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Fortune Favours the Frugal - and the Lucky:

Fortune Favours the Frugal - and the Lucky:  

Plus a Horror Clix Mini Campaign Battle report to link in with “Gotham: City of the Bat: A City At War.”
"Daughters of Shiva" A Crooked Dice Gift From a Friend

The past weeks have been pretty darn amazing for me really. A wonderful woman, wonderful friends, and a deep appreciation for life in general. A new `splash out` on a genre I`ve looked at for a long time, but never really thought I`d be able to do. Andy`s Bushido has been killing me: oh man, you have no idea how much I have wanted to cut me a slice of that game, but the high `entrance in` price prohibited me, and I felt my spare cash could be more wisely allocated to fleshing out the ever existing `wish list` of projects I already own and love. Then, just this week, Warlord Games came out with the Godfather of all deals “I`ll make you a deal you can`t refuse.” It’s not Bushido.. its Test of Honour, Warlord Games equivalent of. Beautiful miniatures, well thought out game, and they are offering the base set And all the expansions miniature factions at a once only special offer price. Well, as Rodders from Only Fools and Horses would say: “I`ll have me a bit of that Del.” I thought to myself.... so I talked to Hils, and she agreed: and woohoo!! We got ourselves a new project to look forward to, soon as it all arrives in the post (it`s still only on pre-order at the moment).

The past few weeks have also reminded me just what great friends I have, both in my day to day life, and also with my very cool on line blogger buddies. The generosity of others never ceases to amaze me; and this month alone I have received, just gifts... because they know I would like them,  a pile of  28mm simian heads for my Planet of the Apes project, which I`m doing with Dave. These heads are perfect because it means now I can really flesh out my Crooked Dice Apes with the addition of some hairy riders. I can always find spare horsemen, but finding the spare heads is another matter altogether, and made the prospect of being able to field mounted Apes a near impossibility. Until kindness said “I got some you can have, mate.”

And then my blogger buddies saw that I loved the special Nimue miniature (only available from “Salute” 2017) and sure enough, I get sent a `spare` through the post... it`s like magic.

Earlier, knowing we are slowly building a Cursed Earth collection of miniatures, we got sent some amazing Judges.... not just any old judges, oh no – Dino-Judges, hand crafted, and custom made: specially for us (each of them a one off), and hand wrapped in an exquisite hand crafted figures box.  Magic strikes us again.

A week later, knowing we need some motorbikes to flesh out the collection further, we get sent not one, not two, or three, or four.... but FIVE toy motorbikes. Amazingly true to scale and matching perfectly with the rest of our 28mm collection. I think the original idea was for us to convert them slightly (they wouldn’t need much altering, they already look p-r-e-t-t-y darn close to Old Meg Judges and Perps in any case), but these toys are so lovely I can`t do it!!! So they will stay as the toy makers intended: Captain America, Hawkeye, and Ultron, will cross-over into Gotham and MC1 in their current pristine state. This is perfect because they can team up nicely with my lovely new Bat-Mobile, but more on that later. Magic again, and goes to show just how many magical items there are in toy shops: things you`d never normally think to look for. Goes to show, buying top dollar from the on line gaming companies isn’t always the only option you have available to you.
`Hot Wheels` Toys – discount prices at “Toys Are Us”

Maga Lucky Haul of the last weeks... Makes The Clix Campaign That Much Cooler

On top of this already perfect collection of weeks, I was given a swapsie offer (which I accepted) to exchange one of my unused games with no less than 13 brand new 28mm Mongoose Publishing Games Mega City and Brit-Cit Judges. These go nicely with Tar`s efforts, as she`s been beavering away on her various Cursed Earth custom made Perps, Gangs, Families, and Civvies. Now the Judges have some people to protect, and law to maintain, against the overwhelming, even dystopian threat, of crime and violence.

