Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Battle Systems Urban Apocalypse Terrain part 2

I was going to show you some of the buildings and scenery from the Shanty Town set today but I'm keeping that for my next post. For now though, I want to show you the add-on sets to use with the Urban Apocalypse Cityscape sets.
This is the new city block I came up with and as before it fits on a single mat measuring about 2 feet square (60cm by 60cm).
On one side of the street I made a Fire Station and a small Police Station.
On the opposite side of the street is a large Art Deco building consisting of a casino and a mansion. In the centre of the roofs of the Fire Station and Police Station are spider vents, an alternative to the air conditioning units on the roofs of the casino and mansion.
Here is a front view of the Fire Station. My 28mm scale Copplestone Casting's figure of Vampifan appears in most of these photos to help give a sense of scale.
Here we see the front and one side of the Fire Station. The double height walls surrounding the large front doors have been glued together. The sign above the doors has also been glued in place. The fancy topping at the front of the building has also been glued together. It is unlikely I would ever want to disassemble them.
Here is a front view of the Police Station. Unlike the Fire Station, the Police Station does not come with any exterior walls. I chose these walls for no other reason than I liked the look of them.
The Police Station comes with lots of cool extras like these concrete barriers and the wooden saw-horse. The barriers are reversible with a police sign on one side and no signage on the reverse side. Both sides are shown here.
Here is Vampifan standing outside the Casino Royale. The casino utilises the exterior walls from the Art Deco set. It only contains furniture for both a casino and a restaurant.
The Art Deco set is filled with exterior walls, interior walls, gantries and staircases. It is a great add-on that adds variety to the other three types of exterior walls. I have made a large mansion as well as the casino with the sets I own.
I have included a cool-looking mailbox from my Street Items set. Yes, it is the American design. The designers have gone for an American setting for their apocalypse despite being a UK-based company. Personally speaking, I don't have a problem with that decision. I will mainly be using these sets in my ATZ-FFO and Judge Dredd campaigns, both of which are set in the USA.
Moving inside, Vampifan starts his tour with a look at the Fire Station. Against the far wall are a set of lockers. The one item I love the most from this set is the coat rack with four bulky Firemen's coats hanging from it. What a great addition!
 The metal stairs lead up to a metal walkway that overlooks the ground floor.
On the upper floor are the offices and rest room. Obviously they need more furniture adding to them. That is what I'm currently working on. I have some furniture items made but there are still a lot more to make. Here, I have included two shelf units and an office desk.
This is the ground floor of the Police Station. Once again, it should have a lot more furniture in it. I added a couple of desks to the two offices. On one I added a computer keyboard and monitor. It is these little touches that helps bring a building to life. Also, please note that all of my furniture items have been edged.
Moving up a floor, Vampifan comes to the prison cells. In addition to the bed, each cell should also contain a toilet but I haven't made them yet.
Crossing the street, Vampifan enters the casino. Here I have added a large bar. Note the beer pumps. The three gaming tables feature options for blackjack, poker or roulette. This set also contains items for use in a restaurant. The tables all come with reversible tops. The rectangular table has a snooker top on its reverse side and the two circular tables show dining table tops on their reverse sides.
The upper floor of the casino shows a large dining room, which Vampifan is checking out. A side door leads to the mansion next door.
In the mansion, Vampifan stands at the top of a set of stairs leading up to a brightly carpeted balcony that overlooks the entrance hall. A less ornate set of stairs at the far end of the balcony leads up to the top floor.
This is the ground floor room at the far side of the mansion. With the broken windows you can leave them unbroken if you wish. I have gone for a roughly 50/50 split between broken and unbroken windows.
Finally, Vampifan makes his way to the top floor, which I have left unfurnished. Doors at either side lead off to the lower roof of the mansion and the roof of the casino.
These are all great add-on sets that give you lots of extra options and variety as well as many cool items. They may well be optional extras but for me they were a necessary purchase.


  1. Nice looking terrain. I would say you must have a veritable city of sets at this stage, and certainly enough extra sets and expansions to make entire blocks of Judge Dredd 2000AD cityscapes.

    Those fold up floor maps are divine aren't they, but they are so very hard to get the creases out of them. Leaving them lying flat for AGES helps no end and the creases do eventually that way. It just takes a long time is all.

    Hmmmmm you know, I think I miss the slanted interior wall sections though. I know they take up footprint, but they do complete that (otherwise) slight unfinished look. But that is only my opinion. I guess I am spoilt by the dungeons, which have those lovely slanted floor to wall pieces included. Mind you, would this even work for a modern building? hmmm maybe not. Besides, I believe you are not keen on them.

    Very lovely terrain Bryan.

    1. I easily have enough sets to cover an area 6' by 4', so city blocks are certainly doable.

      If you take good care of your terrain you should avoid getting creases in them. I have not encountered this problem so far and I hope I never do.

      Yes, the thing I dislike the most about the slanted bases is the footprint they leave. I am so glad that the new sci-fi set will be getting rid of them. However, I can see them working with some fantasy and sci-fi set ups but not with contemporary buildings.

      I am very happy with my sets. Big cheesy grin!

  2. Wargames terrain continues to improve year on year. And while Card is not for me I always get tempted when I see it.

    1. Thanks, Clint. Whilst card is not to everyone's taste I love it.

  3. Every time you show these, I visit the site and speculate on whether I should buy some. However, not yet given in -mainly due to the price. Whilst I can see it's an investment, my budget won'the currently stretch to the starter set. I shall just have to admire yours. 😊

    1. Thanks, Jez. I fully understand how budgetary restrictions can limit us getting what we want. Thus shall it ever be so!