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A Horrorclix fight involving
Aliens (Xenomorphs) and Vampires.

As promised, following closely on the heels of the first part... here is the second instalment of the retro-horrorclix AAR mini campaign. Actually written many years ago. As was the first part “School For Bad Girls” (which was re-posted a few days ago).

I`d like to ask anyone interested in reading this to be a little bit lenient in criticism as to the style of writing and the bad quality of the photographs. Antarctica was only ever originally written for ourselves to enjoy (in way of a personal hobby journal), as we tend to write up almost all the games and adventures we do: so as to keep a hobby journal/record of events, however basic.  At the very least, maybe it`s a small peep into our gaming minds... and shows how we like to catalogue (in intricate detail) even the smallest of our hobby endeavours, usually with a passionate ardour.

Keeping a game journal was a little trick I learned from Donald Featherstone way back in the 1970`s: and I have kept it up ever since.

I wince a bit when I see all the AAR rule explanations through.... especially as there are few now who play Horrorclix, or can even remember how the rules are played. A good game write up should make the rules almost invisible (unless showing the reader how a game works) and sadly, this one fails all the rules of good pen-man-ship lol.

But it is, never the less, something I would dearly like to archive for posterity`s sake: so please forgive my indulgence here. I suppose keeping these old games alive is more for my personal pleasure, than any serious hope that others will find the adventures amazingly interesting. But then again, sometimes with blogging you just have to do what makes you happy.  Still, persevere, and you may just titter in mirth a bit at a few of the desperate antics our little toys tend to get up to on the battle board.

So yeah, I don’t really expect much comment response to this short series of write ups.... amazingly great if you do find them interesting, but it is really a personal thing that I am doing here, and I am not expecting suddenly to convert everyone (or anyone for that matter) to the joys of Wizkids Horrorclix gaming.

Normal blog articles will resume soon enough, once we have posted all the retro AAR`s necessary to fulfil this desire to reserve them for posterity.

Thanks guys.



Year: 2025.

Location: somewhere in the middle of the Tun`Dara Plate… on the lower slopes of the Aborus Shelf.

Situation and Premise: An awkward alliance of convenience between a private Scientific Ice Station Hel* (similar to the one discovered in 2004, on the frozen arctic island of Bouvetøya) and an alien race of hunters called species 019; sometimes known as the Predators… by the scientific team.

*Norse Goddess `Helheim` of the Underworld.

The scientific team known simply as “The Lab” works privately for multi billionaire business tycoon Mr Charles Bishop Weyland. Back in 2004, searching for remains of a lost and ancient civilisation, containing elements of Inca, Egyptian, and Cambodian architecture and hieroglyphs; noone could have predicted the conclusion of their find.

Mr Weyland unfortunately died on that expedition, but his adopted son Henry Weyland took over the business, and was not slow to capitalise on his father’s findings.

Rather than go public with evidence of extra terrestrial life on Earth, Weyland Industries decided to make contact with the Predator alien race, and forge a `business` agreement – in what was a foreshadowing of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, to come in later years.

Wayland Industries provides the `big game` for the hunters to enjoy (found from the vast collective of  the paranormal: ghostly entities, the undead, werewolves, bio-altered humanoids, and just about anything else The Lab can get its hands on - or create from scratch), in exchange for the occasional `devices` which Wayland Industries can use to create anything from wondrous household appliances, and state of the art modern time saving conveniences… to technologically advanced military hardware, and satellite surveillance systems. It`s a seemingly perfect alliance, forged from a balance of predator instinct and human greed.

….. and when Henry Wayland has the urge to `get rid of`` anybody who is becoming a nuisance to Wayland Industries (annoying news reporters, truculent bankers, incompetent employees, etc) or feels the need to teach rival business executives a lesson or two… well then: The Pyramid is always open for fresh meat.

***          ***          ***

The Game: Okay, I`m a complete Wizkids games fanboy. I’ve collected heaps of Mage Knight and Hero and Horror Clix figures over the years, but I’ve never actually played a proper Clix game using this amazing new Aliens boxed set before. So this should be interesting.