All in all a pretty amazing few weeks.
Me, personally - for far less than the price of a new game - I have managed to flesh out our clix campaign considerably, with some healthy, wise, choice purchases. I knew I always wanted my prize possession miniatures of Bruce Wayne/Batman to drive about in his very own Bat-Mobile. Heroclix sell a Bat Mobile but it costs a small fortune. Knight Games also make one, but it`s even more expensive to buy. Too rich for my tastes, so what did I do...  I put out a distress signal into the sky, in the shape of a bat. And sure enough, someone replied, and said to me: “Why don’t you check this out.” And sure enough, a company called Eaglemoss was selling the perfect Bat-Mobile as part of the “Batman Automobilia Collection”, and they were selling the car I wanted  for about a tenner. Hils placed the order for that about a month ago, and the other day it arrived through the post. Absolutely bloody marvellous model, and beautifully packaged in its very own high quality, reusable, plastic collectors box. This miniature vehicle is just crying out to be accompanied by my new superhero motorbikes, and suddenly my Gotham/Cursed Earth game is looking that much more amazing and complete.
I Simply Adore This Model
But the piece résistance has to be my new Aliens set.
Long, long go when Horrorclix first hit the shelves we played a lot of clix games. In fact I used to be close friends with John Keeting (all Area Promotions Manager) for Wizkids back in the day. I ended up writing the official crossover between MageKnight/Horrorclix back when “Wicked Fun” was as much a game motto as “All For One and One for All” is.. for avid readers of Alexandre Dumas` certain intrepid `quartet` of heroes.
One of the things Hils and I delighted in most of all, was playing with our treasured Horrorclix Aliens and Predators sets. Over time (as so many did) we fell out of love with clix **shame... oh the shame of it** and our prize collections fell into disuse and disrepair; was crudely and sloppily boxed up, damaged, given away, bits chucked away, and was generally treated with crass disenchantment. Since then, over the intervening years, we realised our terrible mistake and have worked hard to replace much of our missing collection... especially the Aliens.
We have now, finally managed to replace the Alien Queen (but not the stat cards, so have had to be a little inventive to come up with replacements – mostly achieved by scanning badly blurred photos on line and trying to glean and piece together what we needed, that way. We never did replace the special Predator which came with the set, but our next move is to locate a boxed set of Predators, which will give us 7 new beauties to play with.... more than enough. Though I`m kicking myself as I once had them all, including the special Ultra Rare promo you could only get from GenCon (or by sending away for it, using the voucher you only got included in the box set). But, we now have the Queen anyway: and last week, on eBay we finally managed to chase down a box set of Aliens to go with the `mother` of all abominations. So we are in a pretty healthy position all in all. Could be worse - so time to count our blessings for what we do have, rather than worry about what we don’t have.
Mmmmmmm..... in All Their Pristine Glory. THANK you eBay.
Rather foolishly we also succumbed to the temptation of cutting all our HorrorClix and HeroClix from their bases, and rebasing them on smaller home crafted ones of our own. But somehow, this just never quite sat easy with us, and one by one we admitted to ourselves and to each other, that we had made a big mistake. We still loved and deeply missed our clix games **sighs**  and so Hillers set to work finding out all the clix bases (thank goodness we had kept them safe) and re-gluing the figures back in place.... a slow arduous task in itself: especially as we had converted many of the pieces, and they simply wouldn’t easily fit back onto their original stands as they once had. The worst part was the clix bases which had been badly mangled when removing the figures from their bases in the first place. By careful management we wre able to fix most of these, but some (like the 3 Horrorclix Matron Mothers) were too far gone to be mended. So we got inventive again instead (the Mother of all invention).
We have the stat cards so at least we had a good place to start. From there, we scoured the internet for stat cards when we could, and got inventive when we couldn’t. The end result was that we managed to `fix` our entire collection of Heroclix and Horrorclix (once more) into a usable whole.
Anyway, going back to our hay-day of clix: one of the most enjoyable things we did was to link our Aliens and Predator games together with some choice pieces from our other Horrorclix ranges, and created a mini campaign for ourselves. Some of these adventures we wrote up into battle reports, and thankfully we kept these safely on disc. Now, years on, we have decided it might be nice to re-vamp these early write ups and continue from where we once left off.
Problem is that our styles of writing have improved and matured a lot since those days, and certainly, our camera work is a lot better now as well. But it would be too much of a shame just to let these gems from our past just die an ignoble death and get forgotten for all time. So we have been working on them to recharge them and make them a little more acceptable for a modern audience. Now, I could go back and redo all the photos by carefully working out where the figures were originally placed on the maps and faking it all with better, newer photos, but I don`t know..... I think a part of the old magic might be lost if we tried to do that, so instead, the photos will stand, as they were in their original state... and I simply ask you to look at them with a less critical eye than you might ordinarily do. They`re not great photos, but they are the original ones taken at the time. I just had to struggle a bit to lift them from the word documents they sat on, and convert the format to suitable jpegs, for compatible use on the blog.
There are a good half a dozen of these early batreps we`d love to share with you, and we will post them one at a time for a while: in their new, slightly updated and refreshed style. The first part was originally posted on The Game Cupboard soon after the blog opened, as a mid week filler, but I have decided to post it again (in its revised state) for proper continuity... with the rest of the parts still to come; which will swiftly follow over the next few weeks.
I reiterate, please look with a less critical, friendly eye, as these were originally written just for fun, for us, and were never intended for public display. Just that, reading through them, I think they are too cool to be put away and never see the light of day ever again.
Together, they form the foundation nucleus of a pretty hot mini campaign: which we will simply `fold into` our normal, much bigger, Gotham/Cursed Earth campaign.
Please Note:
The Following Story is Fairly Adult Themed.

