Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The Prequel - A Celebration of a Great Game

And so, it is time to remember the past. To remember when the hobby was simpler and much more forgiving: a time in the hobby when the sheer excitement of simply playing was always a wonder filled adventure, and a journey into the unknown. Nothing was taken for granted and no one was blasé (a time before people could compare each new game to hit the shelves, with something similar that had gone before it). This is a time when Mage Knight was King, and ruled supreme among the collectable miniatures games of yester-year.

I think this regal game (now long forgotten) still holds many whispered secrets of promises still to reveal, to those who would listen. This is a sample of such a game. A celebration of a what a good game really is.
Tiffany and Tar` Plot, and Plan how they will defeat the Dire Dungeon of the Mighty Overlord “Lord Steve of the 2D Dungeon.”

This is a glimpse at a wonderful game: an evening`s play and delight in an ongoing campaign, set in the wonderful world of MageKnight.

The Prequel:
Bought up in the streets of Boudichan in the Far East: it was En-Zar (the eccentric and truth to tell, slightly effeminate soothsayer) who originally brought the group together.
His insistent rantings and weirdling visions ensured the majority of passers by kept a very wide birth of this seemingly deranged mad man; but anyone actually taking the time to listen to En-Zar`s words and prophesies might very well have noticed that his cryptic speeches almost always carried hidden pearls of wisdom, and his detailed predictions often came to pass with uncanny accuracy.
Khoura was the first. In a moment of stark lucidity, En-Zar had spotted the young girl in the slave pens of Nar-Kupor… destined for the prostitute dens of the Merchant Princes. Bidding everything he owned, En-Zar ended up paying a small fortune for the girl. He quickly earned her gratitude, which soon led to a deep and loyal friendship - and eventually he won her heart, and then her chastity. En-Zar taught Khoura all he himself had learned about survival on the city streets. Eventually, the girl`s thieving skills surpassed the master, adding her own innate ability to wield the forces of magic to her talents.
Amir an out of work mercenary fighter came next. When he had stepped in to help the pretty Khoura from an irate lynch mob (a robbery gone wrong), he and the little thief had quickly become fast friends.
The beautiful and exotic Hazna completed the heroic band. Her reputation as an accomplished thief and burglar was all ready spreading through the Dock and Castle Wards of Boudichan… and when En-Zar`s band discovered her, the sensual woman was building a reputation of stealing from the houses of the rich to aid those less privileged… in especial, Hazna had a forte for helping battered and abused women escape their plight – using money stolen from the rich, fat merchants, she would set these women up in new and secure positions, free from the tyranny of their former abusers. Being of a spiritual nature and considering herself devoutly religious, En-Zar`s prophesies inspired Hazna`s wild spirit, and she willingly join their ranks. Amir has sought her affections ever since.
Now, guided by En-Zar`s mystic visions and dreams, this tight nit band of thieves seeks The Pelamite Gate… a (portable) mythical portal, legendarily reputed to lead to strange lands, maybe even other time lines. Armed with En-Zar`s hand drawn maps, personal scrolls and ancient tomes; the party now finds itself standing at the entrance of an extinct and long lost Underworld civilisation. Originally built as an oubliette, and a funhouse for a corrupt line of Pharaohs, to play God with various creatures and monstrosities from their `pet` dungeon collections - the Underworld Temples & Dungeons of Ra-Lu-Tek represents the culmination of  months of research and intensive searching, and will be the Heroic Band`s greatest challenge.
The discovery of the Pelamite Gate would make them all rich beyond their wildest dreams. Suladan himself might offer a whole city and all it`s wealth included to get his hands on such a valuable treasure.
The Beginning:
Khoura runs through all the arcane words of power she can recall. All the tricks she has learned from her Mother… many years ago, when she was still a child…. like the fact that some magicks do not require the use of `the gift, ` merely the `willpower` to use them.
The doors she and her friends are trying to enter now, do not look magickal, but they are certainly enchanted with some sort of power.
Using strange, esoteric gestures…. almost ritualistic in their exaggerations…. Khoura explores the door with her mind; attempting to find a word or movement that will allow the portal to open.
A trickle of perspiration runs down the side of her cheek, a stark reminder of the unknown… but very real dangers that lay beyond this door.
A sudden gesture… theatrical, almost… and the door swings open with a loud “click!”
A gust of air brings the scent of musky dog to the nostrils of all four companions.
“Gnolls. By all that is Holy!” Amir pronounces, as a rhetorical statement of fact.
Using a combination of arcane words and gestures, Khoura opens the portal into the complex.