Basically, my first Aliens game will be a simple skirmish, fought between three Ravorvixens: Rookie, Experienced, and Veteran - and an Acid-Tail and a Leaping Alien… both Rookies.

The point of the game is simple: the vampires have just awoken to discover they are no longer in their native home, but have been bought somehow to…. Well God knows where?

A wall opens up before the vampire babes… revealing a set of stone steps leading down into the darkness. Sniffing the air, the vampires can smell death; not just other people’s blood, but potentially their own demise as well.
Razor-babe`s set up area.

The two Aliens have likewise, simultaneously been `allowed out` of their holding pens, and their natural instinct to protect, kill, and to survive will, hopefully, do the rest.

Last side still standing at the end… wins the game.
Two Aliens are released from the pens – the hunt is up.

Meanwhile, `Lab` workers sitting comfortably behind nice safe monitor screens, and eight inch tinted plasglass – watch, and take notes.

Upper Pyramid Level.

I am not using Plot Twist or Sub-Plot cards in this game, so players will skip the Preview Phase on every turn of this game.

Victim Tokens represent a small team of scientists `probably deliberately trapped within the complex, and a bunch of  `other` victims no doubt snatched from the streets. The Lab learns a lot about human behaviour by studying survival instincts under extreme stress.

Initiative (for the duration of the game):  Aliens 3. Vampires 6. Vampires take the first turn of the game.

Turn 1 - The Suspense Phase:

A 5 is rolled on the die, and some sections of wall start to shift position. Where before there were two clear passages… now sections of wall have snapped shut. In a few minutes time the Pyramid’s inhuman mind will randomly move some more wall sections, revealing new passages and chambers, or temporarily sealing off old areas – a computerised mind is stoically intent on keeping the hunt interesting.

A victim token is flipped over, revealing a terrified Girlfriend archetype with a movement of 4.