School for Bad Girls
(A Hero & Horror Clix Crossover Battle Report).
The Matron Mother was retired now… not a Matron at all any more…. “I wonder if she was ever really a Nun in a Convent.” Alice thought.
Alice often sat and wondered about the world…. you know… the real important stuff like…. how long it takes a cat to die when you dangle it on a hook from a tree… the different types of sound that comes from people`s mouths when you set fire to their hair…. the surprised expression on a boy’s face when you please him – then suddenly bite off his pecker…. You know – important stuff the Matron Mother made you learn.
But Alice didn’t believe The Matron Mother had ever been a… you know…. real, holier than thou, honest to goodness, goodie two shoes Nun… not that it mattered. The Matron Mother had sold her soul to the Devil, and that now made her a genuine fallen woman and a Bride of Satan… which was much better than a boring old Nun in any case.
Alice looked around at her `sisters`… the Matron Mother always insisted they all call one another that…. strange, `cos Alice didn’t think sisters got up to the sort of things the Matron Mother made them do… with each other at night! Yes! Lessons from the Matron Mother were always strangely informative.
Dido and Martha…. like herself…. street urchins found in the back alleys and gutters of the city slums. The Matron Mother was always looking for lost souls… “the right material” she called it… the right stuff for teaching all the secret ways of our fallen Lord. They were the street girls that nooone else missed.
But Alice was the first. Alice was special. She had been there and watched in awe when the Matron Mother… by foul incantation and bloody sacrifice… had created the guardian. Scarecrow was most adept at keeping away those who might otherwise pry and spy on Grey Gables. Not that they ever had many visitors up here: it was too wild and desolate… only the heavily cloaked and hooded friends of the Matron Mother, who would turn up on the Dark of the Moon and chant and wail long into the night; but none of the girls were allowed to attend these `parties`… though they were sometimes called down from their attic bedroom to `entertain` the masked and hooded guests, and always after the main business was concluded.
Other than that, the only people who ever bothered the residents of Grey Gables was the occasional driver who might accidentally stray off the motorway, or a backpacker or two taking an entirely wrong turn upon The Weavers Way. But Scarecrow always dealt with these situations - quickly and quietly. Canada was a big place, easy to get lost in, sometimes forever!
Scarecrow was getting good at killing now…. especially since the girls had all got together last Christmas and made him a big sharp scythe with a long wooden handle. Yes, the Matron Mother’s metal and woodwork classes were extremely educational… and useful too.
Scarecrow had loved his present so much; he had gone missing for three whole days and nights looking for someone to test his new toy upon. When he had returned, the Matron Mother had been so cross, she had made him stand out in the far field, scaring away crows, for a whole month.
Yes, Grey Gable’s School for Bad Girls was certainly colourful, and never dull.
***          ***           ***
The Weyland team sent to investigate the school often wondered whether Henry Wayland had deliberately allowed the Xenomorphs to escape from the sealed container Lorries. What were they doing being transported out there in the first place?
But it didn’t pay to ask too many questions of this sort if you wanted to survive working at Weyland Industries.
So basically the Xeno`s had escaped… or were set loose. With no other human habitation anywhere within a hundred or so square miles, it was pretty obvious the Alien creatures would soon find their way to the house… which is where the team was all ready hidden and deployed to monitor and apprehend the creatures, and deal with any human survivors.
Weyland wanted it wrapped up nice and neat, but first he wanted the ensuing encounter between the inhabitants of the house and the escaped Aliens monitored and treated like one of The Lab`s normal experiments… which was another indication this whole thing was set up from the beginning.
Weyland might be a clever bastard, but if those Aliens ever truly got loose on this planet… you could say goodbye to humanity on Earth – for ever!
The Game:
Played on the Indoor/Outdoor HorroClix Map (from the Horror Clix starter set.
Matron Mother, her Girls, and Scarecrow all set up inside the house within the purple area. The Aliens set up on the opposite side of the map within their own purple area.
The objective of the game is for the Aliens to kill everyone no doubt with the intention of cocooning a few females for egg implantation… so many girls present within the house provides the Xeno`s with an opportunity too good to miss for creating a new gene pool, thus perpetuating their species.
Grey Gables wins by killing the Aliens and having at least one resident alive by the end of the game.
There are no victim tokens, plot twists, or sub plot cards used in this game: plus, all the residents of Grey Gables are automatically classed as blooded for the duration of this game. Each side receives 2 actions per turn.
Grey Gables:
Matron Mother…. Veteran
Scarecrow…. Experienced
Runaway…. Veteran (Alice)
Runaway…. Experienced (Dido)
Runaway…. Rookie (Martha)
Grid Alien…. (Unique/Limited Edition)
Long-Tail Alien…. Experienced
Set up. House on the left: the grounds on the right.
Turn 1 & 2: The Aliens win the die roll for order of turn. Both Aliens rush forward in a silent death hunt stance. As they approach the steps and main front doors of the house, they sniff the air and are rewarded by the fresh scent of many females… a female means a potential Queen for their stock to grow.
But the residents of Grey Gables are not slow to respond. They are used to dealing with unwelcome visitors… swiftly and surely.

