Sunday, 30 October 2016

Trick or Treat is Nearly Here!!

"Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat,
 Give us something nice to eat!"
gargled the Strahd zombie  *hic*

So its nearly Halloween.. `old Sowen` by the crumbling yester-year calendar: and its once again time for all things that go bump in the night, to jump out and scare us all witless. Ok, and nice things to eat, a tipple or two of sherry, cakes and all the usual festivities. Topped off with a couple of suitably atmospheric creepy movies.

Its been a while since the last post, but the guys (and I guess that includes me too) have been real busy this last few weeks and there has barely been time to do anything on the computer(s): not even had time to check the other wonderful posts of our friendly neighbourhood bloggers. We have also, however, been working hard on putting together a bumper blood dripping seasonal post for everyone to enjoy, and this should be ready to go sometime tomorrow morning, and will by posted up at The Cupboard by tomorrow afternoon.... JUST in time for the big day:

WOOOHAHHAHAhaahahahahaaa!!!!  <-- real scary laugh. It was scary, right guys?

Until then, please stay patient a little longer, and hopefully you will enjoy our joint effort.. I think this is actually our very first threesome collaboration. And Jez, yes.. we blame YOU!!! Much of tomorrow`s post was totally inspired by you.

Post by Tarot


  1. I'm to blame for your inspiration? My insidious plans are slowly coming to fruition. And they said there was no way to embed 'digital mindworms' into blog posts! They said i was mad - Mad I tell you!! Who's laughing now!!! No, not the jacket, I'll be good...!!

  2. HHHHHAHAHAAHAHAAAA, that made me splutter into my mug of tea.

  3. Jez you are a nutter! And it's brilliantly diabolical insanity too!! Although it often costs me money as I buy the minis you recommend....and then I few more while I'm there just to make the postage worth whil....

  4. hmmmmm, yeah he does cost us money doesn't he. He keeps making us see new angles into our hobby, and that in turn makes us want to buy more stuff, and that in turn makes us question how we do things and.....

    .... remember that "Angry Villagers Rule" in early D&D, like the peasant mobs with torches at night, coming to Frankenstein's castle to `do something about it all` Maybe we should mob round to Jez`s house and raid his treasure chest hobby supplies. Hell, even that has probably given him a new idea now as well.

  5. hmmmm, I want to make that scenic now. Angry mobs armed with torches, pitchforks and sticks, all ascending on Baron Von Frankenstein's home. Oo, would you have them amassing in the castle courtyard.. in front of the old rusty portcullis gates hanging half off the archway, or approaching the castle curtain wall with the monster silhouetted against the thunderous sky.