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Doctor Who

Doctor.... Who?

I always resisted Doctor Who, with quite a vengeance actually. I put it down as silly, more than a little childish, boys own, and.. well: quite frankly.. infantile, badly written terribly choreographed  pulp. I was sure nothing would ever sway me of this opinion - heavily rooted as I am in the classics. I`d rather read The Bronte's, Thomas Hardy or Charles Dickens, or watch the opera version of Le Miserable, Shakespeare's Midsummer Night`s Dream, or Gilbert and Sullivan`s Pirates of Penzance. I truly never stopped to consider that Doctor Who just might be something rather special, rather British, and altogether wholesomely addictive and worth cherishing.

How very wrong I have been all these years.

I used to watch Doctor Who as a kid with my old Dad. I stopped watching when Tom Baker left the show :(

I can point my finger at two people for having opened my eyes to the joys of Doctor Who and his amazingly diverse collection of ever changing assistants. Jez was first. We`d chat back and forth about game related nitty-gritty, and invariably he`d get back to mentioning `The Doctor` in some form or other, and my eyes would glaze over and I would smile politely and go "That`s nice, jez." And that would be that. "God"  I used to think to myself "would he ever just get the hint that I`m not interest, and keep on track about more important stuff, like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder RPG, Heroclix, or Victorian Science Fiction."  But no, he persisted with his love of all things Who. Of course, he didnt talk about it in a sterile vacuum.. no, it was always in relation to his latest projects and what have you. He was never boring in any way: I just..plain and simple.. didn't `get it` and was stoically determined I didn't want to get it either. But he was painting a mural on a vast wall. And murals take time before they start to come together. Slowly, a piece at a time, his tenacious and dogged determination to `get me interested` paid off.

 More out of politeness than anything else, and the thought that maybe he`ll finally `get it too` that I wasn't that interested: if I agreed to watch a few episodes of his beloved show, maybe just maybe, he`d see that he`d never win me over to his silly cause.

So Stevie borrowed a couple of complete boxed set series from a friend. Starting with the 9th Doctor and his companion Billie Piper. "Oooh Billie Piper"  I thought "least I know her from Penny Dreadful, and Oo, don`t I know that Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) from the series Cracker?" I pondered to myself, as I sat down and prepared to be bored stiff!

The second major influence was Simon. His Fantorical blog never strays too far away from Who-verse, but it was his two part battle report (or AARs as I like to call them) on the new Warlord Games "Exterminate" game that really peeked my interest. This of course, all coincided with the fact that by now we were utterly hooked, like drug addicts, to the borrowed Doctor Who DVDs we were watching. Having progressed from the 9th doctor onto the 10th (David Tennant), which we are currently half way through (we`re at the point where we have just lost Billie Piper into an alternative reality universe with her Mum and Dad. And (what I assume is soon to be a new assistant) has just showed up in a wedding dress "Do I look bothered."

But yeah, Simon`s enthusiasm for all things Doctor Who, Cybermen, Daleks and all the other strange and wonderful characters and aliens from that show, really started to influence us.. gaming wise; and so it wasn't long before we found ourselves ordering our very own copy of "Exterminate" from Warlord Games.

By now I had found and ordered a complete boxed set of Peter Capaldi playing the 12th Doctor, which I had found second hand on Amazon (and to my delight, when it arived, it was actually brand new and still sealed in its cellophane). But it was series nine.. oooops! I figured it was time to leave the ordering to Stevie from now on. But at least its sitting waiting for us to watch when we get round to it. And sure enough, Stevie has parts 3 and 4 on order from Amazon, due to arrive any day **sighs happily** and after that he will, no doubt, pick up series 5, 6, and 7. I`m told Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor is charmingly convincing. Hmmm we shall see. Right now I`m somewhat in love with dear old David Tennant. I know I am talking about all this as though its new, fresh out on TV, and for me, this holds true, I`m a Doctor Who newbie and this all feels so amazing. Imagine how it felt for you first time round, as you discovered it all. THAT`S what it`s like for me and Stevie at the moment. So as I talk about Matt Smith as a Doctor I`ve never even seen yet in action, for us it`s like the whole thing is brand new. Our biggest problem and the BANE of our viewing pleasure is, there`s always someone will ruin it for us and tell us stuff we haven't got to yet. And the internet is worst of all for this. So we are sort of living with eyes and ears sealed to some extent, and ever vigilant to STOP the moment we feel a danger moment is imminent of spoiler alerts! and turn the other way so as not to witness anything that can detract from our viewing pleasure. 