Alice the red based Runaway and the Scarecrow move out of the house… but the second they see the incredible speed of the advancing Aliens, they realise there is no time to do anything other than take up defensive positions on the lower steps of the porch…. side by side.
Both sides are ready.

Turn 3 & 4:  Both Aliens flip their cards to the side that includes the acid blood ability; perfect for close quarter fighting. Both the Grid and Long Tail Alien pommel into their enemy, making a frenzied first attack. The Grid Alien goes one on one against the Scarecrow… and throws two 6`s for his attack roll and achieves a critical hit (double damage). The Scarecrow throws for his dodge ability, but fails to make the roll needed to avoid taking damage. The monster takes 2 wounds.
The Long-Tail Alien inflicts 1 point damage on the red based Runaway (Alice), which pushes her into an hourglass state for both her attacks and movement.
Alice activates rage, flips her card to the reverse side and transforms into a psychopathic killing machine. The Matron Mother is so very proud of her girls, and encourages them to use all their abilities.
Alice slashes at the Alien with an old rusty butcher’s blade, but her anger makes her swing too wildly, and she misses her target by miles.

Meanwhile, the Scarecrow swings with his scythe and inflicts 2 damage on the Grid Alien. The Alien`s acid blood splatters onto the Scarecrow, causing the scythe wielding monster to take another wound.

Turn 5 & 6: The Grid Alien amazingly throws a second critical hit, and inflicts 3 more damage on the Scarecrow. The un-natural monstrosity wavers… a single point from death.
The Long-Tail Alien throws just too low to hit – but the Grid Alien`s boss ability lifts the roll to a palpable hit. 3 damage goes onto Alice… the Alien punches its jaws right through the Runaways skull, killing her instantly.
With a scream of rage and impassioned grief, the Matron Mother rushes forward and engages the enemy… standing over Alice’s body in a protective stance, as though denying the Aliens any opportunity of hurting the child any further.

She inflicts 2 points of damage on the Grid Alien… but gets splashed by its blood, and receives a wound herself.
Matron Mother replaces the fallen Runaway.
The Scarecrow goes on a spree on destruction, and inflicts 3 wounds on the Grid Alien… who incredibly remains standing and ready to fight.
Both Xeno`s are vulnerable, and may not strike back this go.. and instead they `clear` all action tokens, so we proceed to the next turn.
Turn 7: Matron Mother places 3 wounds on the Long-Tail Alien…. maybe a bad move, as she could have killed the Grid Alien outright (with 2 turns of the dial), but instead she places all the damage on the Long Tail… a bold move perhaps? She wants them both damaged.. and that much easier to dispatch on future turns.
The blue based Runaway (Dido) runs through the house to join and protect her beloved Matron Mother.
The Grid Alien snaps its jaws at the Scarecrow… and misses. Its wounds are obviously starting to tell on its stamina.
Long Tail fairs no better himself.

Turn 8 & 9: Scarecrow swings with his weapon, and cuts the head clean off the Grid Alien`s shoulders. The ensuing blood which leaks and spurts from the Xeno`s neck, also destroys the Scarecrow… which goes up in a sudden ball of flames.
Dido sees the prone figure of Alice, lying in a pool of her own blood… and leaps into the fight, but her initial wild slash fails to connect with the remaining Alien`s carapace like flesh.
The Alien claws at the Matron Mother, and is rewarded by seeing 3 damage points get carved into the woman’s flesh.
Turn 10 & 11: Matron Mother is now completely wild with rage, and pain, and puts another 3 damage onto the Long Tail… but receives an additional wound from its acid blood.
Martha flips her card and moves her base dial to the red starting point… then runs to join the fighting.
The Alien is in his vulnerable state again, and may not fight back this turn. It decides to clear its stack of action tokens.
Turn 12: With a cry of passion, the Matron Mother swings a powerful attack at her enemy, and scores 4 damage points… and completely pulverises the Alien into a bloody heap on the ground.

Blood from the fallen Xeno inflicts its usual 1 damage on her, but the middle aged woman remains standing… proudly upright… she still has three good damage points left remaining on her dial.
Weyland`s team using infra red bio scanners and an all spectrum satellite surveillance system… located in a black van, several kilometres away are utterly amazed at the efficiency with which this strange perverted little family dispatched the deadly Aliens.
A quick call to a highly placed Weyland Industries official… a few more calls… even higher up the chain of command….. and the decision is made…. and the order is given not to exterminate the residents of Grey Gables House.
 It is calculated to be a non-existent risk that these people are going to go public with the Xenomorphic remains. Besides, Weyland wants the place watched closely from now on… and an agent planted within this devil cult. It is considered top priority to capture as many of these cultists as possible.
So the team is silently pulled out, and plans for a new operation are made ready. Plans that will see not only the Matron Mother and her girls become part of their overall picture, but anyone else involved with this little gang as well.
The potential for pitching these amazing people in the Pyramid Arena against species 019 is too good a chance to miss, and will please the Predator Promo Genitor so much, he might be persuaded to give up a few more technological delights for Weyland Industries to exploit upon an unsuspecting public.

