Monday, 26 December 2016

Santa Claus Came A Calling

The Christmas tree corner of our lounge... Christmas morning. Each sack contains loads of presents, and actually buried under the sacks are heaps more presents hehe.
What a series of lovely, lovely, lovely surprises I had this Christmas (I`m still picking myself up from the floor in surprised but delighted shock). I was intending not to write about any of this in the blog, but just quietly to `get on with it` and reveal painted and finished bits as and when they appear naturally in the articles and battle reports (as is my usual way of doing things). But for once I decided to break from my tradition and post... well, just part of my good fortune, and share it with you... for no other reasons than that (a) to show appreciation to the people responsible, and (b) because I think it may be of interest to a few who come here to read the blogs, as the subject matter is rather engrossing, and in fact may even be personally interesting to any wargame readers here, especially those who might live in England. As the subject matter is historically so enthralling and enticing.

I am of course referring to The English Civil War.

NOoow..... let me set up the premise of this `tale` so that I might explain the extreme good irony of all this. Irony pushed along by the good offices of our dear friend Tarot, I should add, for getting the ball rolling: and to my club mate Dave, for asking if he could join Tar` and assist with the purchases.
Some time ago, I made a big gaming decision. After half a life time... no longer.. much longer in fact. More like most of a life time.... I decided I was pretty much done collecting any more `stuff` for my hobby (“yeah right” I hear you say Jez, haha).
 I figured I had all the miniatures I would ever need, and I came to the firm decision that (bar Birthday and Christmas presents and the odd small thing) I would not collect any more miniatures... unless I absolutely needed to for a current project of something. This was a good decision and not one I have ever regretted since I made it.
BUT there was a price to pay for all this, and one huge great sadness. I really wanted to do English Civil War, big time. Yes, yes, yes, I had bits and pieces for it in 28mm: but nothing I could possibly ever field as anything more substantial than a skirmish game or two; and even then - small ones at that.
It sat with me as a hobby ache... a sorrow, which I felt poignantly. I would now never collect those all elusive ECW armies I had so very much longed to collect.. as I said... literally for half a lifetime and longer. Tudors and Stuarts is a subject I have always been extremely interested in with a bit of a driving passion... ever since my college days and, actually, long before that even: as my Dad had this amazing way of bringing history to life for me, and as I lived in England my entire growing up days, I was surrounded by castles and battle fields: and history literally felt like it jumped out of the fields and out of the stones at me. My Dad was remarkable at making it all seem interesting and vibrant: so that, as a child... as a boy... and then a young lad, I felt this social and military period of English history with a deep, deep passion.
The idea of table top campaigning in this genre fills me with wondrous rapture and intense excitement, just at the thought of it all. And this feeling has never really left me. Yet somehow (remarkable really... but then again, I can never collect everything I`m interested in, can I?) collecting any sizable forces for ECW always remained j-u-s-t out of reach for me. Either wrong practical timing, lack of funds, into another project at the time.... either that or a club I played in at the time didn’t have any real interest in the subject. One way or another, I never seemed to get a chance to DO it. And now it all looked like it was gone - forever out of my reach.
And so, seeing how much and just how enduringly I had secretly longed to pursue this project... but also knowing that once I make my mind up about something I am usually pretty unwavering, and would not change my mind... nor crumble or do a u-turn. And so it was, that the wonderful Tarot and my very good mate Dave, both sat and conspired together: and between them they determined to get me (as a mega present) a veritable TON of Warlord games English Civil War sets of miniatures... two whole units of Dragoons (both in their mounted and their dismounted state – plus even a few horse holders and bare mounts). A pile of extra heavy `lobster pot` Cuirassier: a boxed set of Ordinance (loads of cannon and crew) and some resin embankment gun gabions, extra barrels, cannon balls, buckets, sacks, and so forth  Some amazingly cool personality figures... Earl of Essex, Oliver Cromwell, Charles 1, and Prince Rupert: and wow two entire Battalia box sets .... that`s two starter sets containing 2 complete pike and musket battalions of foot: 2 units of forlorn hope `firelock` infantry, all the cavalry squadrons needed to play a big game: Also some sharp shooters/snipers, and various ancillary staff, civilians, wagons, a baggage train, horses even a shepherd and some sheep.
To this you can add a veritable PILE of buildings, walls, fences, and trees.
So WOW, I`m kinda in total bliss and heaven over all of this. It also happens to have been my Birthday on December the 16th and so Dave and Tar` decided to make this a joint Birthday and Christmas present all rolled into one. This is a staggeringly wonderful present and I am utterly blown away at their kindless and generosity. I have no idea what I have done to deserve it, but I am exceedingly grateful and I am sure.. one of the happiest gamers alive, I think.
SO suddenly for the first time in my life, I find myself in a rather privileged position of actually realising a cool dream about to come true - 28mm ECW wargaming WOooohoooOO!!!!!
The perfect way to start your Pike& Shotte army or add additional units of the bravest Soldiers to your army.
The Battalia includes the following:
·  80 Pike& Shotte Infantry - allowing you to make 24 pike men 48 muskets with 2 sets of Command.
·  24 Cavalry
·  10 Firelocks
·  Plastic bases
·  Full colour Flags for both Parliament and Royalists
The role of the dragoon was still being defined in the wars of the 17th century. Dragoons later went on to become heavy shock cavalry who rarely got off their expensive horses. Our subjects fighting in the English Civil Wars and Thirty Years War are really mounted infantry, musketeers mounted on poorer quality horses. Their role was not glamorous, but was nonetheless vital to a 17th century general.
Before any pitched battle the Dragoons would have been worked hard, joining raids on enemy strongholds and supply lines. Capturing and holding bridges, fords or crossing points at major rivers were also important during preparations for the coming fight. Dragoons could also find themselves on outpost duty, using their firelock or matchlock muskets to keep the enemy at bay. They were also the perfect troop type to escort wagons, prisoners or guarding anything else thought valuable.
Come the glorious day of battle however, the Dragoon could come in to his own. Never as well paid or equipped as their comrades in arms in the cavalry, and most likely despised by the footsloggers, the Dragoon had a job to do nevertheless. Most commonly, it would be dangerous work, joining Forlorn Hope parties, guarding the flanks and rear of the army. They were sent forward to clear woods, ditches and hedges of enemy musketeers and opposing dragoons. Often the Dragoons would move forward smartly and then dismount to fight, forming regular musket blocks on the field and responding to drum calls as would any infantry of the time.