After this, Stevie just has to go and buy series 8 (the first Peter Capaldi), I`ve already gone and got the 9th series due to my own mistake, and I think there is a 10th (part 1 and part 2?).. ooooh and lots of Christmas specials to pick up as well. Frankly, the way we are going at the moment,  I imagine we will be caught up with new-Who (why do they call it nu-who, when it`s so obviously new-who: its these silly fan boy inflections which put me off all these years) within the next few months, and be up to date with everyone, and as ready as the next person for the next series to hit the TV screen.

Does anyone know when the Doctor Who series is next due out? I was amazed and delighted to see that Actress Tilda Swinton is hotly tipped to be stepping into the shoes of the Time Lord when Peter Capaldi bows out of Doctor Who for good. I pray this will happen, though I won't hold my breath too hard **looks sad** There are simply too many male haters of the idea of a female Doctor out there, I think it may dissuade the BBC from daring seriously to take that rather cool route. 

I absolutely adore her for her role as the White Witch {Jadis}in Narnia`s "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe"

and especially for her commanding co-star role as Arch Angel Gabriel in the cool sci-fi horror film "Constantine." 

But I digress a little.

I think we have established that Doctor Who is the best thing since someone got the good idea  to carve loaves of bread into nice easy thin slices, and without a shadow of doubt, yep.. Stevie and I are now firm fans of the show: as well as some of the wonderful audio novels out there as well. We have been busy downloading literally hundreds of hours of free audio stories, and these are really good to immerse into while painting miniatures and making terrain. Haven't tried any of the Doctor Who books yet, but next time we are at `The Outlet Centre` in Killarney (the discount warehouse) we will scour the shelves for all things Who.

But back to Warlord Games "Exterminate" boxed starter set game, and the many supporting box sets of miniatures to go with it. A common question that I see asked a lot is "are the 35/38mm Doctor Who miniatures compatible with standard 28mm ones from other sources?" I must have scoured the internet for ages to find that same question answered, and strangely, nowhere that I could find, is it adequately addressed. The plain and simple answer is that the Warlord Games Doctor Who miniatures game models are perfectly fine alongside standard 28mm ranges made by other companies. 

In the photo above, you can see the standard plastic Cybermen (and Cybermats) from the "Exterminate" boxed set. Now check the far right of the photo to see Missy.. painted and unpainted. Simply by placing your Cyberman next to any of your 28mm miniatures, you will immediately be able to compare the size differential to the Missy miniature above. You can also do the same with Davros as well. See, the difference really is marginal isn't it?  This should belay any fears anyone has about scale compatibility. Quite frankly, I don`t know why Warlord Games made such a point of publically pointing it out as in all honestly, these 35mm Doctor Who pieces look pretty identical to a `large` 28mm to me in any case.  Certainly not the giants I was expecting them to be.

How does "Exterminate" play?

Very well indeed. Are the rules the next best thing to sliced bread? No, course not. In the same way that... neither is "Bolt Action" the best World War II Wargame rule set in existence. Nor is "Black Powder" a terribly realistic set of historical `horse and musket` period rules. In the same way that "Pike and Shotte" is dreadful at accurately depicting warfare in the 17th century. What they all are good at, is providing comfortably exciting and immersive table top wargames, which do a relatively decent job at achieving the right atmosphere for the game being played. Are there better rules out there.. sure.. yes, there are. 