An almost insidiously inaudible yet incessant hissing seems to  fill the woman’s head, and in blind panic she scrambles and stumbles away into the murky darkness, completely unaware which direction she is taking… and completely oblivious to the fact that she is actually heading straight towards the lead most Vampire. In the distance… up ahead of the victim, somewhere… muffled by so many labyrinthine corridors, twists and turns… an agonizing scream fills the woman’s ears – then abruptly dies in a gurgled shudder… one final breath!
The Hunting Phase: the red based Razorvixen moves forward with feline grace. Ahead… in the gloom, her superior, inhumanly enhanced eyes spy a lone victim. She stalks this new prey, who whimpers and screams in terror. The Vampire is rewarded by sinking her teeth into a Scientist (first token slain ), alone and lost in the complex.
The Vampire is now blooded. Using the snack ability, the Vamp drains the blood of her victim and enjoys the satisfaction of having her dial clicked once anti-clockwise to the left… invigorating her strength by 1 damage point - all the way back to the green start line of her stats.
Hourglass Phase: There are no hourglass symbols showing on any of the monster dials. So we move rapidly on to the second turn.
Turn 2: The Aliens roll a 2, and suddenly the Pyramid re-configures into a new shape – two wall sections spring up out of nowhere - completely separating two victim archetypes who were previously conversing in desperate, whispered tones.
The Girlfriend Token (now controlled by the Aliens) suddenly loses heart… or does she think she sees the flicker of movement up ahead? In a moment of sudden intuitiveness, she turns around and heads back the other way.
In a flurry of movement, almost faster than the eye can follow; the Acid-Tail Alien bounds forward… rounds a corner and comes face to face with two Victim Tokens (a Cop and a Scientist, both lost, bewildered, and now utterly horrified).
But the Alien is in a hurry, and merely hissssses as it passes between them both: carries on and splashes unhindered through some water… leaving the half feinting victims behind - in the egg chamber!
A Cop and a Scientist still live – for now!
Turn 3, 4 & 5: The passage behind the Acid-Tail Alien vanishes, and is replaced by a solid stone wall… the Pyramid has re-configures itself again.
The red based Razorvixen takes a second action, and moves on up the narrow tunnel towards her second victim. The Vampire has now taken two actions in a row and is vulnerable – so may not do anything on it`s next turn.
The Girlfriend Archetype is caught in a new and potentially deadly situation. Splashing through the water… coming towards her with a loping stride, is a horrifying monster… even her worst nightmares could not have conjured this up – until now! Yet turning back into that tunnel, seems to her, to be almost as bad.
Something has been padding along behind her… toying with her, and her nerves are almost ready to snap and submit to utter insanity. Steeling herself for an inevitable encounter with – God knows what, the woman dashes back into the tunnel. Anything seems better than facing that Alien thing coming up fast behind her.
The wall section that had separated the two Victim Tokens suddenly vanishes out of sight, and the companions are once again united.
Through the grainy darkness of the complex, the red based Razorvixen watches the out of breath woman run back into the tunnel…. towards the Vampire. But she gives a hiss of frustration as she realizes she can`t eat this victim – not yet. The Vampire is vulnerable and can`t take any Actions this turn.
Instead, the yellow based Vixen makes her first move and runs headlong down the long passage, eager to taste her first blood.
Two Vampires are now in play.
Turn 6: The Girlfriend Token pushes along the narrow tunnel like a steam train. Suddenly she feels cold air on her left cheek, and almost tumbles down a new passage…. a way out and perhaps freedom!
Meanwhile… elsewhere - it’s simply not meant to be! The two companions are again separated when the walls rise up between them.
The Acid-Tail Alien leaps into the tunnel and scampers towards the red based Razorvixen. The creature`s move carries it to within two squares of the lead most Vampire.
Acid-Tail, Vampire… and Girlfriend Victim Token.
Turn 7: The Pyramid re-configures, and this time the wall behind the Acid-Tail Alien closes the space where the narrow tunnel used to be. For now, there is no way back for the Alien, and it must fight – win…. or die!
But it is the Vampire`s turn. A victim Token is flipped over, revealing a Sheriff with an extremely good movement value of 6. The Vampire player moves the token towards the yellow based Vamp babe. The Sheriff almost bumps into her, pulling up in front and adjacent to the blood hunter. The peace keeper fumbles for his gun, but it`s too late…. the Vixen is all over him before he even gets his finger to the trigger. The yellow Razorvixen is now blooded.
Turn 8: Amazingly, the Aliens throw a 2 and once again the wall section separating the two Victim Tokens disappears. But this time one of the tokens is missing! The Sheriff is now nothing but a bloodstained mess on the stone floor. The remaining Victim Counter calls carefully and tentatively into the darkness: “Jack….. Jaaaaaack, where`d you go?”
But there is only silence!
The Acid-Tail Alien sees the humanoid female raise its projectile weapon… and whirls its tail round at her before her finger can unleash a hail of death in the creature’s direction. The tail hits the wall beside the Vampire`s head like a whip crack. Acid sprays along the passage behind her… but the Razorvixen remains unscathed. With an amazingly bad stroke of luck (4 rolled on 2d6) the Alien misses.
Oh my God! The passage ahead is totally blocked. The Girlfriend archetype token is trapped, and has no choice but to watch the deadly and horrifying chapter unfold in front of her eyes, as two equally unearthly monsters fight to the death in a display of unbelievable acrobatics and nerve wrenching hostility.
Of course, here I suddenly realize I haven`t been counting the Acid-Tail Alien’s Actions. The creature should have run out of Action Points moves ago. Ooooops! Never mind, I’ll just place 2 action tokens on the Alien now and say the creature had an amazing burst of energy which lasted several turns.
Turn 9: The red based Razorvixen gives the Alien a lopsided grin, and pulls the trigger of her machine-pistol. Round after round tears towards the body of the Acid-Tail Alien – but the creature`s camouflage ability saves it from taking even a single hit.
Unbelievably, the Pyramid roll is a 5, and the blocking terrain in front of the Girlfriend Victim Token moves silently aside.
Turn 10: The woman half crawls, half runs away down the tunnel and out into another chamber. She laughs and cries at the same time… relieved simply to live another minute, and utterly terrified by her plight.
The Wall behind the Acid-Tail Alien moves away… and once again the tunnel re-appears behind the creature. But the Alien is in a vulnerable state, and cannot do anything except stand swaying and hissing at it`s foe this turn.
The Leaping Alien lurches into gear…. and comes steaming down the passages, eager to find it`s enemy. Its jaws are slack and the monster slobbers as it moves….dripping ichor and saliva on the ground as it passes.
Turn 11 & 12: It`s fortunate for the Leaping Alien that it decided to come through the tunnel system opposite the Acid-Tail Alien, because the walls have just shifted and completely sealed the other way forward.
The red based Vixen aim and fires again – and misses for the second time in a row.
But Acid-Tail whirls its tail around for another attack, and cracks the Vampire square across the chest… which sends her crashing and sprawling against the nearest wall.
When she doesn`t move again, the Alien is satisfied… her neck is broken and dangles at an odd angle from the rest of her body. The alien job here is done.
The Acid-Tail Alien dispatches the Red based Razorvixen.