Khoura pushes forward into the narrow passage ahead of her. I faint green glow, shining from some strange form of phosphorous vine, clings to the walls - providing a little light for the companions to see by.
Khoura heart leaps in almost blind panic when her feet crunch down on dry bones underfoot, and she has to check herself violently from screaming in horror. Behind her, in the tunnel: the stoic Amir, the nimble En-Zar, and the beautiful and exotic thief Hazna, no doubt sense the sudden tension in her…. but like all good friends, they say nothing.
There is a snarl! A sudden flurry of motion - and two Gnolls appear out of the gloom, ahead of the Healer.
Khoura the Healer, peers into the darkness, and notices a pair of Gnolls advancing on her.
With a gasp, she instinctively backs away. But Amir steps past her with weapons drawn, and pushes forward to meet the enemy.
Amir draws his twin blades, and advances.
There is a flurry of movement, as Amir slashes and wounds both the mage spawn, but he is himself wounded in the exchange of blows.  The fighter side steps the Gnoll standing in front of him, and allows Hazna to enter the fray. She slashes with a wicked looking dagger, cutting a Gnoll deeply across it`s midriff. Hazna`s wound demoralizes the creature, and it is unable even to counter-attack.
Hazna displays her deadly worth in close combat.


The demoralized Gnoll breaks away from the thief woman, and dashes away from the fight.

From the darkness of the under-deeps, the sound of more mage spawn can be heard moving through the complex to defend their home. Obviously the Gnoll engaged with Hazna is encouraged by this, and rather boldly rakes at the female thief with its blade. Hazna easily avoids the attack and counter strikes – scoring a critical hit in the process. The Gnoll howls in pain, and slides slowly off of the point of Hazna`s short sword, and onto the floor… dead!
Khoura glides past her friends and attends to Amir`s wounds. Blood drips freely down the fighter`s arm from a deep shoulder wound. The big man feels a strange tingling sensation… and suddenly his wounds are healed.
Khoura heals Amir with her special healing ability.

Hazna runs through the tunnels, catches the cowering and demoralized Gnoll, and dispatches the mage spawn with a nonchalant back hand swipe across it`s throat. Blood splatters the wall in a wide arc. The dog like creature coughs once, then fall dead at her feet.
The girls do their thing.

A few muffled barks, accompanied by yelps of agitated excitement can be heard approaching from the deeper chambers of the complex. Hazna in the lead takes a tighter grip of her sword, licks her lips nervously, and prepares to meet this new threat head on. But familiar footsteps approach from behind…. it is Amir…. a kindly hand on her shoulder as he pushes past… and the strong warrior steps forward into the unknown.

He sees three more of the canine looking mage spawn, and rushes the nearest one, thrusting his sword deep into it`s body . Foul smelling blood oozes from it`s wound, but the creature growls and comes on strong for a counter attack. This is obviously no ordinary Gnoll - it is an elite. Amir ducks clumsily out of harms way… barely avoiding it`s backhand slash. But Khoura comes fleet footed to his rescue, and dispatches the creature by snapping it`s neck with martial expertise.
Hazna wades carefully through a deep pool of water to engage the remaining two Gnolls. A Gnoll yelps loudly as her blade connects with it`s flesh. But a cruel looking blade finds a way through her own defences, and she gasps in pain as a rusty knife penetrates her side. A second attack slashes open her thigh, and suddenly she is demoralized and completely unable to carry on the fight.

Hazna successfully disengages from her enemy, and painfully limps away to safety. Khoura rushes to her side, but fails to staunch the free flow of blood on her first heal attempt.
Amir wades across the deep pool of water to reach the Gnolls who have just bested Hazna. He nonchalantly decapitates the tougher looking of the pair.