But is "Exterminate" a good game. 

Yes it is. If feels like Doctor Who. Even a novice like me can see this after only sitting in on and watching a dozen or so games, and then (when we got the game ourselves) playing the same amount of scenarios myself. Yes it feels like Doctor Who, BUT it utterly fails in one other  major aspect.

Games always tend to turn into absolute bloody blood baths: one side usually utterly wiped out, and the other decimated beyond repair..  which plain and simply does not feel very true to the tone of the TV show. It`s a good balanced game, where two sides (two players) can pit their skills against one another in a nicely themed, aesthetically pleasing table top miniatures battle... but don`t expect the outcome to be anything other than a slaughter fest. This can be managed by careful customising of the rules here and there, or/and by adding house rules to limit casualties. But realistically, if you have to do this to make a game feel right, then how good were those rules to start with? Again I repeat, the rules of this game will give you a good balanced game, full of tension and lots of excitement. But don`t expect to have many guys left standing at the end of each game.

I will admit this has left us in a bit of a quandary.  As we want to like the game enough that we can stick with it, as is - out of the box, and share the excitement of others also playing the same game. But I do find myself questioning (a) will people have moved on to the next `quick fix` in six months time, and the game left behind and forgotten, like most others are nowadays (as the next best thing hits the shelves.. as it will, I guarantee you. In which case, sticking with this game now might be academic in the long run. And so this leads to (b): would it be better to just keep buying the highly cool miniatures, but using another more conducive set of rules for actually playing the games themselves? 

Is "Exterminate" worth its money.

YES. Absolutely yes. If  you are into Doctor Who (the reason you would have bought it in the first place, I would assume), then the miniatures are exquisite, the game play (straight out of the box) is exciting and tense..  and you get a lot in the box for your money, a beautifully rendered (double sided) 3 foot square playing map, terrain and tons of other components (even a rather cool 2 dimensional TARDIS `terrain` model). I would buy "Exterminate" (as is) simply for playing as a really fun, quick and easy family or club game. Or I would happily just buy it for the cool minis.

Are the Warlord Games Doctor Who miniatures good value for money?

Yes. I believe so. They are true to BBC costume design, the characters are modelled straight off the actual actors, and VERY accurately so. I almost hate myself for saying it, but I think they are on par with anything Crooked Dice ever made.

Would I buy everything Warlord Games makes for this game in the future?

Very possibly yes. I`m not a completist. I tend to shudder a little bit at the idea of completism (in most things in life.. it can become a severe unhealthy addiction). But most certainly, I consider Doctor Who every bit as serious a passion to collect for - in the same way I would collect Dungeons and Dragons miniatures, to enhance my games and make them better and better by the inclusion of multiple, various options, to make the adventures and stories that much more exciting, and immersive for the players and for ourselves.
Plain, simple. An actual image of a BBC Dalek from the series. I do like its simplistic elegance and uncluttered colour tones.

Interesting fact here: Stevie has seen real BBC Daleks live at a few exhibitions and shows he has attended in his life. He tells me that until now he had forgotten something fundamental about Dalek design; namely, just how pronounced the three main joins are on the body chassis {in exactly the same way as these three piece miniature are assembled.. nice touch I thought}.

Our new "Exterminate" boxed game Daleks

The miniatures themselves are dead easy to assemble. but watch out for the mid section sucker appendage (what I call the sink hole plug plunger) as this is real easy to snap off in the otherwise nice and simple three part snap together assembly. We didn't even bother using any glue with ours, they fitted together so snugly and well. The Cybermen are easier still, comprising a single main piece, one multi pose arm, and the base.

As for the rest of the boxed set minis, these are mostly one piece sculpts which are a pure delight to own (a few are multi piece kits, but I havent seen one of these yet myself). They really are very beautiful pieces, and as I said earlier. I look on collecting Doctor Who Monsters, Aliens, and Characters as fundamentally intrinsic to me now, as I would collecting miniatures for a Dungeons and Dragons fantasy game. Only difference is.. Doctor Who isn`t confined to fantasy, its the fantastical, its science fiction, and its adventures in dimension, time and space.

