these pre-painted jobs lame and badly painted, and now prefer to sit and talk about gaming rather than actually getting everything out the box and having a good old barny on the table top.

But yes, retro games are just as good now, as the day they sat on shelves in their shiny new packets looking cool and interesting. Only difference now is, if you know where to look and are a little patient, you can score big, and buy reasonably cheaply, free from the clamour of the masses who all want in on the same game, which of course, endlessly drives the prices up and up. 

Stevie and Hil have almost entirely stopped buying new things nowadays, and turn more and more to their existing collection(s) to find new ways to enjoy old purchases. Their treasured Star Wars miniatures (as already discussed), The miniatures out of Descent Journeys in the Dark, Lord of the Rings 40mm TMG miniatures, to name but a few. Then there are games  like Flying Frog Productions ` "Shadows of Brimstone" and "Last Night on Earth" (and its cool stand alone/add on "Invasion From Outer Space"), all these were once new, but have a lifetimes playing potential still untapped and sitting unexplored within their cool-looking boxes. The list is endless. But ultimately, they are enjoying what they already own, and it makes me so happy to see this being done, in what has oh so fast turned into a `quick fix throw away` society. It makes me so happy to know the hobby will thrive in this way while I, perchance, must leave it all behind and move away from it entirely. Yes this will indeed be my last post on The Game Cupboard *sobs*. Not because I want to stop, but because changing circumstances  dictate I must now concentrate on my career. As we all know, if you set your course by a bright wandering star, and that star shines brightest over foreign climes,  then "we must away, ere break of day" or miss the boat entirely.  So it is with me, that my work has become my focus and priority. But I know my personal (small) collection of  precious gaming things will be in good hands with the guys.

There, how about that for a long winded goodbye hehehe. Never was one to do things the easy route **grins and winks**

Star Wars......... Brimstone...... Samurai.......  John Carter from Mars, the list of possibilities is long and expansive. But rest assured, the guys are bound to surprise and thrill you many times over, during the coming weeks, months, and hopefully years ahead.

Time for bed said Zebedee.  

Love you guys,



  1. every time I use a Clix, I will think of you. And now my collection has just `grown` larger by the generosity of your gift, it comes with the sad price of parting. Though you go to a fabulous new job, and the start of a wonderful career, we will miss you never the less little darlin`.

    1. Use my babies well Hil hehe. But then again, I already know you will x xxxx xxx

  2. "Axe high, friend go I."

    >>sniff - blow<<

    uuugh!!! you`ve gone done it again. You`ve gone made me all excited about the thought of getting out all my own Star Wars minis again now. You`re right you know, we should pay more attention to what we already have and less to what we (think we) want.

    1. well, let that be my good deed for the day: if anyone out there has any Wizards of the Coast Star Wars miniatures from the old Skirmish Miniatures game, and you don`t use them or especially want them.. these guys (Hil and Stevie) are always open for swaps, and are good for it.

      Catch you for the Indian on Wednesday Dave. Should be a great night with the boys.

  3. no words,

    just a big big hug.

  4. "..... That I shall say good night till it be morrow."

  5. Sad times as I've just joined this blog, and already your leaving. I wish you well in your career endeavours, and gaming is a funny thing you never know when you may return

  6. Awww how sweet. But hey, dont worry Dave. Hil and Stevie aren`t going anywhere (in fact i know Stevie is very excited and busy over a `certain` new project the two of them are talking about endlessly - with each other hehe). Sadly I will be out of net coverage lots of the time and busy, busy, busy the rest, and with no gaming groups (that I know of) about me, I think gaming will be a thing of the foreseeable past for a long time :( but like you say.. one day, yeah?

    1. Yes the new project should keep them quite busy ! LOL I'm sure your car will see plenty of mileage while your gone as well

    2. **giggles**

  7. Being a strong advocate of 'use what you've got' thinking (or possibly RE-use what you've, I agrre entirely with your words, Tar.

    However, this comment is leavened with bittersweet sorrow, as the time that has been foretold is finally upon us. 😣

    You will be sorely missed.

    Jez x

  8. hehe, I have a Tiefling and a Harley Quinn, and I even have a car with my personalised number plate on it: maybe the guys will take the Tiefling "Strix" for a drive every now and then (assuming of course,that Harley doesn't steal the car first: which is quite possible considering her. She`s known to be quite vexing, after all).

    I will miss you too Jez :(

  9. I choose to think of it as 'au revoir' rather than 'goodbye'. When you return (and you will), I'll be waiting to welcome you home.

  10. **smiles softly**

  11. Best of luck with your new endeavours Tarrot, I too am new to the cupboard but will miss your input.


  12. THANK you Dick, I will miss it all terribly, but please DO stay and check out all the new material each week. The guys really do put in a lot of effort to make sure the site has a diverse range of goodies to share with everyone whenever they can. Reading back through the earlier posts is fun too, as there are a lot of nuggets of gold hidden throughout the `pages` of the weeks and months past.

  13. Great posting, Tarot, albeit somewhat bittersweet with your imminent departure from the hobby; hopefully a temporary parting of ways, as you speak of the hobby with such excitement that it would be a real shame to leave it for good.

    I too have rather a lot of "Star Wars" minis, and this article already has me feverishly thinking of several BatReps I could create which should prove fun to play and (hopefully) entertaining to read... Tauntauns vs Dewbacks anyone ;-)

  14. Hiii Simon, awwww thank you.. and yes yes Tauntauns vs Dewbacks would make for a great game: how-about even amphitheatre Romanesque style Tauntauns and Dewbacks racing hehe?

    It is bitter sweet for me to have to stop, but I really, really do hope one day to be able to come back to it. Fingers crossed Simon, fingers crossed.

  15. Ah Tarot, sad news :(

    However good luck with your career, it's clearly something you've been working hard toward and I'm sure you'll reap the reward of that.

    Take care
    Andy x

  16. Ah Andy, bless you for that. Yes I`ve worked long, long time for it (like you have for yours my friend), so its an exciting start (for me) as well and a finish here, so mixed emotions:(

    Okay I`m off, was just checking in one last time.

    Be well, be happy and may your paint brush never fray.