Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Season One
 "Carlotta Wynn"
Act 3
Carlotta Wynn keeps pace with the hood following Mrs Winslow... remaining a steady fifty paces behind and mingling into the night with the experience of a cat. In no time at all she is soaked to the skin, and wishes she had thought of pulling on a coat before leaving her office hot trod in pursuit of the couple now half a block in front of her.

Suddenly, Carlotta's client slips down a narrow side turning... and for a full half a minute Carlotta loses sight of both Mrs Winslow and the two bit hood... who in turn follows the strange woman down the alleyway.

There is a scream! Followed by the sound of hurriedly running footsteps echoing in the night.

Carlotta quickly retrieves a small hand gun tucked discretely under the hem at the back of her skirt, and moves like the wind towards the commotion to see what evil thing has transpired. Her footsteps splash in the puddles and her heart pounds like a bass drum deep within her chest.

When Carlotta turns the corner and rushes down the alley, she is just in time to see Mrs Winslow's attacker vanish from view round a corner some distance ahead. But Carlotta's client is lying face up in a gathering pool of blood.

When Carlotta reaches the body of the prone woman, she notices the woman has been fumblingly searched.. and her handbag has been snatched. Blood is pouring from a knife wound in Mrs Winslow's chest, and she is very obviously dead.

Somewhere in the distance, a police whistle is heard, and Carlotta knows it is only a matter of minutes before Gotham City law enforcers arrive on the scene. Better not to be present when that happens, and the P.I. knows she needs to make a quick exit.

Thinking quickly and with female instinct, she checks the one place she knows another woman would hide anything valuable... fastened in her stocking top, or thrust down the inside of her blouse.

She comes up trumps!

A thin sheaf of papers is lodged inside the dead woman's undergarments. Carlotta extracts the papers, careful not to leave any finger prints... pauses for a moment, removes the woman's wedding ring and prepares to vanish into the gloom of the alley.

The money from that ring will fetch a pretty penny, and she won't be needing it any more, will she?'  

Carlotta reasons; having enough of a conscience to feel a slight pang of guilt at her roguish actions.

Hurrying away from the crime scene, by a series of twists and turns Carlotta winds her way through the back streets and alleyways until finally, some thirty minutes later, she finds herself standing safely outside her private apartment on the corner of Dock Street. But before slipping inside, she looks left and right up the road to make sure she is alone.. fumbles with a key in the lock, then closes the front door firmly behind her.

Once inside her scruffy and dishevelled pad, she moves over to the cupboard in the kitchen, removes a quarter full bottle of whisky, pours herself a stiff drink (which she swallows in a single gulp) then sits down at a table and places the small bundle of papers in front of her; the stolen ring next to them.

Opening the folder carefully, she notices a small splodge of drying blood has soaked into one corner of the sheaf of papers.

Carlotta quickly sees that these are indeed the papers her client was so eager to protect, and just like she said, they were deeds to land in the Jiangsu city sector Legation of East Blüdhaven.

But what makes her start, inhale with shock, throw her hand to her mouth and cry out 'oh my... no' isn't the realization that the woman had (apparently) been telling the truth; but is caused by a single name which is repeatedly written on the papers:

'Mr. Charles Ray Mortimer'

Signed witness and executor of the deeds.

Mort, her dead lover!

She pours herself another drink, emptying the bottle into her glass in one go, and continues reading.

Mort had mentioned in passing that he once had bad dealings with a heavy mob over on Cash Side... the rather select and upper crust district of Gotham City heights.. where the rich and influential lived. But he had never elucidated much beyond the fact that he had been a 'gofer'... a middle man for a notorious crime lord who expected and extracted loyalty in blood - other peoples.

She carries on reading, way into the night, just a tiny lamp casting a small circle of light around her. 

Gotham by Night!



Article By Steve


  1. love the pacing of this. Like reading an old `penny a time` pulp magazine of the past: like my Dad used to read as a kid (he still has them I believe). Slow, methodical, and slowly builds to a crescendo - then drops back, and builds again, etc hehe.

    1. chuckles~~ thanks tar` hun. Glad you are finding it exciting. The temptation to do it all NOW is almost overwhelming. I WANT to do it all... put in the Joker: introduce the sexy yet sadistic Harley Quinn: add in the iconic Mr Penguin: bung in The Riddler... Bane... Scarecrow... Ivy.... The Cat.... Mr Freeze, oh so many many many wonderful elements; and that not even to mention The Bat himself, Alfred... Robin.... Batgirl... and so on and so on and so on it goes. But NO!! a fantasy city lives and breathes with a life of its own. Its enough just to KNOW such icons exist there... somewhere. Let the city breathe a while, and mature. Time to introduce all my wonderful `toys` at some later date, once the scene is fully set *grins mischievously*

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks bud, I always really appreciate your comments and feedback.

    2. Sorry they're so brief Steve, I'm on a run of brutal night shifts and reeling from them

    3. Hey Andy, noooo worries I know you are often busy. I appreciate you stopping by and know you write more when you can :)

  3. the foreshadowing is almost a palpable roar in my ears. It builds! It builds!!

    1. hehe, I do so love to do that. I take the actual game sessions we play and draw them out into a central theme storyline... and to this I take the game host backdrop and make it into a living city: and embellish all the other NPC stuff happening simultaneously in the city, meld it all together and then.... you got yourself a real campaign with a decent longevity and atmosphere you can taste. woohoo!!!!

  4. Carlotta seems to have several strings to his bow ... excellent!

  5. Hiii Phil, I hope you had an amazing Christmas.

    hehe, yes Carlotta is quite a woman. In Dungeons and Dragons terms she would be a bit of a paradox I think: part rogue/thief, part paladin, part fighter, part assassin, part noble.

  6. The tension is building. This is really good storytelling, Steve. Already I'm looking forward to the next instalment. You've captured the "noirish" feel of Gotham City perfec5tly.

  7. hiya Bryan and Merry Christmas to you and your mum... did you both have a lovely Christmas?

    Thank you for your kind comments: I shall try not to disappoint. Throughout 2017 I hope (with these early intro instalments) to pave the way for the others to write and add to this `noir-ish` Gotham as well: I know Tar` and Hils are champing at the bit to dig in and add their own voice to it all at some point soon.. and I may even get my good mate Dave to chip in as well :))

    2017 will be a good year all round I think.

  8. And the plot teasingly unfolds. For some reason, as i read this, the images in my head are in black and white, with splashes of colour - like the Sin City movie. At the moment, this could be set in almost any time period, as we haven't yet had any firm 'dating' details, if you know what i mean. I am enjoying it, but feel it needs a little more background colour, i.e. references to tech, products, etc. to breathe more life into the background. I'm sure this is all in hand, as these are the introductory episodes and from what i can gather you've got a fully realised fictional world in which to play. I just want more. And freaks. Bring on the freaks, already!

  9. Hi Jez, thanks for that really useful feedback. All the thing you mention ARE indeed in hand, but I realise through your words, that maybe I`m being too sparse and conservative in providing that much needed nitty-gritty background filler (I was going to spill it slowly.. a bit at a time). I usually do that as a given, but I always find it harder to do when I am writing in first person present tense (which I found myself needing to do for the last two parts). My fault usually is that I give TOO much back filler... however it is noted Jez, and will gratefully take your recommendations on board.

    Interesting you mention mental images of black and white and Sin City: that is e-x-e-c-t-l-y what I was aiming for.

    Freaks, oh boy, yes, yes, yesssss, trust me, they really are coming (being painted/repainted/touched up and based.. even now as we speak) ^^