Its magical and I love it.

Article by Hils


  1. A lovely overview of your entry into the worlds of Doctor Who and an even-handed, open and honest review of the game as well. Hopefully it will answer a few of the questions people may have regarding the game that haven't been adequately addressed elsewhere.

    Have you decided on what rules you'll be using instead, to get a more Doctor Who feel to your games?

    I would say my work here is done, but I believe a certain young lady may still need some convincing...? There is no escape, young Tarot, soon ALL shall fall under my sway! Umm...I mean...soon ALL shall love Doctor Who as much as I do! Mwah-hah-hah!

    1. awwww, thanks, Jez: at the beginning, when you know nothing, I think one is more honest in our approach, and in our assessments too. Unclouded by clutter or distracted by strength of opinion, we literally only have our raw thoughts and basic emotional instinct to run off. As for the game, it really is fun. Highly entertaining, and about as intense as a good game of "Zombicide." But just as I might well turn to "Last Night on Earth" for a more realistic B movie thematic feel if I wanted to play a zombie game, I might also find myself looking elsewhere for a more immersive set of rules for a truly `Who` experience.

      {{Have you decided on what rules you'll be using instead, to get a more Doctor Who feel to your games?}}

      "Doctor Who The Roleplaying Game" by Cubicle 7 might have been a very serious contender, but NOT at the price, especially after all the much needed expansion books.

      Seriously, if we DONT stick with WG`s "Exterminate" and wait and see if they do eventually bring out that lovely full hardback material Stevie so dearly yearns for, then I would say it is most likely we will write our own system. Walking the dogs earlier, we both discussed the rudimentary requirements of such a task.

      "TimeLord" would be a potential runner too Jez. But the books and the sheer amount of beautiful full colour pages would be ruinously expensive to print out. And it would be sacrilege to print these in black and white.

    2. I suppose there's always 7TV2e, but I have a feeling that this may have similar issues, in the fact that it's heavily biased to combat.

      I've heard good things about Pulp Alley in this respect and when I queried how you'd run a non-combat based game, someone provided a link to a game which involved NO combat. The opposing characters matched wits and repartee, with the loser slinking away in embarassment. I think it wad a masquerade ball or something.

      I think the point I'm trying to make is that ANY system, as long as the character's stats have 'mental' characteristics, can be used to replicate Doctor Who adventures - as long as the 'challenges' the Doctor faces don't require him to whip out a huge gun and start blasting.

    3. 7TV2e was discussed Jez, but T`s really the one who has mastered that system, besides the game is always with her, and tends to go were she goes. It would also be, as you say, too massively combat heavy for DW I fear.

      Pulp Alley is a great system. Designed originally for Pulp era games, it is adaptable for most things: we`ve played it lots and its fun. But for DW, hmmmmm, so many alterations would have to be made, it simply isn't worth it, seeing as we could make an entire system of our own in just as much time. A compromise which Stevie is working on, is an adaption of WG`s "Exterminate" rules. He has already figured a way to play the game as is, out of the box, but also, using the same stats as given, and all the cards and tokens, turning the game into a rules lite rpg as well. He figures it would just take a small (separate) rules manual to make it work. He already has it worked out in his head, and just needs to put it to paper sometime this week. Then we can try it out and give it a thorough test drive. But it gets more complicated lol. He`s also worked out (and half written up) another complete system, which he reckon works just as well (no, not the one I sent you, this is another one still); but he likes the idea of keeping as close to the Exterminate game as possible so all the box (and any expansion) components remain compatible.

    4. Ah, the advantage of having a professional games designer 'in house'...

      Actually, that's given me an idea. Pre-printed stat cards seem to be the norm at the moment, but require the buying of either a game or set of models to get hold of. However, you can buy a set of pre-printed cards covering most of the characters/creatures from Doctor Who WITH stats already worked out for you. And readily available from a high street retailer. I'm talking about Top Trumps! I may have to get a set to see whether they would work for this.