The Matron Mother sobbed… cried her heart out… and sobbed some more. Her breast heaved and her nose ran….. she wrung her hands and pulled at her hair in utter and abject self pitying distress and lonely despair.
She had loved Alice… in her own special way…. and now she was gone…. gone forever. The Scarecrow could be rebuilt… with time…. but not Alice…. not ever. Not the same as she was!
But the Matron Mother wasn`t stupid! Even amidst her grief, the logical part of her mind was analysing the previous encounter and wondering where those monsters had come from? Her calculating mind extrapolated the facts and concluded they had been sent there to kill them all… or capture them? Who and why eluded her… for the time being. She would have to speak to the Coven elders… but carefully, slowly… in case she was being watched.  But she would get to the bottom of it… oh yes…. and when she did…. whoever was responsible for Alice`s death….

Next Time on TGC,

Aliens Versus Vampires.

Yep, its big tidy up time -her nibs has spoken: a few crates (above) of safely stacked terrain.16 more crates to go, lol.

Arcticle by Steve & Hils




  1. Hi you two, hey that was really enjoyable. A nice change of pace from your normal posting style. Isn't is lovely when multiple weeks seem to float by in that way, and the whole world feels wonderful. Great insight into your Clix history too, and all I can say is Yeeeeeeyyy!!!!! That you have both gone deeply back into it. makes me REALLY happy in fact, and gives me an even bigger bonus boost incentive in getting back soon. Clix really is my passion and I think always will be mmmmmmmmmmm. I tried so hard to change and enjoy the re-based Clickies, but inside I was missing the proper thing really badly.

    I`m so glad to see you like the "Daughters of Shiva" I thought you`d find a good use for that trio. Couldn't have Steed and Mrs Peel on the 7TV2e table without a decent arch enemy and main nemesis to face down, could we **winks**

    I utterly love that Batmobile, and I can see right away, it will go nicely with those cool bikes.

    As for the batrep, all I can say is.. Ooooooo I`m so glad its only part 1 of {{what did you say}} a six part-er.. to date? Yummy. Lots more to come then. I don't know why exactly, but I was sad when Alice got chomped down on by the Alien. I was starting to like her hehehe.. horrid little child that she was, lol.

    1. thanks T. Hey don`t worry, oodles more clix fun for you to enjoy when you get back. Glad you enjoyed it xx

    2. hmmmmm, I wonder how your HarlyQuinn, Joker and gang would fare against Grey Gables and the Matron Mother`s terrible Satanic brood, hehe?

  2. So let me get this straight. You got an entire sealed, like new Horrorclix Alien vs Predator Boxed Set... eBay I assume? Five sets of futuristic Motorbikes – in perfect 28mm scale, at discount price from a toy shop, and a BatMan bat vehicle at a synch price of a few quid, all this new stuff for your Clix/Gotham game all for less than a single expansion for some other game might have cost? Hell, makes me wonder why I don’t just spend my time at pound shops and discount warehouses and toy shop bargain bins, and be done with it. Spending big money on things costing me ten time as much is starting to look like a mugs game lolol. Grrrrrrrr maybe I`ve had the thing all t*t about face all this time LOL.

    Wow, well done you guys. Looks like careful browsing choices has paid off dividends this time.

    Hey Tar` I want those Daughters of Shiva, where did you buy them again hun? They`re really hot, as in, oh never mind you know what mean (mind you, they are kinda hot too).

    More of that horrorclix AAR please. You never see a clix game being played anymore. Everyone`s too busy switching the miniatures off the bases nowadays to be fussed playing the game as it was any more. It`s refreshing to see a game I had many happy years playing, being given a breath of new life once again. Besides I want to see where this is going. Wayland Industries huh, heck, that can’t end well where they`re involved, mmmhmm!

    1. Belated Birthday present Davey my friend. I missed it on the day and still haven't got you a pressie yet. Three Daughters of Shiva now on their way to you in the post.

    2. Do you have wings T girl? you sure do act a lot like an angel.

      :--) x

    3. **smiles**

      you are very welcome

  3. You`re forgetting though Dave, we did sort of splash out massively on Test of Honour. Cost us £100 to buy into this new Samurai game. Mind you, it should all be well worth every penny I think. Right now, I just want to get started on it all, but its still on pre-order for another few weeks. **paces the floor impatiently**

    1. yep, Test of Honour is the next mammoth biggie for us. We thought we`d not get into yet another big project, not with all the ones we are currently running (there comes a point when you just have to stop picking up new subjects), but Andy`s Bushido has been plaguing me for months, whispering in my ear seductively to "Go on, play me." Andy`s the Bushido king beyond doubt, but I don't (personally) know anyone out of our friends into ToH. So this should be fun. Deep into unknown territory, as it were.