More wall sections move… and the Leaping Alien suddenly finds itself with no way forward down the tunnel it has taken - for now.
Turn 13 & 14: The blue based Vampire moves forward and places herself in position, ready to tackle the Acid-Tail once the walls re-configure again. She will revenge the death of their dark sister and teach these alien monsters the real meaning of fear and respect.
The Leaping Alien rounds a bend and finds the way blocked by a Victim Token (a Jock). The Alien really hasn’t got time to deal with these insignificant humans and would much rather have simply passed it by (Aliens don`t need to kill victims to become blooded, they are automatically blooded anyway); but the victim is blocking the way forward… crying and whimpering in terror…. utterly unable to move a muscle. `The human seems to be leaking warm, steaming yellow water down its leg,` the Alien observes as it smashes down on the thing and kills it. But then again, the Alien is not really surprised! It has seen these inferior creatures do this many times before in the past.
More grinding of stone on stone, and the Pyramid changes itself again.
Turn 15 & 16: The patience of the blue based Vampire pays off, as sure enough the wall separating the Acid-Tail Alien and herself moves aside (simultaneously, the wall blocking the way forward for the Leaping Alien moves aside as well).
The yellow based blonde Vampire… the youngest of the group… lures a Victim Token (Teacher) to a perfect position so that the blue based Vamp can snack down on some lunch – and become blooded… just in time to deal with the impudent Alien in front of her. But now the blue base is vulnerable and will have to stand up to what ever the Alien can throw at her on the next turn while she gathers her strength.
Okay, I`ve just found out I`m doing something else wrong. I`ve been allowing the Acid-Tail Alien to use the special ability acid spray for the last few moves. Actually, that ability isn`t available for use on the initial stats, and in actual fact the Alien has to have received a couple of damage before this deadly ability becomes active at all. Oooops again. But never mind; it wouldn’t have changed things much – if at all. The Alien’s normal tail whip ranged weapon is deadly enough in any case. Besides which… this battle report is enjoyable, atmospheric – I`m having fun, and also learning the rules as I go along. So, the Alien suddenly finds its tail wound has cauterised, and it can no longer drip acid at its enemies.
See the green acid tipped tail
Acid-Tail swishes its tail round again (this time without using acid spray), and inflicts 2 damage points on the blue based Razorvixen, who staggers momentarily, but keeps to her feet.
Turn 17 & 18: Wow, what amazing opening to the move: just in time to save the vulnerable Razorvixen, the wall section randomly chooses that precise moment to re-configure and block the path between the Acid-Tail Alien and the Vampire.
Acid-Tail moves up slowly to the blocking terrain, hisssses in frustration, then settles down patiently to wait for the stone to re-configure and open the tunnel again. The time will serve the creature well, for it is now vulnerable and needs a turn to recover.
Stand off.
Meanwhile, the blonde haired, pony-tailed, and blue clad Vampire runs down another passage, and ends her move by snacking down on a Victim Token (the Scientist who was earlier conversing with the Cop).
Blonde and cute – eeer…nope!

