Monday, 10 October 2016

Ch-Ch-Changes! {a few quick words from Steve}

Dear me, these sagely musings are late coming this week. Funny how life has this annoying  habit of getting in the way of playing games and writing blogs... how totally inconsiderate of it *grins*
A few weeks ago we had a chat with Bryan, and it became clear that he was in the unenviable position of having too much on his very full plate. Hundreds of new miniatures to paint! A veritable mountain of new terrain to assemble, then he needs to find somewhere to store it all (I don’t envy him that part hehe), and then one day make sense of it all on the table top. But before all that, tomes worth of figure reviews to get through. Two articles a week to write for his Vampifan site alone, and then The Game Cupboard on top of it all....  it was simply too much for any sane man to keep on top of.
And so, Bryan made a decision. He has decided to concentrate on his own Vampifan site from now on, and has handed over the running of this site to myself... with help from the adorable Hils (the wifey) and the lovely Tarot (as time permits).
The empty game table.... see - no game in sight: but full of the spice of promise, and of things soon to come.

Now all this came about at an incredibly untimely conjunction of chance events lol. First off, I have been busy this last few weeks, and on top of it all, I have been feeling under the weather, with a combination of back ache, run down (tiredness) , and some sort of insidious virus `bug` going around locally, which has wiped me out and drained my enthusiasm to want to do anything much. The result of which has meant heeeeeelp!!!!!  I`m really late  putting together decent new material for this blog. I HAVE tons planned... some half written even. But I am afraid you must be patient a little bit longer, before I really get down to my several new magnum opus projects: ( 1 ) a brand new American Colonies including some lovely homemade terrain made by Hils, weird horror campaign, ( 2 ) a re-invigorated continuation of the DC & Marvel comics Heroclix Campaign, ( 3 ) lots of sundry gaming, from Middle Earth, Star Wars, Tannhauser Weird World War One, Brimstone, Lovecraft, Zulus, Sailing Ships, Barsoom, The Water Margin, oh and Chibis too. Actually lots more stuff as well as this but it’s all too numerous to add as a list. But includes D&D, 55 Days at Peking (in 6mm), Napoleonics, Pirates, Imagi-nations, Memoir 44, The Great War, Arkham Horror, Last Night on Earth,  Blakes 7, Time Slip, Survivors, Doctor Who, Space Ship Battles, and so so so much more. But we have years (I hope) ahead of us, and all these things can be revealed for everyone to enjoy as time passes by.
But for now, please accept these insufficient words, to assure you all is well, and `normal service has been resumed`...  shortly, haha.
Plots thicken, and plans evolve.

If anyone knows where to find this Horrorclix miniature, or has one in their collection they would be prepared to sell to me, PLEASE let me know. I`ve been trying to add this little... erm.... beauty to my games for a long time now but can`t seem to locate her (and I can`t afford eBay postage prices, which are ridiculous, and can amount to twice the value of the figure alone). I see images of X Files and this Momma, surrounded by her twisted and perverted `Hills Have Eyes`  sons, saying: "My family have lived here ever since before the great war of Northern aggression.... these are my sons, they`re all of them good boys; they take good care of their Momma."

                         Request from Hilary.


  1. I just want to wish you guys all the best with the running of the blog. I am sure you'll do it proud and I'll be following and supporting you all the way.

    I check out eBay every other day so I'll keep an eye open for that figure for you, Hil. I don't own her myself but if I did see one for sale I'd rather it went to you.

    1. Bryan, you are an absolute sweetheart, a star and a true friend.

      You will be sorely missed Bryan, and as you know, if you ever feel like contributing and writing an article or two, you know where we keep the pen and paper hehe.

    2. as Hils says..... write and contribute ANY time mate. Though I suspect your hands will be so full of yummy goodness over at Vampifan for some considerable time. I`m sad on one hand (for we`ve lost our captain) and happy for you on the other (to see you finally able to focus on your main passions).

  2. I love that games master station, clutter free and fit for purpose. Lots to look forward to then mate!

    1. uuuhhhuuuum!!!! *clears throat* guess who keeps it tidy *grins*

    2. erm, I hovered the floor... what more do you need Hils *toothy grin*

    3. will be haaaaard pushed to equal yet alone compare your new zombie campaign over on tour own site, Andy mate.

    4. your* I meant. Dratted typos.

      Oh and Andy... ever thought of making this one into a book? Your style of writing and the premise is masterly.

      Anyone who hasn't yet seen Gobbo`s new zombie campaign over on his blog, really should do so. Its inspiring.

    5. **throws a wink to Hils** I think I know who organises who here.... ;-)

      I'd love to write these things into a book but maybe not during my last year of uni **tired grin**

  3. As Bryan says, I do wish you guys all the very best. I`m sure you`ll do a great job. I`ll help out when you need me; and the rest of the time I`ll just sit back and enjoy what you offer us each week (same time, I`ll not forget to come check out all the cool things you are doing over at Vampifan Bryan).

    That figure you are looking for Hil, gosh! the number of times I`ve wished I could find it myself. She`s right out of that X Files episode you mention isn't she. What an impact she would make in your games, and I just know you`d put her to immediate good use.. okay make that terrifying and horrific game use hehe.

    Don't worry you guys about being busy. I know you will deliver as soon as you are able. hmmmmm I wonder what you have it store for us.

  4. So, what we gonna see first?

  5. Ah, yes good question. From me I`ll be writing up beginning (part one intro) of a new campaign with quite a bit of Brimstone added into it for good measure... I know I know, your next question would probably be, "how you going to do that." well, I have re-written how Brimstone works a bit, and now it fits nicely alongside my other new campaign rules for the forthcoming... erm... campaign.

    Oh you`ll see when I do it lol.

  6. .. and from me *makes lots of clicking sounds* yep, clix and more clix. horror ones of course.

    But then again maybe just a dash of Supers added in as well.