    2. Strangely Dave mate, was never originally a prime requisite to try do things on the cheap, but sort of turned into that thinking mentality once we began to realise it could be done. The money saved really does come to quite a substantial amount actually, and goes a long way to paying the household bills and stuff (which always makes herself happy) haha.

  4. Bat-signal? BAT-signal?! I think you'll find it was the CROW-signal! Quite different - just find an empty field and run around in circles, flapping your arms and making cawing noises...and the Crow will provide.

    Really happy that you liked the bikes and Dino-Judges and glad I was able to point you in the direction your 'perfect' batmobile.

    As one of those terrible people who debases (possibly in both senses of the word) Heroclix figures - they're just so darn useful for conversions - and never really got into the game, I can't really comment on the game itself. However, it's evident that you really love it and this shines through in all your posts about it. I shall look forward to the next instalment - I still want to know what happens to Jim Gordon.

  5. *smiles at that**

    mmmhmmm!! Where was it last left, oh yes. Jim Gordon one side of the portal peering at it and wondering if he should go through, but urgently needing to find his missing daughter Barbara: and on the other side of that `gate` we got the D-Judges. Hmmmm, I wonder what will happen next. I mean, jikes, we got those four weird looking Turtle things sneaking ever closer, and then there`s the Penguins gang, Mr Gray`s lot too (Mr Gray - aka Pennywise the Dancing Clown.. wonder if anyone ever got that tie in before), and all manner of other goodies in store as well.

    and they all float down there **grins madly**

  6. that's given me an idea for a new superhero.... Carrion Crow, Gotham vigilante but nuisance nemesis of The Bat (or maybe Bruce just doesn't like the competition). Crow`s giant light in the sky is the yellow strobe image of a great bird with wings stretched wide.

    Clix is a bit like marmite I think mate, you either love it at first bite, or you hate it for ever more.

    1. I don't hate Heroclix. I played the very first version, before they introduced cards and tidied up the rules. It was my dissatisfaction with this version of Heroclix that led to the development (over many years) of Way of the Crow. So if they'd been no Heroclix, there would've have been no Way of the Crow. And no cheap figures for me to convert. So I've got no reason to hate the game. I may not actually play the game, but this doesn't mean I don't appreciate the impact it has had on my own gaming.

      Carrion Crow as a costumed vigilante, eh? Hmmm...I feel a 'build' coming on... lol

    2. I hear you bud. I too was very unsure about the change and inclusion of card stats to the game. Took me a long time to be able to accept them happily into my games. But now.... thank GOD they did that. Without the cards, I would not have a clue what some of them are (the ones with the missing bases).

      I think the biggest problem people have with Clix is the pushing issue. How certain powers only come into play when the dial is turned and the colours are revealed in the base stat window. It is a love/hate thing. But in fact, you have to be quite intimately familiar with the game to understand why this works as it does. Wizkids never designed Clix to be top totch realistic; the game was set up as more of a strategy skirmish game, and to promote powers gradually to leak into each unfolding game, allows you to `set up` moves with your teams (like playing chess and thinking moves ahead). So you move X into place to cover Y, knowing that if you move Y it will `push` him to taking damage (and thus turning the dial one click to reveal a new power.. which in turn means you can use Z to combine a power and gain a team boost, etc etc. Its` all quite clever stuff really, but only becomes apparent after playing lots and lots of games and getting familiar with the mechanics. The only other game I know which offers similar opportunities for setting up moves in advance like that (due to hidden rules that are not at first at all obvious) is Super Dungeon Explore.

      Wow, I didn’t know Clix was responsible for your Way of the Crow. Cool beans or what.

    3. For me, I`m just itching to get "The Fired" back into play, now he`s back on his proper clix base. this guys stats are simply out of this world. Quite scary actually. Lets see, where was he last we left him: ah yes, chasing Barbara Goordon.

    4. Make that "The Fiend"

    5. I don`t know, "The Fired" might be fun too. A sort of charred crispy LE version, perhaps?

  7. Sounds like you're having a great few weeks guys. I can't wait to see your ToH project come to fruition! You can always use the intervening weeks until it's arrival making suitable terrain....

    1. Andy, you have no idea how hard it is trying to keep calm when I know we have all these lovely new things soon to be arriving at our door. I think this has opened a part of us {{me in especial}} I have always wanted to explore - Japanese Shogun, Samurai, Ninja, and Eastern Mythology. There`s so much to like here.

    2. Bet my Fantastic Four can beat your Samurai Warrior and his cronies Hillers


    3. Meh shurrup!!!

      My Avengers could trounce your Fantastic Four any day Dave.

  8. hi Andy, hey what a BRILLIANT idea.

    {{looks across at Hillers and smiles wide, handing her a mug of hot coffee}}

    Pretty pleaaaase.

  9. Delighted the ape heads are going to come useful, Steve, and similarly I have a whole batch of "Heroclix"/"Horrorclix" bases ready for posting - as I've rummaging around for them since Hils asked. Not sure what they are, but there's a lot of them!!