Turn 19 & 20: The floor section that pigtails is standing on, starts to shift. Leaping forward and out of danger, the passage behind her is suddenly blocked. She continues her sprint up the passage until she stands in front of a blocked wall section leading onto the rear of the Acid-Tail Alien.
A lone Lab Scientist Token moves forward cautiously through the dark and watches the blue based Vampire from close quarters. Even in this terrible plight, he is performing his job and taking notes for the rest of the Weyland team… but his Mother always used to say Johnny was very ambitious – even when he was just a wee lad.

The Leaping Alien quietly slithers forward… slowly…. simply waiting for the blocked wall section ahead to re-configure again.
Turn 21: Wall sections block both Vampires from reaching their enemy, and they wait patiently for the Pyramid to re-configure. But by a bad turn of fate for the Vampires; the wall section (separating the Vampires from the Aliens) shifts to one side at the beginning of the Alien’s next turn – and not during a Vampire turn as they hoped might happen. Suddenly both Vampires are now potentially open to Alien attack.

It is Acid-Tail who moves: flipping its stat card to the other side to reveal a new ability acid blood… and like a coiled spring, the monster bounds forward and charges straight at the Vampire ahead of it. The blue based Vixen receives 1 damage from the ensuing attack.

Turn 22 & 23: Wow, amazing. The Pyramid shifts again, and the wall section in front of the blonde Vixen opens before her, allowing her to move up on the Acid-Tail Alien if she chooses. With the blue based Vamp now needing to throw ten or higher on the dice to get through the Alien’s defences, the Vamps decide to move Blondie up from the rear.
However, the narrow tunnel slows her advance to a painfully slow crawl.

Hahahaha: the Hobby Gamer Victim Token is flipped over and the archetype moves past the Girlfriend Token and nearer to the monsters. I guess gamer curiosity pushes the geek on to observe some real action…. But even his lucky dice might not save him this time, if either the Vampires or the Aliens decide to rub out this annoying little pest.
The Hobby Gamer

Acid-Tail strikes again, and this time the Vampire in front of the creature is toast. With a last phlegmy cough of un-breath… she utters some filthy curse at the ugly monster standing triumphantly over her torn and broken body.

The Alien is unmoved by her oratory… and simply hissses.
Acid-Tail dispatches his second Vampire of the game.
Turn 24: The Blonde Vampire Razorvixen moves off down the tunnel towards her third Victim Token. She needs time to recover her strength, and seeks to put a bit of distance between herself and the enemy for a few moves… so why not snack on a human while she is waiting.

“Jon clutched his precious sourcebooks and his dice bag as the thing closed in. The last sound he heard was his dice spilling onto the floor. In death, as in life, Jon failed to make his saving roll.”
Slash…. Gulp!!!
Turn 25:
The Girlfriend is trapped! With utterly nowhere else to run, she closes her eyes and prays the end will be quick. But the Alien thing merely hisses as it passes… a whirlwind of movement…. and it is gone. Intent only on reaching the last remaining Vampire, it has no interest right now in this weak fleshy human – the woman lives another turn.

Turn 26: The Vampire is vulnerable…. out of breath… and can`t take any actions this turn. She can hear the Aliens moving in on both sides… and she can sense her last few moments on this earth are drawing near.

But suddenly there is fresh hope for pigtails. A section of the floor between herself and the Leaping Alien springs up from no-where and completely blocks the passage, as the Pyramid re-configures itself yet again. Good! She now has a chance to deal with the Aliens one at a time.

Turn 27, 28, 29: Hahahahaha Oh cruel bloody fate. The blocking wall section that had previously sprung up…. disappears back into the floor on the Alien’s turn.
Suddenly, the Leaping Alien is on her. Raking her with its claws, it inflicts 1 damage point on the Vampire; but her acrobatic skill reduces this to 0 wounds. The Vixen slashes back, but her frenzied attack fails to find its mark on the Alien.

Acid-Tail moves up slowly.
Turn 30: The Vampire strikes at the Leaping Alien again, with a swift series of attacks. She slashes a wound across its chest - 1 damage: but the Alien has acid blood and the Vampire feels a searing pain across her shoulder as the creature`s blood splashes onto her, causing 1 wound of it`s own on her.
A lucky break! The wall in front of the woman suddenly grinds open… she starts running again, away from the monstrosities still fighting it out behind her.