    5. Having done a bit more research on the Top Trumps idea, it appears 7 decks have been released, each numbering 30 cards at approximately a fiver each. However, they changed the 5 stats from Height, Intelligence, Monster Rating, Darkness and Courage on the last two decks to Brains, Strength, Terror, Secrets and Bravery, so it appears that they're not entirely compatible. Still a workable idea, I think.

    6. >>>(( someone provided a link to a game which involved NO combat. The opposing characters matched wits and repartee.. ))<<<

      Hmm, hi Jez, you know this idea sounds very similar to something written by Otto Smith over at `Society of Daisy` which he called "Days and Nights in Vienna" which was all about playing your cards right at a masked ball, obeying `the rules of engagement` with the opposite sex, and generally working your way into the favours of a lady at the dance. It was all done with diplomacy, tact, and charismatic guile.. but except for the odd pistol duel at dawn, no actual fighting. The rules are a heck of a blast actually, but do demand many players (to forge `bedroom` alliances, feuds` and vendettas) to bring everything to life properly. Ideally at least six. Smashing little game.

      The Top Trumps! idea sounds interesting, and/but exactly what I am doing anyway. Once you have the DW "Exterminate" game, it comes not only with the stat cards (and many other types of card) specifically to cover all the three dozen or so miniatures you get in the game: but ALSO gives you all the other cards for the rest of the existing range of miniatures (i.e. when you buy add on sets of figures, you are buying the miniatures, but you already have the cards: they come in the base game anyway). So just like your Top Trumps idea, exterminate gives you loads and loads and loads of cards with which to `play about` and come up with something similar... especially if you build upon the framework of the existing game, which is the route I have taken.

      Likewise, if you like the game as is, you could in theory use all the bestiary of stat cards which come with the game (plus the doctors and companions) but not even bother buying any more Warlord Games expansion set minis, but use your own facsimiles from your existing collection of - Clix, Crooked Dice, etc... which (for the record) ARE perfectly in scale to use alongside the WG stuff.

    7. Can't remember which rules they used (might have been Pulp Alley), but one side had to delay the Baron long enough for the Count to make his escape from the party, so various flunkeys tried to indulge him in conversation or distract him on the way, with their particular skills in that area being pitted against the Baron's, with the 'winner' of each encounter besting the other. It was a good example of a tabletop 'wargame' being used in non-violent confrontation. Unfortunately, I can't find the link. :-(

      Regarding the Top Trumps idea, this was for those who may already have a collection of DW figures and have decided to not buy in to Exterminate. They would get a good selection of 'statted' characters on nice cards, without having to buy a whole boxed game. Thi king outside the box, if you

      Regarding the cards that DO come with the game, which ones do you get? And do new releases come with the accompanying stat card?

    8. {{Regarding the cards that DO come with the game, which ones do you get? And do new releases come with the accompanying stat card?}}

      Pretty much ALL of them. Every miniature set Warlord have made, to date, is included in "Exterminate" (in the form of star card). There are a couple of exceptions. For instance Missy only comes in the Missy and the Cybermen `upgrade` set. and I suspect Davros will come with is set (as he`s not in the "Exterminate" set. Likewise professor Yana and Chantho. But yeah, the 10th and 12th doctor plus all the companions for both... and ALL the Aliens to date: Clockwork Droids, Tetraps, Judoon, The Silence, Zygons, etc. All these are included when you buy into the base game (well, their cards are).

    9. {{And do new releases come with the accompanying stat card?}}

      One would assume so Jez. I think that s-e-em-s to be the plan.