In the heat of battle their horses would be sent to the rear, along with one in four of the men. These troops would ensure the horses were sheltered from fire and prepared for swift mount up, whether to retreat or redeploy on the battlefield.
Firing from the saddle was attempted, indeed even trained for, but it is difficult to imagine this being of any real worth in the field. Hand-to-hand combat was not seen as a major role for a Dragoon, however Colonel Okey and his New Model Army regiment bucked this tradition. At Naseby, Okeys Dragoons famously charged, sword and carbine in hand, to help destroy a collapsing Royalist army.
Warlord's dragoons can be fielded for either Royalist or Parliament. You could add bonnets which would make them perfect for Covenanter armies too. They can also represent all sorts of mounted shot for Thirty Years War armies.
Our lads are modelled so that you can have the mounted and dismounted versions of the same Dragoon , wearing his unique hat and carrying the weapon of his choice!
Whether you are Covenanter, a monarch-loving Royalist or even a Crop-headed rebel your army needs dragoons!
·         12 plastic horses
·         12 metal riders
·         12 foot dragoons
·         1 leaflet describing the background of the Dragoons and containing ensigns

It was a rare thing for a general in the 17th Century to take to the field without an artillery train to intimidate and pulverise the enemy lines. These cannon and mortars were terrifying weapons, belching smoke and flames with a frightening roar that no simple country lad was likely to have heard before. The cannon’s range of a thousand yards or more, although inaccurate at such extreme distances, could deliver its solid iron cannon balls to smash through the tightly packed enemy ranks to devatasting effect.