She runs as fast as her long legs will carry her.

  Turn 31: Once again the Blonde haired Vampire slashes and wounds the Leaping Alien, but its own blood spills onto and wounds the Vampire as well in a tit-for-tat exchange.
Yellow based Razorvixen and Leaping Alien battle it out.
Turn 32: But finally the Leaping Alien thrusts its long extendable jaw through the throat of the Vampire… and suddenly the battle is over.
Silence descends on the Pyramid.
Victory goes to the Aliens.
The Lab teams watching the `show` through their monitors, slap themselves on the back, smile at one another, and congratulate themselves on another successful experiment.
An important looking Lab worker in a clean white coat presses a few buttons; and chambers start to close off from one another, making them air tight. The Pyramid is filled with a nerve toxin to render the remaining Victims unconscious. A stronger concoction is used on the Aliens to render them `safe`.
Soon men in brown uniforms are scurrying into the complex and removing the bodies of the living and clearing the remains of the slain…. even dead bodies are useful to The Lab!
***      ***
Wow, complete victory to the Aliens. Three wounds to the Leaping Alien was all the damage this pair took during the whole game… yet they managed to take out all three Vampires with relative ease. Utterly amazing!

Hmmm I wonder. The Scientist who risked his life to gather notes for the Lab would no doubt find fresh favour with his co-workers, and might even have earned himself a promotion within the Weyland organisation.

The Girlfriend who found herself in this confusing and terrifying situation might wake up at home in her bed next day… all memory of this little incident wiped from her mind… completely oblivious – except for the nightmares… which will re-occur every night for the rest of her life. Otherwise she will be safe and happy… unless they abduct her again… dragging her back to the mad Lab… for some new dreadful experiments?

The Gamers dice bag will eventually end up on eBay. Perhaps the dice will bring the new owner better luck!

Article by Steve & Hils




  1. That was very cool. I can see the appeal of Hero/Horrorclix, as where else can you mix and match vampires, Aliens, Predators, TMNT and superheroes? With the new 'Heroclix Undead' expansion being released next month, you should be able to add to your ranks of things that 'go bump in the night', without having to pay premium prices for rare Horrorclix.
    Really enjoyable and gave a good flavour of the game for someone unfamiliar with the later rules changes. What's the next instalment going to be, I wonder?

    1. oh man, the new Clix Undead expansion, I truly can hardly wait to see what they give us. It not a case of "need to have, its new, shiny... ergo I must have it!" its pretty much at Tar` said in her comments; Horrorclix has the standard rules, and then it has the individual monster stat card rules (which always override the default game rules), so when ever you buy/add even a couple of new monsters to your game, you are bringing a whole new set of dimensions to your table top games each time. So buy a dozen new figures and `butterbing` you`ve exponentially increased your game options.. sometimes tenfold: so the game stays fresh and never ever gets old or stale.

      So woohoo, this new expansion will be like a whole new lease of life for the game. I can`t wait.

      I`m so glad you enjoyed the latest instalment and found it flavoursome Jez. You are right too, Clix is a bit like `pick-and-mix sweets at the cinema: you add in what you wish into the bag, and create all manor of delicious combinations.

      What comes next, hmmmm. Not sure. A touch of Clix eastern delight Arabia I think :))

    2. Awesome! One of my favourite settings and o e that doesn't get a lot of exposure. Obviously we had 2e Arabian Adventures and 7th Voyage from CD, but that's about it. Everyone wants zombies and barbarians - give me dashing sea captains, evil viziers, flying carpets and Djinn - "Size of an elephant!" Let's see who gets THAT

    3. Wait until I do one on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I keep promising to get something in, but never seem to manage it. They are already in the campaigns we play, but we play weekly and what gets put in the blog tends to be only a fraction of the amount we actually play.

    4. {{{flying carpets and Djinn - "Size of an elephant!" }}}

      Abu Hasan.