    10. As the owner of "Doctor Who The Roleplaying Game" by "Cubicle 7" I certainly get your point about their price, Steve, but as a source of info its awesome - a bit like owning D&D books but using "M&DRG" as the rule-set :-) An entire collection of Doctor books though would be extremely expensive, which is why I stuck to just the Sixth Doctor one :-) Btw, I don't have the Tetraps or Clockwork Droid cards in my "Doctor Who: Exterminate!" set... am I missing cards!?!

    11. {{Btw, I don't have the Tetraps or Clockwork Droid cards in my "Doctor Who: Exterminate!" set... am I missing cards!?!}}

      Oh gosh no, I just checked the box as soon as I read this Simon. I`m afraid himself is giving misinformation here. I to was SURE I`d seen those cards myself, but no, there are no Tetraps or Clockwork Droid cards :( I presume they come in the miniatures sets (like the Missy card and add on adventure cards do in the "Missy and the Cyberman expansion)?

      If not, jikes!! what are we meant to do????

    12. Oh heck I`m so sorry, you are absolutely right. That`s two more not included. Soooo "Exterminate" includes cards for 10th and 12th doctor plus all their companions... and Judoon, The Silence, and Zygons.

      Missing are Clockwork Droids, Tetraps, Professor Yana and Chantho, Dr Mysterio (and Davros and Missy are in their own sets).

      Damn I honestly thought I saw Driod and Tetrap cards. But I`m totally mistaken. Surely these are included in the respective boxes for each miniatures expansion set?

      {{{>>"Doctor Who The Roleplaying Game" by "Cubicle 7"<<}}}

      Oh MAN I`m so envious (but happy for you too). I`d give my arm and leg to have this. I was drooling when I saw you can buy the whole bundle (EVERYTHING) for 240 quid.... like yeah right, that`s going to happen lol.

      So tell me tell me, is it all as good as I imagine it is???

    13. Hmmmm, like you if I were to buy into these cool looking books... for the source material, I would probably just stick with 12th Doctor (I simply adore peter capaldi as an actor).

    14. There's no cards in the tetrapods or droid boxes. But Warlord Games are talking about making them available as either a deck or book. I get the impression they initially thought of the range as collectors minis first and a game later on. Lots of great releases coming... vashta and sea devils in the next few weeks :-)

    15. All this sounds amazing :)

    16. Yes I remember you saying that on the phone Simon, and I am inclined to agree with you. All I DO hope is that we dont have to pay for a book of cards.

      Paying for the miniatures then paying again for the cards, would be a bit like going to the super market to buy your weeks shopping, but being charged an entrance fee to get into the shop lol.

  2. Great article Hils, it has a very even feel to it and although you may be new to the Who Universe you have captured the feel in your article

    1. Thank you so much Dave. Its good to know we`re not too far off track then. New to the Who Universe -yes: but enthusiastic and VERY keen to learn, oh absolutely yessssss.

    2. It's an addictive series, my wife wanted nothing to do with it, until she sat through a couple of episodes I was watching then was completely hooked and now never misses an episode, she even dragged me out of the studio ( kicking and screaming, I might add) so we could visit the Doctor Who exhibit in Cardiff

    3. hehe, good woman herself. The amount of times I drag `himself` out to things he`d NEVER go to ordinarily if I didn't nag him {you see Jez, I nag him too, its not only you}. I watched the show show as a girl: sort of Dad daughter time, but I remember I used to hide my eyes at the scary bits. Then they got `Tristan` from All Creatures Great and Small and I couldn't make the transition. I mean, Tristan {Peter Davison}, no no no, he was Tristan to me, and that was it hehehe. So I badly missed out it seems :(

      Stevie would have watched it all since it came back on the tv, but he knew I wasn't keen, so he missed out too :( It was literally the Christmas episode last December, with Kylie Minogue that it first began to dawn on me "hmmmm this aint bad."