En-Zar who has all this time been busy pouring over his charts thinks he recognizes the part of the complex they are in from a small portion of his map. “Here it is! By all the Gods of Abrahim, here it is.” He exclaims, to no noone in particular, and rushes forward into the darkness.
En-Zar, the unofficial leader, in his excitement, rushes off alone into the darkness.

The fight is fast and furious, and continues blow for blow for a few minutes. At the end of it, all the Gnolls lie dead on the ground, Amir is bleeding from multiple cuts and slashes, Hazna who has been healed by Khoura is send back into the fray, and En-Zar has an arrow sticking out of his shoulder which might teach him not to go running off alone into dark tunnels.
After Khoura patches up their wounds, the intrepid team heads over to the last chamber. Amir carefully pushes open the door… and reveals a female Nightblade warrior defending a pair of swelling treasure chests.

Without even spending a moment to wonder what a member of the Necropolis Sect is doing here, Amir wades over to tackle the chamber guardian in combat. Wielding his swords like a true professional, his weapon master skill cuts her down to size in less than a blink of an eye. Demoralized, and bleeding from half a dozen wounds, the Nightblade warrior lies prostrate at Amir`s feet, a blade to her throat.
The fight between Amir and the Nightblade is short and sweet – a single turn; and Amir`s Weapon Master special ability whittles the woman down by 6 clicks (1 from death).
The team approach the last chamber (of this session).

Amir is merciful, and in exchange for opening the treasure chests, lets her go – to flee swiftly away to safety.
The first stage of their adventure is successfully and safely over, and the party decides to rest up and recover their strength before venturing deeper into the dungeon complex .......................`
Article by Tarot
 Next Week: An In Depth Review of Warlord Games New "Test of Honour" Samurai Boxed Set Special Bundle Deal - plus a First Battle Report (and first impressions).




  1. Not knowing very much about MageKnight, other than it was the precursor to Heroclix, I found this very interesting. I managed to pick up some singles from the game when they were available, which I believe were a Leech Troll and a couple of Solonavi Shades, but these were destined for other with most of the figures I end up buying. ;-)

    As I've recently been craving for some Arabian-themed gaming, this came at just the right time. Of course, I now WANT some "Arabian Knights" of my own. To the Internet! It's time for the Crow to take wing.

    1. All the best in the world on this one Jez, and may your camel never run out of water or your lama spit in your eye. I`m excited for you now, and as you know I love the Arabian tales, as they are so well suited to the types of games wargamers and rpg-ers like to do.

  2. I had forgotten until recently just how much fun I used to have with Mage Knight Dungeons , and what a masterly rpg table top miniatures game is was. Actually I loved both Mage Knight and Mage Knight Dungoens in equal measure, but if I had to choose one, it would have to have been the Dungeons I think - even though the range of miniatures available for it was considerably less... just over 150 individual miniatures types, as opposed to standard MK which had almost a thousand unique model sculpts (spread over many `waves`) supporting it.

    I think the best thing about it was that it was a real `rules lite` contender for the rpg throne at the time; the big two being Warhammer and Dungeons and Dragons. The difference (back then) between them was that Mage Knight was primarily a simplified role playing game played on the table top.. using miniatures, as opposed to theatre of the mind, played with pen and paper.

    The game should have endured, but other companies jumped on the wagon and started offering newer themes, better miniatures, better pre-painted standard, and cheaper prices. The age of the Tradable Miniatures Games was upon us and co-incidentally, was to be the eventual death knell of its own creation.... over saturation of an already massively flooded market. All so sad really :(.

    This nostalgic trip to Mage Knight Dungeon land was like a warm blast from the past for me. Thanks for that Tar`, and thank you so much for bringing it alive for me all over again. I still smile at the happy, happy hours, weeks, months ,and years I was engrossed, and thoroughly enjoyed this great game. Even the game world was rich in depth and diversity. I wish.. oh how I wish I had kept my original collection. But like just about everyone else, I ended up getting rid of it through the years. Now I watch people like you passionately collecting bits and pieces for it as and when you find them, and I see the shine in your eyes - at each new find you discover, is like pulling a gem from the ground: eBay, friend swaps, even trade/game shows pull up the odd `batch` and it is a joy to see the game still live and breathe, while people like you still try and keep it alive for posterity.