    This article has especially 'warmed my cockles' as I too have experienced something of a gift shower in recent weeks, not least your wonderful "Bolt Action 2" booklet, but also Dave's slew of necron Raider bitz and bobs. Clearly we're currently in a golden age of generosity, and long may it continue!!

    Love the sound of your latest project, and its probably a wise move, considering Andy's inclination to deprive the rest of the community of "Bushido" on account of his impulse buying. He never lets anyone else get a look in at them "GCT Studios" minis ;-)

    More "Heroclix/Horrorclix" articles are also welcome. I don't personally regret chopping mine to death, but I do appreciate how you might miss the simplicity of the game's mechanism for incorporating complexity/individuality in each of the figures (hopefully that makes sense!!).

    1. Thank you so much Simon, it always makes me feel happy inside when I hear things like 'warmed my cockles' as I know then that I`m on the right track with my posts: its every blob writer`s hope that others are getting something worthwhile out of their efforts.

      As for getting into Test of Honour **sighs** yes it probably was a good move mate. I TRIED to get into Bushido, but Andy had bought up all the figures.... there were literally none left anywhere in the shops for us to buy.

      Wow, that's so kind about the clix bases (if you ever come across them of course). Hey, one kindness deserves another. Would you like my Necrons to go with your already growing collection of late? I was going to use them as robots in JD, but I think you would probably get more out of having them than me, to be honest.

    2. Steve, that's extremely generous of you, and I'd be absolutely delighted to take any Necrons of yours off of your hands. I have found all my old clix bases, and am currently just cramming a large jiffy bag destined for the Emerald Isle full of them!!!

    3. Ooooow Stevie, you meanie: give him the Raptors as well. You know it makes sense hehe.

    4. Blax, take it from me, the heads have caused quite a stir here. This Planet of the Apes project has really taken of. So much so that I might take it to Salute next year for a table game and display. The theme is (well apart from the absolute essential framework outlay and miniatures) to make an entire game out of salvaged cast-offs, converted facsimiles, household/kitchen rubbish empties, garage, and workshop odds and ends and anything cheap or free (never originally designed for games at all) that we can find lying about. Mounted Apes was always going to be our biggest problem. You solved that for us.

      Wait until you see the giant Crashed Space Ship miniature, made out of Bleach Bottles and orange juice tag pulls, LOL.

    5. >>>I don't personally regret chopping mine to death<<<

      Clix were a gift from the heavens for many of us mate. Taken off their bases, they offered a cheap source of readily available miniatures for us to collect and play with; allowed for cheap and cheerful conversions, and best of all, come pre-painted, so half the works already done for us.

    6. Dave, I'm delighted the heads are going to be of use, as they've literally be sat on the side since I bought 'em a few years ago. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you people come up with as your posts are always full of enthusiasm and infectious joy, which I absolutely love. Such a shame there's so big a gulf of water between us...

    7. There's no doubting that "Heroclix" have been a real bonus for many gamers, Dave, myself very much included. I love 'em, and totally understand that for many their 'straight out of the box' or at least 'straight off their base' is very appealing :-)

    8. {{{{{{I don't personally regret chopping mine to death, but I do appreciate how you might miss the simplicity of the game's mechanism for incorporating complexity/individuality in each of the figures (hopefully that makes sense!!).}}}}}}

      Hahaha, I totally hear ya` bud. And I agree. There`s certainly enough clix to go round for the `purists` to play the game as is, and those who like to convert them to their own needs. These little beauties have sooo many uses don't they.

  10. A wonderful woman, wonderful friends, great looking figures and games...what's to ask more? Enjoy!

    1. Hi Phil mon amie. As always its lovely to hear from you (your own latest blog post was utterly stunning).

      But yes, I am a very very lucky guy Phil :))

    2. who is this other woman, I`ll tear her eyes out **grins**

      I Phil, its always so good to see you here.

  11. Yep, she`s right. consider the Necrons and the Raptors yours Simon.

    1. Wow... I'm speechless Steve. That's incredible!!! I've had to turn to a box for your clix bases, as the jiffy bag was too small, so I'll see what else I can cram in and see whether I can make it "Planet of The Apes" related (e.g. some plastic ruins perhaps if you want them?).

  12. **smiles softly**

    Simon, this hobby is a strange one. Often more like a brother (and sister) hood at times. Attention to the needs of the group is an ever present importance. This time round YOU are the Warammer/Age of Sigmar fan, and YOU are the one collecting Necrons (but wow, you`ll love the Raptor Marines too I think: just wait and see hehe). For us they are just a lucky find which could be used to make/concert into more game fodder **shock horror**. To YOU they are more precious, so they should go to you, simple really.

    Now, if you ever find even one.. just one single Predator clix, LET US KNOW and name your price LOL.

