Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The Shape of Things to Come

With the rapid approach of Hils knee operation (just one operation in a series of them I am afraid) but which should see her one more step closer to regaining her former glory: to be able to swim daily, walk for miles in the mountains again, enjoy her gardening for hours on end, and generally regain the full quality of life for herself), she finds she cannot continue to support me here in the blog as she usually does - not for a long time anyway. The fact she so studiously made me so much amazing terrain over the past months, and for all the time she has spent blogging with me: helping me write, play table top games, play rpgs... proof read my articles and correct my dreadful typos, and help me run a games club, I think makes her a bit of a miracle worker, not to mention my personal lovely angel.

But this operation (fast approaching) is rather unpleasant. And will leave her in a lot of pain for many months, and pretty immobile for longer still. So it is utterly understandable that she feels she must `retire` from blogging for the time being.

Similarly, With Tar` now working full time, and away abroad most months out of the year, her much valued support and ever lasting passionate intensity of devotion to the hobby, is also sorely missed. Both of these angels have been my rock and anchor, and without them to help me here, will mean I cannot write quite as much or as often as I normally do... not for a while anyway; probably not the rest of this year anyway.

As it is, we have already recently handed the reins of the local club over to another capable couple, who we have no doubts at all, will continue to keep the club vibrantly alive and interesting for everyone to enjoy.
The club is our personal pride and joy, and we have watched it grow from its conception in 2011, to a current thriving membership of 27 individuals (both guys and girls) in 2017.

A diverse eclectic club, with interests which cover pretty much the entire spectrum of the hobby, from ancients to modern, wargaming to rpg, boardgaming to modelling.. and fine sculpting. And yes....  we do dress up in full garb from role play nights. ^^

So what does this all mean?

Basically, I will have to drop my weekly one and sometimes two articles a week to a more realistically manageable number - perhaps two posts a month from now on, although I shall try and keep what I do as interesting and special as I can make it; surprising you all with batreps, AAR`s, game insights, and discuss various projects I have on the go at any given time of writing. I always love nattering about the hobby. To me its just the same sitting face to face and doing it live anyway.

 Just that.... sadly, my efforts will now mostly be without the delightful help of the girls, for the foreseeable future anyway.
 Probably means a lot more boardgames from me as well: such as Memoir 44, The Great War, Sails of Glory, Battle Cry, and so on.

So as they say in Greyhawk:
 "Axe high, friend go I."
Talk to you guys soon.


  1. Don`t worry at all. Hils getting better is the important thing, and you not tearing around like a blue ass fly trying to plug the gaps and running yourself ragged is another.

    Some of the best blogs out there only post once a month or so (some even less) and yet have hundreds of followers and comments each time they post. I know I have heard it said that you have to post often and regularly, otherwise you loose people. But if people are that fickle as to `vanish` the moment you stop posting weekly, are they friends in the first place?

    Don`t worry, I think you will find we are all still here, even if you only post once a month for a while. Although, knowing you, I would not be surprised to see a lot more. Twice a month is a great target number, and gives us all something to look forward to each few weeks in any case. What is it they say, quality over quantity.

    1. Cheers Dave mate, but don`t worry, you're not getting rid of us that easily lol.

  2. Work will keep me away I am afraid. But I will still read everything and comment lots, when I can. And don`t be surprised to find the odd article cropping up now and again from yours truly.

    Best, best luck Hils, and get better soon. I`ll see you before too long anyway, and will continue the tradition of breakfast in bed - all the trimmings hehehe.

    I don`t worry at all Mr Stevie, you will steer the blog into wonderful imaginary adventures I am sure. You are the best writer of the three of us anyway, so without our constant input ever pulling in different directions, it will be interesting to see where YOU take the ship. What extraordinary adventures await for us I wonder: mmmmmmmm time will tell.


    T x

    1. you are a little treasure as always.

  3. One of the things that I enjoy and made this blog fairly unique in my experience, was that you never quite knew who was going to be posting an article and about what. Whilst you each share a similar outlook, because your specific interests vary, we were never entirely sure what to expect, so I will miss regular input from Hils and Tar (although good to hear we might get the occasional article from Tar, schedule willing).

    Having said that, I completely understand the reasons behind the changes and you will always have my unconditional support. As I've said before, it's your blog, so what you choose to do with it is entirely up to you. If circumstances change in the future and the girls return to regularly writing articles here, they shall be welcomed with open arms.

    Now, about adding Chinese pirates to Sails of Glory... lol

    1. {{Now, about adding Chinese pirates to Sails of Glory... lol}}


      Looks like we haven't got rid of the girls yet: ***drat and double drat our dastardly plan failed.*** ^^

    2. You wouldn't have it any other way and you know it... 😉

  4. awwww Jez.

    You know, I nearly got Stevie to delete this post this morning before anyone had time to see it (we were both up early as we are going over the Kenmare shopping for the morning).

    After returning from the doctors yesterday, having been told the grim news about just how painful this next op will be, and how MANY months it will take before I am again fully mobile, I thought it best to advise himself that I would most likely be out of action for the foreseeable future this year. The Doctor even told me that my planned visit to my parents next Christmas might be premature, as there is no way to know if I will even be recovered enough to put that much pressure on my leg by December. When I told Stevie all this he sort of panicked and immediately started to make plans to exclude me from all responsibilities for a while.


    Here`s the thing. I may not be mobile, and I may be out of action for a while immediately after the operation, but after that, there is a good chance I will be BEGGING him to let me `join in` blogging again, as I will be on my butt in a chair or in bed ALL THE TIME, and the chance to write and contribute might be a Godsend to me to mitigate the ol` invalid`s mental state, lol.

    And so the announcement that I will not be contributing any more might be a tiny bit premature and over exaggerated. And if all goes well, I will be here pretty much as much (or more even) than usual.