      Oooooh I LOVE The Arabian Knights

  2. Now you see this interests me. You say it is an early batrep and therefore not as polished, but I don’t tend to look for perfection when I read an after action report. I look for passion and immersion. Sure, if it reads well that`s a bonus (like a good game of Dungeons and Dragons is enhanced by an expressive DM) but if the story is good, the plot is well conceived and draws me in, then I will happily allow myself to be sucked into the tale and travel its descriptive twists and trails.

    Straight away with this, you caught my interest. Right off, you mentioned the billionaire Charles Bishop and the Weyland-Yutani Corporation up in the arctic. So immediately I`m drawn into the Alien story arc (the movies of course, but also the huge wealth of well written and incredibly beautifully drawn graphic novels as well): and I can see straight away, the tie in with this secret Weyland installation in the arctic and the experiments at Grey Gables (down south in Canada). The tie in between “Antarctica” and School For bad Girls” is thus set. Soon as I made this connection, BANG! You had me hooked from that moment on.

    It even makes me wonder about the Jim and Barbara Gordon tale far to the south (still to be fully revealed and finished) and whether this too has a link with the Grey Gables and that awful Matron Mother? Hmmm we shall have to wait and see I guess.

    These may be older tales Steve, probably feels like half a lifetime ago (time seems to speed up as we get older doesn’t it mate) and your style of doing things has changed a lot, I can see that straight away, but the essence is still there, and the ability to tell a good story. For me, the fact that that story is told using Horrorclix is a bonus, as I like being taken back down that nostalgic path: indeed, I still play today – and MageKnight too for that matter. Some may not have a clue what you are talking about with terms like `clear` and `suspense phase` and `hunting phase` lol, but for me it draws me RIGHT in to an old favourite game system - bit like sitting in an old comfy chair.

    1. wow, you really have been following it closely haven't you. You even have the locations pretty darn accurately worked out: from the cold Antarctic pole, and the ancient temple complexes of the last pre-ice age, then south and below to the Canadian border and the Matron Mother`s dreadful Satanic home. Then you `got` the foreshadowing that this is just a cog in the wheel of something far larger and much more sinister... and does it tie in with Jim Gordon way below on the Pennsylvanian east coast (aka Gotham)? I tell ya, reading Dredd Cursed Earth, and DC ark Knight (Batman) sure does help you learn American geography lol, that and travelling there for shows and things. You quickly learn the different time zones, the weather pattern shifts in climate and most of all, the relationships between highway and state divides lol.

      Nice one mate.

      You mention MageKnight, which AMZINGLY is all but forgotten nowadays: strange as it was for a while THE most popular selling collectable game in the world. Superseded by Heroclix later on, but really does show how the changing whims of consumers is so readily quick to forget the old as it rushes to embrace the new.

      I loved MageKnight best of all. And I`m glad to see it is still kept very much alive here in Cork by a hardcore knot of lads who still play is weekly. I gifted them my entire MK collection a few years back (over 1000 miniatures), and now they have enough to last them a lifetime I think lol.

    2. ark Knight sounds pretty cool actually, but I meant Dark Knight, haha

    3. Don't want to be a pedant, but surely Canada and Gotham would be NORTH of Antarctica, what with it being the South Pole?

    4. I ALWAYS get Arctic and Antarctic muddled up, always have done. I DO get the question I was asked at school though, why don't Polar Bears ear Penguins?

    5. eat eat eat (not ear)..... now I`m doing it again.

    6. Ahhh, I think I know this one - this is to do with the distribution and branding of chocolate biscuits in North America, yes?

    7. Yutani Corporation, ooh that's my domain Dave **grins** you have wisely learned to fear my `Yakuza` loooong ago, a lesson not forgotten I hope hehehe.

      A horses head on your pillow would be mild compared to the ingenuity these `ghost like` people will go to, to ensure discipline and order is maintained.

    8. ((((Ahhh, I think I know this one - this is to do with the distribution and branding of chocolate biscuits in North America, yes?))))

      mmmmmmm I feel an X-Files moment coming on. Something with black oil, an alien tool with a retractable spike in the end that makes a sound like someone whispering Pssssht! and a Russian villain called Alex Krycek, perhaps?

