Friday, 14 April 2017

Jurassic Dredd - unofficial prog 3

Happy Easter...Creeps!

A while ago Jez over at Carrion Crow`s Buffet {carried along on the crest of a wave for all things Dredd) made some pretty nifty Dino-Judges.... yep, you heard right: as only his mad head could invent, he come up with some 28mm Dinosaur Judge men. Course, you can’t just buy these in the shops, oh no. He had to make them himself. You can read the actual article where he modelled them by clicking on the link below.
Now, not only did he invent them for a weird alternative reality,  an alternate dimension version of the Cursed Earth, but he then proceeded to paint them, cos.... let`s face it, how do you paint a dino-judge anyway? Well the crazy inventor, himself, would be the best one to answer that little conundrum . And that`s what he did. He painted this unusual (and unique) alien species himself, with his own fair hand.
But it doesn’t stop there. Knowing we had just embarked on a strange crossover campaign involving a warped post apocalyptic version of DC comic`s Batman, intermixed with Rebellion`s sometimes disturbingly dystopian 2000AD Judge Dredd.... plus a whole bunch of other stuff as well, such as Dark Horse`s Hellboy, IDW Publishing`s Underworld, and James Cameron`s Terminator franchise (interjected with bits of Brimstone, Zombies, and a lot of Frostgrave, just for good measure), Jez then decided he would send his Justice Department Aliens to us in the post, to add a bit of fertiliser (Dino-Poo-Doo) to our newly created fledgling  miniatures rpg campaign.
What a surprise to open the lovely box and discover a whole bunch of goodies. Some cool stuff I won`t mention here {letter(s) coming Jez}, except to say wow THANKS bud *thumb up* and Hils and Tarot are grinning from ear to ear.
Originally I had intended to do a pure strain Judge Dredd campaign, but somewhere along the way this idea got axed. I say the JD world is a dystopia, and I maintain this to the last: yet disturbingly I find this does not always appear to be in a fully wholesome way. Any comic book for example which has a (supposed) law enforcement in operation which uses armed cops who use a type of round called “a double whammy” doesn’t strike me as a society which could come from anything other than the two dimensional mind of a fourteen year old. The whole thing is a little juvenile and dysfunctional on an intellectual level... a bit like Ken St. Andre`s original Tunnels and Trolls rpg rules using spells with names as diverse as “Slush Yuck,”  “Poor Baby” and Yessa Massa.” Designed for young teens, I see a disturbing similarity between this and Dredd I am afraid. But intrinsically I LOVE the whole idea of a screwed up futuristic sci-fi romp (just not the militarian dictatorship thing, or gamers all enjoying the whole “hey time for target practise” thing every time their Judge miniatures take to the streets on the gaming table. We had that in reality... it was called Apartheid.  I can`t play a game where civilians are all potential `perps` for the Judges to mow down with their arsenal of `cool boy` guns.. and look slick doing it. No, I WANT to play this type of game, but I just want to do it in a more mature and balanced way; not with the incorrect gutter school playground humour of a minor.
THIS is where Jez really tickled me pink. Alien Dino-Judges (in Dredd such a thing wouldn’t happen ever, in their racially prejudicial military dictatorship). The whole idea just works for me. So a big BIG thank you to the forth musketeer, from the other three Emerald Isle musketeers. Your gift is most aptly and appreciatively welcome.
Check out the really cool box the Dino-guys came in... looks like “Crowhouse Miniatures”have been busy indeed.

the shot, to give an idea of scale. What a lovely extra special touch this box is.

Oooh this is exciting.... I can see the heads

OOoooh these are LOVELY. I simply adore the way his style of painting so readily matches our preferred own. Uncluttered, vibrant use of colour (like the old Timpo toys of old, which we here in Ireland try to emulate in much that we do nowadays). I`d normally redo the bases to match the rest of our grey stone base collection, but you know what. Hmmm, we`re going to keep them exactly as they arrived in that cool box: they are a lovely gift and they shall remain as is. To show how much we appreciate them.
“Hey! you two, wha`d yer want... Perps?”
“We hear there`s some new boys in town, and we wanted to see them for ourselves, isn’t that right Mr J?”
"Absolutely so, my dear."
“hey what about us, we want to meet them too.”

But Quinny, my love - my dove: these new guys just aren`t FUNNY, like I am.
“Well I hear they got style, Joker man.”
Oh pooh, what would you know about style Ms Hershey?”

“Hey, WE`RE the funny guys round here!”

“Pssst! Hey, Anderson... Moon, have you heard the rumour about the new guys arriving in town?”

{2 minutes later} “But Love, I am funny.”
Tired of Mr J`s whining,
Harley Quinn heads off alone to find pen and paper so she can get Jez`s autograph.

Meanwhile - across the vast and unexplored Chult Jungle they quested. All the time, fighting monsters and terrible cultists left and right. Now... finally, their journey neared its end.

“The Gate was in sight”
Judge Brown took a tentative step forward. What was on the other side?
They all held their breaths, checking their universal translators one last time... to make sure their AA alkaline batteries were fully charged.

Judges Pink and Green look on nervously.


Blue has an idea!

“Wait a minute, dino-men”, he calls out.

Judge Blue wanders a little way into the jungle, lifts his head and emits a high pitched sound from his throat... like a chainmail glove scrapping over a disc of sheet metal (yes, an unashamed Pink Panther movie reference).  

Several Raptohounds hear, and come running.
They arrive *gulp*
“Okay, lets DO this.”
On the other side...... a lone figure stands looking at the shimmering light.
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No Reptiles were harmed in the making
of this program.