  13. Simon, honestly no need. But thanks mate. I`ll post those off to you on Tuesday/Wednesday if that's okay :))

    1. So I'm chopping off clix figures from their bases, so I can ensure a certain box is filled to the brim, and pull out the next mini for cutting. The end of his spear has snapped off (I've since found it) but its still on its base and is the Pole-Arm Predator? Did you want me to include it ;-)

  14. O..... M......G

    I.....I.....I....*gasps for breath** OMG YESSSSSSSS PLEASEEEEEE. WOW :))))))))))))

    That's incredible. WOW, just simply WOOOOW!!!!!

    1. Does that mean you want the Elder Predator (based upon the chief at the end of "AvP" with the big cloak) as well, Steve? He's intact. I really need to start rummaging through my "Heroclix" collection at some point...

      I also have a few of these "Heroscape" alien dogs which Jez put me onto. I paint them up as a runner version of an Alien for my "Blakes 7 vs Aliens" "Zombicide" games, but I have a few based and unpainted. Yours if you want to use them (as I bought a job lot)? The link to them is here:

  15. *sits down hard as his legs give out**

    You... you have Elder Predator chief with the big cloak... the one from AvP, and am asking if I want him?

    **shakes head and goes.... dwibble**

    **can`t seem to compute, and only a small mouse like squeak emits form his throat**

    "Yesssss please"

    Nods furiously now, as time catches up with his mind and realisation begins to dawn. YES PLEASEEE.

    Jez kindly gifted us one of those dogs too, its soooo cool isnt it. And like you, Tar` sort of stole it lol and intended all along to use it for her 7TV2e Blakes 7. The Batrep for that is actually played and written out, and I`m just waiting her her to get it to me so I can post it in TGC (lots of nice photos for that one). Wow I love what you did with yours. That article... and the one on Aliens... is shatteringly good.

    ..... and NO mate, I couldn’t and wouldn’t possibly take those off you. Just do me a big favour, write more Blakes 7 narrative AAR`s/Batreps. THANK you Simon that is massively appreciated. But I have one dog thing, and this little critter will do just fine mate. As for the Elder Predator - HELL YESSSS pleaseeeeee.

  16. silly question Simon, do you have the cards for those? I`m only asking (not to be cheeky, but) `cos, if you do then I think I`ll cry happy tears LOL. But if not, then I`m off on an immediate hunt to try and pin down some photo stills of them on line. Just a whiff of the stats is all I need to be able to copy down the correct powers.

  17. Forget the cards Simon. I just took a phone call from one of the club lads who just read this post. Would you BELIEVE it, he`s got the cards we need but no figures lol. Says he`s had the Predator cards for years but gave the figures away long ago. He only just came across the stat cards (but not the plot twist ones) the other day while doing a clear up, and so knows exactly where they are.

    Want the most amazing news of all: he even has the Apprentice Hunter stat card (you know, the human heroine of the movie who teams up with the main Predator.. which is included in the boxed set). We might not have the figure for that, but with this card we can now at least make our own very own facsimile. This just keeps getting better and better.

    1. Okay Hils, I don't have the cards - at least not the Predator ones, but have put what cards I do own in the box for you. I know I have far more cards but can't find the box I put them in unfortunately...

      I did though uncover the intact figures of the Shuriken Predator, Martial Predator and Raging Predator too... any good for you ;-)

  18. Oh GOD!!!!!


  19. **looks at the calendar** I didn't realise December 25th had come already.

    This is simply fantastic mate. You can`t begin to know what this means to us.

  20. Oh by the way, the Necrons look pretty intact (as in all glued and stuff) but the Traitor Legion Raptors are in some disarray. I have checked thoroughy and ALL the pieces are there, but I notice that arms and things have come loose over the years. No damage and nothing broken otherwise. Do you wish me to glue them together or send them as is - i.e. kit form lol?

    Oh, and I`ve found a few Germagants and stuff too, I`ll add it all in as I come across stuff.

    1. Steve, no need to do anything with the minis, I'd be delighted with whatever you have to offer. I'm just printing off your address for a label, and will get the box off to you on Monday.

      I did find another Predator "Heroclix" too, but have already re-based and primed him. However, his base might be amongst those I'm sending you - there's too many to check.

      It does though mean that I clearly owned all the set at some point, so the human heroine figure must be around somewhere. If she turns up intact I'll let you know. i really do need to go through my mountain at some point :-)

  21. Oh wow, well if she did turn up double wow.

    Simon thank you again for all this. I`m literally over the moon and know Hils is too (you must take our phone number and have a chat some time, then you can speak to both of us and have a good game talk natter (perhaps even talk with the legendary Tarot lol).

  22. Silly little question for you Stevie or Hil. You mention five superhero motorbikes but only show three in the photos. What are the other two?

  23. Aaah, good question. the photos only show Captain America, Hawkeye, and Ultron don't they. In actual fact, the two I didn't show in the photo are a couple of spare Captain America duplicates. These I have earmarked for conversion (though its hard a they look so good as they are already)... so best of both world really Tar` I get three cool additions to the Avengers Squad, and two which will end up as custom made Brit-Cit Judges.