  3. I loved that you make the same kind of mistakes as I do when I play HorrorClix. It`s the fact that so many of the wonderfully diverse and unique monster type have exceptions to the standard {default} rules, written on their individual statistic cards. So even if you know the rules really well, you are still as likely as a novice to make the occasional mistake when you forget to take into account these rule exception changes, hehehe.

    I was rooting for that Girlfriend (token) throughout the whole game, and was so happy I actually whooped for joy when she made it all the way to the end. But just you leave the poor girl alone now, don’t you dare drag her back to that dreadful place for more Lab experiments lol. She`s already going to have nightmares for the rest of her life.

    That gamer token was a surprise to see being used. I didn’t know you had him. Do you have any idea how rare that piece is: you`d probably faint if I told you? If you have the punch card it comes attached to, you can probably write your own figure on the cheque, as it comes from GenCon 2008 **grins**

    I thoroughly enjoyed the AAR, and strangely enough, I especially liked that it was played `pure strain` on a proper 2D Clix map. You have lots of those don’t you?

    Can`t wait to join in these games, and see the adventure link in with the earlier Gotham stories, which we barely scratched the surface with last year. So much scope and so many adventures still to come.

    1. Hi Tar babes, glad you enjoyed it, and can`t wait for you to join us again. Lots of game adventures just around the corner for you, whenever you are ready.

      >>chuckles<< I don’t like making big mistakes in games when I play, but oh boy I made two clangers this time didn’t I. End of the day what does it really matter though. What is the hobby after all? games we play within our hobby are really a celebration of our childhoods... the joy and innocent wonder we experienced in the gentler age of make belief before we got so tied down with `adult` need for accuracy and completion. This is why we like to push little figurines about a table, Marval and DC comic book characters, Captain Scarlet and Doctor Who, and if truth be told, even the historical wargamers do it too. When they refight Waterloo, of The Battle of the Bulge, they are really reliving those truly classic war films of their youth, reliving them again as adults. Trouble is, soon as we get to be adults we lose that innocence and get caught up and entangled in the need to justify what we do by using `accurate` rules to dictate what we do, accurate terrain that has to be perfectly in scale with everything else, and with miniatures that look as realistic to life as we can possibly make them...... in other words, by this stage, we have lost something precious: the ability to create innocent make belief.

      Would we care (as kids) if we made a mistake, nope, we`d move on and forget it moments later.. Solo gaming teaches that too. In fact I often change tact or rules mid way through a game if I`m playing alone. In this instance, I laugh go ooops, and carry on as if nothing has happened, humming a la la la laaaa to myself as I do it hahaha.

      The Hobby Gamer card I have, yeppers... it`s rare alright. And yes I have the card it punches out of as well. I always slip it back into its hole between games and keep it safely sealed in a plaggy bag. I have loads of special tokens, mostly prize giveaways from the past tournament and show conventions. I know I know, I`m one lucky dude. Remind me to show you them all when you`re next here. I`m pretty sure I never showedyou any of this stuff before.

    2. {{strangely enough, I especially liked that it was played `pure strain` on a proper 2D Clix map. You have lots of those don’t you?}}

      Wish we had lots more to be honest. We struggle to get our hands on those old mageknight/hero/horror clix maps. They`re not expensive, just hard to track down nowadays. Can`t ever have enough of those 2D Clix maps.

    3. oh GOD yes. My pride and joy are those tournament prize mini maps (still got a few of those prizes all sealed in their plastic from so many years ago). A mini map, a few promo cards and a unique plot twist, and perhaps an exclusive LE 1st prize win miniature. Ahhh the golden days of yore.

  4. I always feel really inadequate when i comment briefly, compared to the virtual essays etc of others. Sadly it's all the time I have to spare.

    I really enjoyed it Steve - warts and all!

  5. its not good enough Andy, we demand blood and plenty of it.


    We KNOW you are busy Andy, never worry hun

  6. The fact you enjoyed it is more than enough mate.

    Hey the warts are cherry flavoured, from the same shop they make and sell them at Hogwarts.

    1. Hahahaha thanks guys, cherry flavoured warts....erm yum?!? 😉