    Interestingly, Stevie and I have been flooded with an influx saturation of Doctor Who throughout all of this year. From the Christmas episode last December (Boxing Day I think it was) with Kylie Minogue, who I thought played her part really well and impressed me no end: to various tv episodes I, for some reason, keep seeming to walk in on when they are on the telly (has fate been trying to tell me something.. is it futile to resist?): to Jez`s constant enthusiasm for Doctor Who this.. Doctor Who that, which slowly had its affect on me, and in the end actually started to peek my interest – a bit **wink** and then finally Simon`s amazing review and in game play through campaign of the new Doctor Who “Exterminate” game.. and so that was it, both Stevie and I were like fish on a hook, we simply could not get free. Indeed I could see the resolve starting to vanish from his face a long time now, and I could hear the cogs going round in his head whispering “I wonder what she`d say if I told her I really, really want to get this game” hehe. But what he didnt know was that by this stage I was starting to think the same thing, but from a different angle. I was thinking “With me soon to be out of action, it might be nice to have this to share, to sit and watch all the tv series in order on DVD, and then own the game, so we can share the hobby together, both as Doctor Who newbies, paint the figures, learn the rules, and play the game at the table (with me in wheel chair for a while, no doubt lol).”

    So this morning when he finally plucked up the courage to tell me (sure I would mock him because he always said he would NOT get into this subject hehe) he got the surprise of his life when I said “Ok then, let`s do it!”

    So, we have two main focuses now. Stevie`s sort of made Test of Honour his own, but we are going to take up some serious Doctor Who gaming, and together we are going to learn all about the Who-verse. Starting tonight, because we have a friend who is lending us two seasons.. the Doctor with Billy Piper in it, that`s all I know at this stage. No doubt that means something to you guys? I`m a newbie so to me it means “Oh her, she`s in Penny Dreadful” and that’s the extent of my knowledge right now lol.

    1. Woooohooo, indeed. Not only do we get the balanced and incisive commentary we expect from you Hils, but you're also about to embark on an adventure spanning all of time and space with DW.

      As it's Billie Piper, that will be the first two seasons of Nu-Who, with Christopher Ecclestone and David Tennant as the Doctor. Let's see...that means those clockwork robots you were quite taken with, Cybermen and Daleks fighting at the battle of Canary Wharf, gasmask zombies, Slitheen, Captain Jack and the return of Sarah Jane to the series. I'm quite excited for you. However, don't be put off by some of what's in store - there are a couple of clunkers in there, but I would say this is counteracted by some episodes that are just brilliant.

      Feel free to ask me any questions regarding the series that you may have. Whilst I am in no way an expert, I do know a fair bit, so will probably be able to answer the majority of the questions you may have. Or ask Simon, as his knowledge on this subject probably eclipses my own.

      And then you've got the added advantage of creating your own adventures on the tabletop. I seem to remember the Timelord RPG does measure movement in 'areas', so could be used for narrative tabletop adventures and you've also got (or Tar has) a copy of the DW miniatures game AND 7TV2E, so you've got plenty of choice for rules.

      And as the Doctor travels throughout time and space, every figure you own can be drafted in for DW adventures...including samurai! Oooh, it's going to be so much fun for you. 😁

    2. you make it sound VERY exciting Jez.

    3. balanced and incisive commentary....... from meeeeeeeeeee?

      Oh WOw you make this Nu Who sound so EXCITING. We have returned home with a loan of complete Series 1 and complete Series 2. Seems to be two different Doctors shown on the DVD box covers (and I`m told one other makes an appearance too, but I said shhhhh don't want to know.. and he shut up lol). The Doctor I want to see is Peter Capaldi.. is that his name? But he`s the 12th doctor I think, right. So a long way to go to get to him. But of all the new Doctors HES the one most interests me as I love that guys acting from other things. Do Warlord Do that version?

      Jez you make it all sound so coooool: clockwork robots (WOW) Cybermen, Daleks zombies, Slitheen, Captain Jack (ok I`m totally lost already, but excitedly so hehe), and Sarah Jane???? What THE Sarah Jane of my childhood, oh WOOOOOW that's so awesome. She was good in the Blakes 7 episode she appeared in too.

      I can hardly wait until this evening when we start viewing. I`m so excited now. Oh GOD I`m turning into a complete Who-ite.

    4. And yes yes yes. I will be asking LOTS of questions, for sure.

    5. That's because it IS cool and exciting. You've got a lot of good stories to look forward to. Whilst most are self-contained single episodes, there is usually at least one two-parter in every series, so you still get the cliffhanger endings that you used to get with the old series, just not as many.

      And I am at your service regarding questions.

    6. YES PLEASE. Honestly Jez, hey listen, this is me seriously telling you with no exaggeration. You would barely believe how excited I am right now. From sitting firmly far left of the fence smelling the far field like there was a bad smell under my nose, slowly edging my way through reluctant coercion to sitting ON the fence (more out of politeness than anything else) all the way to finding the promised land on the far, FAR right of that proverbial fence, and I`m so happy I finally found my way here. Seriously, I feel a bit like I did queuing up for Star Wars the first time, in 1977 (when I was 12).

      All we need now is the popcorn, and guess what, there`s some in the kitchen, AND ice cream too.

  5. well, if you find you are able to keep writing, I`ll sure I too will MAKE time to be able to do likewise Hil xxx

    1. Hands her a "you are a champion" badge xx

    2. And Tar too? Can this day get any better? I may have to go and have a lie

    3. You`re A STAR, little darling

  6. Wonderful pictures (love this medieval town, absolutly fantastic!), and I'm sure everything's going to get better and better for Hils...Courage!

    1. Thank you so much Phil, you are very, very sweet xx