A wily master gunner would position his guns where they could do the most damage whilst not risking them to the enemy – it being a great shame to lose ones guns in battle, not least because of the enormous cost incurred in manufacturing, transporting and crewing them.

This box has three mighty weapons - a Demi-culverin, a Mortar and a Saker cannon - carefully protected by well-built gabion and wicker work defences, with the gunpowder barrels safely stowed in pits. Served by stoic crews and supported by a Sentinel, Master Gunner and an Engineer, these will wreak havoc in your opponent’s battle lines!


Thundering across the field of battle, resplendent in their ornate plate armour and pistols held tightly in gauntleted hands the charge of a cuirassier regiment was something to behold!
With luck the regiment would stop and perform their speciality – the ‘caracole’ - a complicated, but well-executed tactic, whereby the first ranks fired their pistols in the very faces of their foe, then wheeled away to reload whilst the next rank came up to volley.
The alternative would see them smash home, pistolling men at close quarters, or wielding fearsome poleaxes to smash through armour or crush opponents.
The 17th century saw large regiments of these steel-clad cavalry fighting epic battles in Europe in the devastating Thirty Years War. In England, Parliament massed enough money to put Haselrig’s ‘Lobsters’ (as they were known from their bright hard shells) into the field to take on Prince Rupert's feared Cavaliers.
These Cuirassiers are totally prepared for battle - with horse pistols, swords and even war hammers. Sound the charge!
·         12 multi-part metal Cuirassiers (including command) armed with swords, pistols and war hammers
·         12 plastic horses
·         Plastic bases
·         Background guide
·         Seven Full-colour flags for English Civil Wars and Thirty Years War
 The Earl of Essex


Of course, to complete my Christmas Day present list.... well I won’t go into details. Suffice to say, Hils has bought me (and hand crafted by herself, secretly.. literally over a period of months) enough terrain to make my ECW games look staggering good.. aesthetically on the table: and on top of that, she bought me some incredible plastic terrain sets for my new `supers` campaign... easily enough to see me well and truly on my way to bringing Gotham to life on the table top, and on the blog (via my photos). These terrain sets I have never seen before and am in wonder at them. Some company I have never heard of before.. called Pegasus Hobbies. I am in awe at all this lovely new stuff. As for Hils handmade terrain scenics, what can I say... frankly, stunningly good barely does them justice.
This doesn’t even mention the stack of DVD series (such as Gotham series 2, Agent Carter, etc etc): a mound of new books: and a full size stand up hobby light set array.. which looks like a football stadium when lit up, it’s got so many `daylight` painting lights on it, you almost need sun glasses to shield your eyes... WONDERFUL for painting at night, and this will help my modelling during winter no end. There’s more, but I`ll stop there. This article is really about my English Civil War good fortune, and I will leave it there. Although THANK YOU to everyone else for the amazing and wonderful gifts I have received this year.
An early present for Hils... baby lovebirds: which are sort of part of the parrot family of winged beasties. Here they are on Christmas Eve (taken before most of the presents had been set under the tree). She has wanted these for years... so now she has three hand reared ones - a natural pair, and their buddy (brother) hehe. 
Hils will KILL me for posting this shot (but I actually think its a lovely one). Hils... literally awake five minutes, no make up, scratch on her cheek from the day before in the garden, and slumped in bed... but look how they love her. I opened the cage (which we never keep closed - except at nights while they sleep) and all three baby birds flew straight to her. They took to her and bonded with her almost the first ten minutes they set eyes on her.