    4. The series that drove me away was Sylvester McCoy and Bonnie Langford, but came back into it for the movie with Paul McGann, I think most Who fans will have their favourite and least liked, but never really stop liking the concept

    5. I really didnt see any of this old stuff. I was always too busy with other things. I got hooked on "Play for Today" (the material the Thatcher government never wanted us to see, so they axed it: a whole institution gone over night, along with school milk). Other than that I used to watch RSC Shakespeare productions (ah the good old days when the BBC2 showed these regularly), and series like The Brontes, The Onedin Line, War and Peace, Napoleon & love, and my personal two favourites - Poldark and Upstairs Downstairs.

    6. I see a Victorian vibe coming from here, I guess we all have time periods and style we like, for me it was anything Sci-Fi or ancient cultures ( Greek, Egyptian, Celtic Britain, Aztec, or Myan) sadly back in the 70's there wasn't a great deal in the way of TV programmes, probably why I always had my nose in a book or sketching ideas

    7. Oooh cool. We`re both into quite heavily interested in the Peloponnesian War, and also (as a separate satellite of course) Thermopylae: and the Persian/Spartan ethos is very interesting I think. Celtic is of course of major interest to us as we live in one of thw Celtic countries - Ireland (Stevie actually studied ASNAC (Anglo Saxon Norse and Celtic) at Cambridge so it is a passion in him, as well as Latin and Middle English, but strangely not so much applied to gaming as other subjects we do. Azten, Inca and Mayan cultures fascinate me utterly, but I don`t know as much about them as I would wish: though I am currently reading a good book on the a Meso-american civilizations of Jose Maria Leyva (King Cajeme Yaqui). Fascinating stuff.

      Shows back in the 70`s were a bit basic when it came to variety weren't they lol. But there were a few gems, like Shogun, Shaka Zulu, and of course, classics like I Claudius and Queen Cleopatra.

    8. Awesome, kindred spirits. Those were classic programs, I remember shogun fondly which gave me the start of an interest in to feudal Japan

    9. {{The series that drove me away was Sylvester McCoy and Bonnie Langford}}

      oh Man, the series took a dive didnt it. That`s when I stopped watching it too.

    10. Actually, thinking about it: that was a very factious remark of mine. I should amend it. I was used to a certain `style` of Doctor Who as a kid... a style I was comfortable with during the `reign` of the first five Doctors, and that all changed when Sylvester McCoy took the role, and for me it was `a bridge too far` and I turned from it (the fact I had just discovered girls might also be something to do with it of course).

    11. It may indeed Steve, Bonnie Langford's shrill was worse than any monster for me. Have my preferences from the new Doctor who so it will always come down to personal preferences plus storylines can have a major influence as well, but none have driven me away yet ! Would welcome seeing a female Doctor next as this would add a whole new experience especially when travelling back in time on Earth with the prejudices that went with women in that time period

  3. hmmmmmmmmmmm, noooo, not both you two as well ***points at them and makes the "GEEEEEK!!!" sound in my throat, from `The Invasion of the Body Snatchers`***

    Looks at Jez *shakes head* uh uh, not gonna happen, I will spurn DW for all my days *stamps foot and folds arms*

    But all that aside. It was a relaxed and informative discussion and mini preview of what looks set to become yet another Warlord Games classic. I AM, however, rather excited about the possibility of the highly cool, mature-sexy, off beat, swanky Tilda Swinton being handed the keys to the TARDIS. I do hope this happens. Hell I might even start watching the show for that *makes puking noises*

    I`ll make you a deal Jez, if Tilda Swinton gets the job, I`ll watch it all. hows that?

    1. Tilda Swinton is an extremely accomplished actress with a wide range of emotional skills, very off the wall too, and possibly just right for the part. I guess we shall have to wait and see :(

      As for not liking Who, oh dear T, what have you done. You do realise you have set the boys a real challenge now, to convert you.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hmmm, two massive Tilda Swinton fans, yet neither have seen 'Dr Strange', in which she has a massive role and is awesomely cool AND kick ass? Interesting...