    1. MKD for me every time. The measured (squared) dungeons always seem (to me anyway) to work a little more smoothly with this game, than the standard measure as you go wargame method. But that might just be me Stevie. I always got on better with the "Pyramid" etc dungeon sets much more than the wargame version itelf, probably due to the nature of the whole rpg subterranean crawl thing.

  3. Of all the on line things I`ve seen over the last few years, this has to the one of the most unexpected. NO one writes batreps for Mage Knight or Mage Knight Dungeons anymore. When I come to think about it, I can`t see any reasonable reason why not, except that (rather stupidly) we all got rid of our collections long ago, as the game fell out of favour.

    It was delightfully indulgent T girl, to be driven down memory lane at such an intense and exciting pace. I loved the narrative story arc. Lots of potential here I think, for continued tales. But I bet that was your intention all along, right? A snipped, a slice of something far larger, then leave us wanting more. Damn it girl, you`ve gone made me want to collect some Arabian style MKD minis now; and start all over again lol, curse you.

    How about it Jez, shall we race to pick off a brand new retro collection, and start a new trend.

    1. Whilst I think trying to find some MKD figures might a quest suited to those who have played and loved the game, I've already done a brief hunt online and found a rather nice inexpensive range of Arabian Nigjts figures from Midlam Miniatures. Missing a few of the more Hollywood-style characters, but a good range to start from. Like I need another project at the

    2. you know, the secret really is just TO PLAY. I think I could have played this game (and hidden the rules), and I could have done it using D&D, Frostgrave, Songs of Blades and Heroes, or any one of a dozen other sets or rules I know, and if you didn't know what I was using, the result would still read pretty much the same, just a slight change in terminology. As it happens I used Mage Knight Dungeons, but had I used HeroClix or HorrorClix, or D20, or Pathfinder, or even G.U.R.P.S. the end result would have SEEMED the same to anyone reading it. I find people e get too hit up on which system they use to play their games, and I suspect this is largely due to not being familiar with their rules (i.e. don’t have that many games under their belts) to be able to tell the difference between this system and that: effectively causing the “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” syndrome, whereby gamers imagine each set or rules plays entirely differently, but in fact its only their assumed pre-conception that alters (due to the auto suggestion of art, style and degree of style on the written page). As any seasoned Game Host can tell you, you can host an entire session of a rpg with entirely diverse sets of rules.. or *shock horror* GM without any rules what so ever for that matter, and if you are good enough, the players wouldn’t even notice. Once the preconception of tone and style is in place, it`s like switching brands of food on shoppers without telling them, and seeing if they can ever tell the difference (nearly every time they have absolutely no idea). Same applies to games and rules attached to them.

      So what I`m saying Dave is that, Mage Knight is no different really from any other set or rules, no worse for being 20 years old; but no better for it either. It`s the game itself (run by the game host, or DM/GM who makes or breaks a game - NOT the system he/she employs).

      I think where Mage Knight Dungeons really shines best is in the fact that it can be played totally solo. And actually plays really, REALLY well in that mode a well.

    3. {{I've already done a brief hunt online and found a rather nice inexpensive range of Arabian Nigjts figures from Midlam Miniatures.}}

      OOo you should Jez, if this genre would make you happy, then I would support your desire to do this %100. You`ve always had a `thing` about the orient, and this looks like it just might have been the spark that has ignited the flame in you to do it. Sounds fun, and always a lovely feeling when you start a new immersive project.

    4. Having started gaming when AD&D was king, my first forays into adventuring were dictated by the 'belief' that the pseudo-Medieval setting was ALL you could play AD&D in. If you wanted a different type of fantasy or genre, you had to play a different game. Obviously, now that I'm older and more experienced, I realise that you can play ANY genre with ANY set of rules. It may need tweaking here and there, unless you have a truly generic set of rules, but generally speaking, the shape of a sword doesn't really change its effects or purpose.