....  and here's one from later in the day
I still can’t believe my good fortune and am just happy I can share my delight and euphoric pleasure with you all here and now.
Merry Christmas everyone.
Article by Steve



  1. {{I have no idea what I have done to deserve it}}

    Because all year round, you give without thought of reward. You give silently, often anonymously, you give with no regret or thought of personal gain, you show no jealousy or greed or covetous nature towards others: and so this is really just a very small way to say "thank you so much."

    Now go enjoy it all love xxx

  2. yea - What Hil says.

    Plus, for me.. you have given and given and given to me, and I have (gratefully) received so much for so long now: and yet, seem to have given you nothing really. And so its simply my turn to give YOU something special: yet even this barely touches my gratitude to you for all you do for me, and to so many others. Forgive me for saying, but you are not nearly as rich as many other gamers I see and know, but still you keep buying things for the guys at the club and for your friends. You are a champion Stevie. So yea, just enjoy it all now.. Merry Christmas to my best-ist friend (and is darling wife).

    1. I am truly blessed, to have friends... people such as you, in my life.

  3. I'm sure these are well deserved mate, as the ladies have said you give very generously without a worry, as a recipient of your largesse I think you deserve to be spoiled :-)

    1. Thanks mate. This year I really wanted to share my own personal haul a little bit (with fellow gamers), not something I normally do so much: but seeing others do it on their respective blogs, I thought, "heck, why not... maybe its time to share with `da lads`."

      As for the girls, yeah, they really do deserved all the praise - for their amazing generosity and extreme kindness. I`m still flabbergasted.

  4. That's a very impressive haul of presents, Steve. I'm really thrilled for you.

    1. Thanks Bryan.... actually I only talked (and mentioned) about a third of my overall pressie haul for 2016. Was a bumped Christmas indeed.

  5. What a superb and appropriate present. I can imagine your face was a picture - puzzlement intially, then joy, followed by dancing glee one you'd realised quite how much you'd got. That's the true pleasure of giving, when the present is so perfect that the recipient almosts suffers an aneurysm when thet realise what they've got.
    And you gotsome Pegasus Gothic buildings too?! So jealous...
    And the background was appreciated too. I only had a vague idea of what dragoons were, so consider myself educated.
    Of course, you do realise that you're missing a very important pair of characters? Does the phrase "No, it's not - it's a pumpkin with a pathetic moustache drawn on" ring any bells? Might have to see if I can find you that particular turncoat...

  6. *chuckles* I think you must have been that fly on the wall, for you have most surely described my face as the slow realisation sunk in just how complete this present presented itself to me, as I unwrapped it, literally a present at a time. The dance of glee... or Snoopy happy dance... closely followed accompanied by whops of pure and unadulterated pleasure; sprinkled with a good measure of sublime disbelief and shock.

    You know of Pegasus Miniatures gothic buildings? I`d honestly never heard of them before, and it seems Hils had literally had to learn how to `browse` on line.. all the wargame terrain sites, trying to choose the right ones to purchase from. She settled on Pegasus and I am SO happy she did. They are magnificent, and I have ALWAYS had a liking for plastic, so I am double delighted.

    As for Dragoons, yeah these troop types are a personal big time favourite of mine, and really fit my thematic approach to table top gaming. I think it’s the way you get them mounted (like cavalry) then you roll up close to the enemy and replace these figures with dismounted troopers and place a few horses and horse holders to the rear, while the rest of the line advances cautiously... very much like a earlier historical version of Sharpe`s 95th “Chosen Men.” Really conducive for good thematic gaming I find.

    As for Black Adder, oh my yessssss: Black Adder The Cavalier Years is most appropriate for this era isn’t it mmmmm thanks for reminding me of that. I shall have to dig my DVD boxed set out I think; along with a Black Adder Christmas Carol hehe.