      And bless you, Tar. Your crossing of arms and turning away just means that when the small stone I dropped on the snowy slopes of Mount Karasu so long ago finally reaches you, you'll be breathlessly knocked from your feet. And when that happens, I shall be at your disposal, as I am for Hils and Stevie, to answer any question you may have BUT without providing any information that could spoil your future enjoyment of the series. Because I'm nice like that. 😁

      《Previous version of this was riddled with spelling mistakes, like I'd been typing with my feet, hence the deletion》

    4. I saw Tilda Swinton perform on stage two years ago and was blow away by the sheer power of her acting, a stunningly skilled actress of almost monumental talent. Then again she did join the Royal Shakespeare Company back in the 80`s and was one of their mainstays for a long time, before branching out into mainstream films. I will get round to 'Dr Strange' one day I am sure, but right now, I really have no way easily to see it, not in comfort anyway. work is a bit too demanding and time consuming for that privilege (as I work about 12 to 14 hours each day). As for Doc Who, work away - if you can convert me I will be delighted, for I will have gained a new appreciation and lost a current disdain hehehe.

    5. Hmmm, an immovable object (your current disdain and stubborness) versus an irresistable force (my unflagging enthusiasm and general 'me-ness'). Should be interesting to see the results. However, I think the Wicked Witch of the West sums it up best - "I'll get you, my pretty - and your little dog too!"

      Um...maybe not the bit about the dog... 😉

    6. maybe its metal and called K9.

    7. "Oh my god. I'm the tin dog!" Lol

    8. hehehehehehee, I`m actually working on sculpting one of those now, while I`m finishing off my FH pieces, out of the spare clay. Maybe I`ll write J W on the side instead of K9 *grins*

    9. Or just 'J-9'. As long as it's not 'ASA-9'... 😉

  4. Doctor Who? Never heard of the show!! :-) What a great posting, so full of the enthusiasm one has come to expect from this blog. I'm delighted to have been partly responsible for this love of Dr Who, Hils, and can assure you that Fantorical, at least, will b posting about it in six months time. This is no fad I assure you ;-)

    1. THANK YOU Simon. You really have been an inspiration to us both. Both you and Jez.

      And I did not miss your assurance that you will stick with the game for a loooong time to come *grins*

  5. You nailed it Hillers. I think Dave S said it best, you may be new to DW, but you obviously get it, by the very even feel you portray, from your own observations, for the genre, and your feel for the game too.

    I`d be happy to see Tilda Swinton land it too. We can live in hope I guess. And Tar` hun, `bug out` LOL we`ll get you yet, and `upgrade you` to a true fan, just you wait and see young missy.

    1. Yeeeey!!!! it is good to know I`m not `lost` in all this. I was nervous writing about Who, in front of so many who-verse experts here. But you DO encourage me. Maybe I`m not completely barking mad then hehe.

  6. .... and even as she sat writing this, she was oblivious to the fact a new boxed set of DW minis just arrived in the post, delivered by good old Tim the posty. -chuckles-

    Nice atmospheric article love. Certainly made me feel in the mood for more Who, woohoo!!

    If I were to disagree on one tiny point Hils, it might be that I think the DW franchise is HUGE. So many directions they can go with this one. So MANY miniatures they can make for it (easily as big as their venture into Judge Dredd), and with 50 years of material to pull from, just don`t see this one vanishing in six months. I AM however amazingly surprised the initial game is only supported with a flimsy 16 page rules manual. I`m stunned they didn't go with a big beautiful hardback book.... which is sort of one of the hallmarks on WG.

    1. {{a new boxed set of DW minis just arrived in the post}}

      which set?

    2. Missy... the set you r-e-a-l-l-y wanted most of all ^^

    3. and thanks love, for the encouragement. I enjoyed writing about it all immensely.

  7. Oh goodness, realyyyyyyy??? Okay I`m coming downstairs. Put the kettle on :)

  8. great post Hils **apologises for short comment with a cheeky grin**

  9. hi Andy, hey don`t worry. Nice to see you anyway, even if it is short hehehe.