      As you say, it's up to the Game Host to breath life into whatever setting the adventurers find themselves in, be in stalking through mist-enshrouded bamboo groves on a mission for the Daimyo or battling the Caliph's guards on a magic carpet high above the minarets of Baghdad. As long as the Host KNOWS their preferred setting and is enthusiastic about it, the players will be drawn in - even those who may have had resetvations about playing in an 'alien' setting.

      For me, if you stick a pin in Egypt and head East as far as Japan, every culture and setting along the way interests me greatly as a potential gaming setting - Arabian Nights, Mythological India and the Fantasy Far East of such settings as Kara-Tur and Bushido.

      Although with the proposed focus on Test of Honour here, the Far East may win over Arabia - as I've already got a LOT of suitable figures.

    5. what you say there Jez is very interesting, and whets my appetite for the subject with exceeding enthusiasm, just the words "stick a pin in Egypt and head East as far as Japan" and then qualify that with: "`from`.. Arabian Nights, Mythological India and the Fantasy Far East of such settings as Kara-Tur and Bushido" and its all so blindingly true isn't it. You have there alone just mentioned dozens of countries along the way, and an even more diverse mix of inter-linked and locking cultures, all brimming full of bright potential for the inventive gamer to explore.

      I bet your Eastern style figure collection is an eclectic delight.

    6. Well, some of them have popped up on my blog over the years, as far back as August 2015. In fact, if you do a search for those posts tagged 'Oriental' on the Buffet, it should bring up a full list of posts containing some of these figures, mainly HeroScape or Heroclix conversions.

    7. {{{ Although with the proposed focus on Test of Honour here, the Far East may win over Arabia - as I've already got a LOT of suitable figures. }}}

      Hey Jez, that is an interesting dilemma isn't it. Both have such merit. Arabia has your Ali Baba, Forty Thieves, Aladdin, Sinbad, Arabian Nights, Caliphs, Viziers, spice markets, silks and blistering hot deserts full of mystery and hidden wealth, lost cities and strange and wonderful quests, all this without even touching the historical side, which has a wealth of fascinating learning all in itself. Whereas Japanese Bushido offers, honour pledges, side quests (save the village from the ogre living under the bamboo bridge), peasant wars as city states play tug of war for the precious rights over the disputed rice lands (sometimes by honour, sometimes kidnapping the local warlord`s daughter, or assassinating the sleeping manor lord), strange quests to find answers to cryptic riddles, answers found at the temple hidden high in the mountains, reputedly protected by vicious warrior dragon monks. The young (untried) samurai sent to `teach the local truculent lord a lesson, yet unbeknownst to all, he is secretly in love with that same lord`s daughter, and had hoped to win the father over, but now honour dictates he must fight him in a ritual show or arms.. oh the possibilities are endless.

      You say you have more suitable figures for Test of Honour, hmmmmmm maybe that is your best option Jez. But end of the day, you must decide. Always go with the thing that most inspires you and makes you happiest to pursue.

    8. hey, anyone considered, you don't NEED to play Japanese at all if you don't want to. The style of clothing, and the armour even, is so similar to Chinese as to be negligible (to the untrained eye). You could use something like the Test of Honour miniatures collection to focus on putting together a band of rebel and imperial troops for a cool "Water Margin" game, and set your adventures in the "Water Margin" regions of the Liang Shan Po. So a sort of Chinese vrsion of Robin Hood... sort of thing, very cool I`d say.

    9. Keep taking the pills dear. Water Margin would be lovely I know, and you`ve gone on about wanting to do it for ages, I know I know. But Japanese Samurai are.. well, Japanese Samurai. They.. um, looks different - and are different. Oh dear **images of Test of Honour plastic all chopped up and converted into little Chinese men begins to drift like a bad dream into her mind**

    10. HAHahahaa, okay okay, no conversions then > sighs <

      Still might have been nice :( but the idea of chopping up these wonderful Samurai, Ashigaru, and Yari sculpts.. is just too much. Would be sheer sacrilege > chuckles < ^^

      ... how about just a few Chinese conversions?

    11. Of course, I could just strike below the belt and go: "Hey Hils, imagine Fantasy Oriental Frostgrave, kinda a bit like Oriental Water Margin?"