  1. I'm so pleased that you like them, but wasn't expecting them to be featured so heavily! And they seemed to have gained some allies. 😁

    Can't wait to see what's in store for my 'boys' (could be girls...didn't take too close a look.)

    And you've still got your alternative lawmasters to come! 😉

  2. oh but they are so amazingly cool. What a totally lovely surprise. And the box they come in is just super (we all agreed, we will actually keeping them in the box between games. Its so perfect, and j-u-s-t- fits the dino-hound pack snugly inside as well).

    Yes Judge Pink could be a fem` couldn't she *winks* guess we`ll have to wait and see in time, either that or peek when he/she isn't looking. Guess Pink must take the leathers and the armour off sometimes?

  3. Hey THANK you for the big box of goodies. What a package of wonderful surprises. Love the Airborne (thank you so much), but more on those when you see them in use next Prog or so. The robots are simply PERFECT and trust me I already have a massive future use planned for these little beauties. Sorry we`ve been quiet, totally hectic day - and tomorrow too most likely. Easter is always such a busy time here.

  4. aaaah first D&D session in ages, finally over for the nightL it`s sooo good to be back.

    The dino-J`s are simply scrumptious, and a real treat to use too. Already worked out game stats for them all, and given each of them individual personalities and everything. They look incredibly cool on the table I must say. As for the `thing` you sent me, Jez............ thank you. You know what I`m talking about. It means such a lot *huggies*

  5. Wow, they look great, I remember the article and was impressed back then too! They look proper job on the table and accompanied by Dino-hounds, brilliant. Nice job with the gate tie in to the previous thread, I must admit there have been a few threads so it's good to see them draw in together (how you keep track I don't know, I'm impressed though!) lovely post Steve and congrats on receiving such excellent toys :-)

    1. hehe thanks Andy mate. I`m so glad you enjoyed it. Yeah Jez`s dino-judges are sheer class aren't they? Soooo cool. And yeah I had those Warcraft raptors lying in a box for so long now (I so nearly chucked them to the club `poor box` long ago actually), but when I saw these guy`s Jez sent over I remembered them and thought... Oooh rapto-hounds woohoo!! YES.

      and oooh, remembering the interwoven threads of the ongoing campaign is the fun part Andy. It will become easier once it all starts to fit together into place a bit more... then the real, BIG batreps can begin.

  6. haha, excellent prog` Steve, really entertaining, and what a rare and special gift to send to someone Jez. I thoroughly enjoyed this week`s sampling from the Emerald Isle.

    I agree with you about the Dredd thing though. Make it too black and white, and take it too literally and it can all end up very `boys own` but with a slightly distasteful naïve undertone, if played out too literally. The writers of those comics were left wing genius writers and artists of their time and underlying almost every page they did (on a children`s level) there was a subliminal imagery at play within the artwork (usually hidden in plain sight, but also in the background of the mind`s eye and focus) an `adult` level few nowadays can actually even see, let alone acknowledge with any clarity. You had to have BEEN there to get it all nowadays; the Thatcher government, Punk Rock, the Miners` strikes, the lot. Make the mistake of taking the comic as an example of a gun toting military regime of power verses the mercurial faceless evil (the sin of being poor and one of the masses) the ironic villainy of the piece thus becomes the law itself.

    Excellently funny article. And really nicely done.

    1. hear... hear Dave mate. Power to the people, oggy oggy oggy.

  7. A superb, crazy and colorful universe ...SUperb and stunning Steve!

  8. Oh wow thank you so much Phil. praise from the praiseworthy is high value indeed. Really good of you to pop over and take a look. Your own offering this last week was amazing (I still don't know how you paint those 15mmm soldiers with more detail than most people could manage in 28mm; so amazing). Great to hear from you Phil. Come back lots, dont be a stranger :)

  9. Silly little question Stevie, because I actually went to bed thinking about it and woke up with it still on my mind grrrrr, half awake dreams thoughts are weird, funny things hehehe. So question is, are you just being different and all homebrew-ish or is it something else? In the last cool comedy story-thingy, why did you name your Judge Giant.. Judge Moon instead?

  10. HAHAHAHHAAHahahahaaa good question, and well spotted too, you little pest lol. Actually the reason it fairly simple and straight forward *>>goes red with embarrassment<<*

    Okay, so its like this. When I painted my first three judges (of a batch of 11 I had/have to do), there I was happily painting away la la la laaa, and had them finished, based, and then varnished with my lovely matt Purity Seal. And only then, next day I think it was, it suddenly dawned on me, like a Homer Simpson "Duh! that... erm... Judge Giant is actually dark skinned African **chuckles**

    I WILL be repainting the lower half of his visible face.... curse you, ,,,, yes, yes, I`ll do it later today.

    And also yes yes yes, before you ask, hahaha, I deliberately left the red band lines off the Judges helmets, why? because I wanted too (exactly why will come out later in the crossover blog campaign), and this has a dual purpose too: I want these Judge minis to serve twofold as Futuristic Cops for another (spin off) game I have planned for much later on this year.

  11. "In brightest day, in blackest night,
    No error shall escape my sight
    Let those who copy suffers blight,
    Beware my brains - I'm always right!"

  12. "In loudest din or hush profound
    My ears catch evil's slightest sound


    Let those who toll out evil's knell
    Beware my power.. Green Lantern's light!"

    1. "Beware my power, the F-Sharp Bell!" It's supposed to rhyme...

  13. {{{the F-Sharp Bell!" It's supposed to rhyme...}}

    it like "Mary had a little pig......" *uuuhuum!!* no, maybe not.

    Lets try again.... Okay!!

    "Jack and Jill Went Up The Hill
    To Fetch A Pail Of Water
    Jill Came Down With Half A Crown
    ... Then The Rain Came Following After"