  7. "You know of Pegasus Miniatures Gothic buildings?" For shame, Steve = you should know by now that I know where ALL the cool toys are... Need a Civil War giant, complete with moustache and using two cannons as hand weapons? I know where to find one. Whilst that's an extreme example, I do suggest you check out Redoubt Enterprises = they have a ducking stool set, complete with 'witch' on a pole, pond and puritan priest on horseback for just shy of a tenner. Here's a link:
    One or two other character sets in there you may like too.

    And I have to admit that due to my current focus on time=travellers, I may have chortled my way through 'Blackadder Back and Forth' last week. I just need to find a suitable figure for a time=travelling Blackadder.

  8. Dunno why I keep saying Pegasus Miniatures, its Pegasus Hobbies isn't it


    I honestly can`t understand why I never heard of them before. Their stuff is simply awesome. The sci-fi/gothic/Victorian gaslight range(s)) are staggeringly good and what more PLASTIC so very very VERY durable. Also totally modular and price wise, easily on par with ANY of the modular card terrain out there. But being plastic, really goes nicely with the rest of my (in an ideal world) `preferred` medium... which has always been plastic - whether miniatures or terrain. Quick to assemble (can set up an entire 3 foot square table of the tuff in 10 minutes) and absolutely no gluing required. I`m in love with it all.

    You will see it all revealed bit at a time through my batreps and AAR`s.

    {{Need a Civil War giant, complete with moustache and using two cannons as hand weapons?}}

    Are you by any chance talking about that really cool Mage Knight Rebellion giant of yesteryear? I have one of these beauties and plan to get mine in play pretty soon... certainly sometime in 2017. (link to one below).

    Those Redoubt Enterprises pieces are incredible and that url is now well and truly saved to my favs. Thanks a lot for that Jez.

    Oh my goodness yesssssss, 'Blackadder Back and Forth' would be so perfect wouldn't it, for the avid time traveller/Doctor Who rpg and table top gamer. What perfect viewing. Its so, sort of... English version Scooby doo-ish as well.

    Hmmmmmm, here's a cool WWI Blackadder 28mm mini. But not really ideal as the time traveller version you are looking for. But here`s a link to it anyway:

  9. Actually, i was talking about the English Civil War Giant from Eureka Miniatures 'Avalon's Burning' range. At £16.50 he's a little pricey, but he IS a giant. Can't post a link from my phone (I did try...and failed), but is available in the UK from Fighting 15s.

    And i am aware of Scarab Miniatures WW1 Blackadder set, as well as The Assault Group's Elizabethan Blackadder, Percy and Baldrick AND Rogue Miniatures' Tudor Blackadder and Richard IV - it's the rest of the 'whole damn dynasty' i'm trying to locate. And i will...eventually.

  10. OOOoooo the Blackadder range sounds intriguing Jez, I`d be mightily interested in collecting a `Cavalier Years` Adder character and co.

    Ah yes, Nic Robson`s Avalon Burning range, I completely forgot about these. I write the Pax Limpopo stories for Eureka and really must finish the official Pax novel as soon as I get time during 2017.

    Here are a few interview articles I wrote on it some time back:

  11. Oooh, get you and your name dropping! Lol
    Actually, i'm currently considering the Avalon's Burning Royalist Officer as my potential Cavalier Blackadder, as he does look shifty enough. Unless you can convince Tarot to use her considerable sculpting skills to craft one for you? Of course, she'd have to do one for me a reward for coming up with such a cunning plan...

  12. hmmmmm, I guess that might be arranged.

    X two of them huh?

  13. Ooooh - excited now! Seriously though, as you normally get paid for this type of commission, I am quite prepared to pay for my very own despicable rogue. The particular image i had in mind is the one where he's threatening Baldrick with a knife, so slightly hunched forward with a blade. Most of the 'proper' Cavalier figures i've looked at (and I've looked at a LOT) are not shifty looking enough. You, my dear, are a star! Happy dance time...

  14. hehe

    hmmmm, lets see. I shall send you over a series of drawings some time and you can pick your preferred galley copy.

    ....... and, its actually a real please Jex xx