    12. Or you could take a look at Black Hat Miniatures 'Tales of the Dragon Kings' range - I mean, you do really NEED to have a least a 'Monkey', don't you? He is irrepressible after all ;-)

    13. not fair NOT FAIR, the pair of you, its a conspiracy that's what it is.

      Damn you, that idea sound.. hmmmm..

      ok that idea sounds pretty hot actually. Damn you!

    14. **pokes head in the room**

      Monkey, did someone say Monkey?

      **claps hands together in glee**

      Ooo I`m in I`m in.

    15. Oooooh, a couple of people ganging up on a single individual to convince them they want to do something? I can't imagine WHERE I got that idea from...sound familiar to you Steve? Something you MAY have experienced from the other side, maybe? *tee hee*

    16. Actually, all of this is not half a bad idea, or series of ideas even! Japanese stuff is fascinating right, it really is, but heavily complex and diverse.

      From what I can gather, Test of Honour is based (loosely) on the Sengoku Period of Japan, which I only know a little about. Which means warring states: a time (we think of when we think of Samurai) of honour, bravery, treachery and betrayal, glory, and self sacrifice. A time when the fate of great clans could turn in a day: and peasants could rise up to throw off the yoke of depression and `own` a slice of land to farm for themselves.. hopefully in peace.

      Hmmm think about it, mid 15 hundreds (a few decades before Columbus stumbled onto the shores of the Bahamas), Japan erupts into a great civil war, fought between those who want to keep the status quo and the old traditions, and those who want to see social change... splitting the country in twain, west and east along an invisible divide: family against family. Some out of honour and old loyalties, some just jumping on the wagon in an attempt to claim more power for themselves. An age of might over right.

      It`s massively complicated, to do this historically, and would be a bit like a Japanese person coming to England and trying to learn British history from scratch. Where do you even begin to start? And this (as a hobby subject) is meant to be fun lol, but already I can see it could all so quickly turn into a complex of school history lessons as you/we try desperately to play catch up on a 1000 years of eastern past, of which we (currently) know very little about.

      Mightn`t it more fun to play about with this a bit. KEEP the Hollywood like spectacle of Chinese “House of Flying Daggers” and “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” KEEP Monkey (yes and your Water Margin), add in Japanese ” The Seven Samurai” and “The Warlord”; cherry pick the bits you like from history even: add in your favourite Shogun – Tokyo Yuko Morimoto, or the beautiful woman warrior Hojo Masako, put your own spin on them.. add in your fantasy, folk lore, mythology and mix and match your Chinese, Korean, Siamese, and Japanese bits to create a “what if” world of YOUR choosing (it`s all very interwoven historically in any case). Wouldn’t that be the type of place you`d find Monkey hanging about in.. I know I would?

      Nowadays gamers are always copying other people`s ideas. Namely, Age of Sigmar, Forgotten Realms, Frostgrave, or whatever, but why does no one ever just make their own world up? No one does anymore, they just jump onto the wagon and play things invented by other people, invented by companies who make them for us. Great, if you are limited on time or truly can`t do it yourself. But amazingly rewarding if you can.

      Even a cursory sweep of this Test of Honour shows me that this is an undefined idea, and listening (on podcast) to the creators of the game speak at length, they themselves say the game was written very loose ended, so owners of the thing can take it where ever they want to go: romanticised myth, pure strain history, or fantasy make belief in whatever world they wish to set it all in. I think, taking ToH and making it your own might just be an amazing adventure, and one worthy of looking into further.

    17. Hmmmm, I think you could be onto something pretty big with this one T.

      See, that`s why we wuvs you so xx

    18. {{{I can't imagine WHERE I got that idea from...sound familiar to you Steve? Something you MAY have experienced from the other side, maybe?}}}

      I hear ya Jez Bud ^^

      Hey, Tar`, you know what, I think you could be onto something here.

      But I still vote we call our new world "The Water Crow Margin"

    19. That calls for a haiku...

      "The crow spreads his wings,
      Scowls down on waters below,
      He's a bit grumpy..."

      Hmmm, not my best

    20. lol

      "The Midnight Sun,
      Mist Rises with the dawn,
      My heart dwells there too..."

    21. ANWAY LOL, hypothesis and cool semantics aside, at the end of the day.... I can categorically state that "Test of Honour" will be played by us, as is, out of the box - as a Japanese Samurai game set firmly (or loosely, depending which way WG go with this in future expansions) within the Sengoku Period of Nippon history.

      Approval - "STAMP!" ^^

    22. Ooo you`re so Masterful! hmmmm, after all my tentative talk about alternative approaches.. you know, I`m actually not at all sorry to hear this final decision. Samurai it is then.


    23. As quite a few of the creatures of Japanese myth and legend do masquerade as human, you MAY think you're playing 'historical', but which of those figures is actually a kitsune or jorogumo in disguise? Then where will you be? Monkey-less, that's where...

    24. HAHAhahaahahahahahahahaaa

      nice one ^^

  4. I`m just trying to work out if Arabian Knights would be part of the orient hehe. Never the less This was a thoroughly enjoyable post T. I delighted in it from start to finish, and was sorry when I got to the end. I love the character`s names, and the poses/sculpts of the figures themselves are so interesting and dynamic. mmmmmm I do so love this old game.

    1. {{I`m just trying to work out if Arabian Knights would be part of the orient hehe.}}

      The Orient is the East, traditionally comprising anything that belongs to the Easter World, i.e. in relation to Europe. In England, it can be a metonym for, and coterminous with Asia. I know Hil, its confusing hehe, especially as you tend to think or terms like “Land of the Rising Sun” for the `true` East: but these are really just colonial throw backs to a more Victorian-esque age of empire.

      **I know I know, I can hear you saying it - `smart ass`**

    2. Ai Ai, cant spell at all ***Eastern World, not Easter World lol***

    3. "The Orient is the East, traditionally comprising anything that belongs to the Easter World, i.e. made of chocolate, wrapped in foil and coming in multi-coloured cardboard box..."

    4. mmmmmmmm Gry`s Turkish Delight!!!

  5. smart ass *grins*

    never the less, I still love it and it makes me want to get down and watch all my old movies on DVD.

  6. Looks like your games are well

  7. Hi Hills sorry to jump onto your thread, but I'm afraid I don't know another way to reach you, Jez said you were interested in taking part in "Forgotten Heroes"? if so could you let me know either here or on my blog...

    and I'll add you to the blogroll on the FH site. many thanks in advance, I'll now return you to your usual program.

    P.S. nice report by the way.

    Cheers Roger.

  8. Oh hiiiiii Roger. I am soooo sorry to have put you out and have to come `find` me, totally my bad :( but hey its great to see you here, and please don't be a stranger.

    I WANT to take part in "Forgotten Heroes", and I have this great idea for a JD character.. two characters actually. But I have recently found out I am due for an operation on my knee (just waiting for the exact conformation date, but it should be within the next two weeks I think). So I am loathe to put myself on your roll of participants only to find I have to let you down. I LIKE to think I would still have time to do it in June, but I think it likely I wont be up for much when I get back home, not for a good month or so after.

    Sad, but so as not to let you down, I think it best I withdraw from entering.

    1. It's not my call really, but I know Jez would be most disappointed if you weren't a part of it (it's his baby, I just work here ;-) ), anyway I've added you to the blogroll on the FH site, so if you feel up to it great, if not don't worry we're a pretty easy going bunch around here (if nothing else you might get a bit of extra traffic to the "cupboard" and once they're here you can nab em' for life!

      I have been around a few times now, but never made a comment yet, I promise to try harder in future (though I think I'll be flat out re-posting FH stuff for the next few weeks).

      Cheers Roger.

  9. Ooooooh thank you so much for that. really wanted to enter, and I shall try very hard still to do so. I`m so glad you pop by TGC when ever you can, and hopefully we can keep tempting you back. "Test of Honour " will be next, jut as soon as we get a chance to put it up (a massively busy week has delayed us).

    Good luck with the FH.

    1. Thanks Hils, will do, and good luck with you op.

      Cheers Roger.

  10. Bless you, and thank you kindly x