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The Great War (Boardgame): & Tarot`s Musings "To Be or Not to Be?"

The Great War:
A Board Game by Richard Borg:
Article by Stephen Gilbert.

When this game hit the shelves late in 2015, I thought I must have died and gone to gaming heaven. From the reviews I read and the you tube video previews I watched on the lap top, this box of loveliness promised to be everything I had ever wanted in a game. More than that, it was more than a game. It wasn’t just another `game in a box` like oh so many others out there. One more box to add to a whole collection of other boxed games. This was also a complete genre specific wargame as well. In fact, the company selling the boxed game do something unique. They actually sell all the individual components that come with the game... separately... for those who want to take the experience well and truly out of the confines of just being a board game. So you can literally get more infantry, more guns, more machine guns, mortars and crew, extra tanks and so on. The figures are about 15mm, so if you choose, you can literally turn this game into a whole new hobby subject to collect and game with. So, without any further ado, let’s take a closer look at what you actually get for your £59:00 when you open this game box up and look inside.

A double-sided hex gridded game board,

folding out to approximately 28” x 23”

Seven terrain and accessories boards which include 58 double sided terrain hexes depicting countryside, forest, buildings, hills, rubble, trenches, shell craters, mine craters and barbed wire sections

58 Command cards

40 Combat cards

8 Battle dice

5 Targeting dice

Rule book with 16 scenarios

2 Unit and Terrain Summary sheets, and some handy re-sealable poly bags in which to store components

162 15mm (1/100th scale) plastic figures.

The Great War is designed for one or two players, but this can be increased by purchasing more terrain boards and figures. The rules are easily learned after just a few rounds of play, but the rules simplicity doesn’t detract from the tactical challenges or the re-playability of the game in any way what so ever. Best of all I think, it really wouldn’t be at all difficult to generate your own scenarios to open up even more gaming possibilities... especially with the ability to buy extra components. Combine that with the new expansions planned for the game`s future... including the entire French contingent, Russian (and Cossacks), Austrians, Americans,  and eventually into the air with WWI bi and tri planes, and you have yourself a rather unusual neat `sleeping beast` of a wargame.

Command and Tactic cards are used to introduce variables into the gameplay; and I find myself preferring this change of pace, opposed to the modern gaming trend of everything being controlled by the roll of a D6 which I find too random for my taste. With the Command and Tactic cards, you don’t have total control, but there is plenty of opportunity for good generalship to be rewarded. The use of these cards is controlled by HQ cards which you collect during the game… but use them with care. Run out, and your great offensive may not happen and your `pals` will be shot to nothing!

Determining the fall of shot from the off-table (reserve) artillery is achieved by first placing the special targeting template over the target hex. D6 number of targeting dice are rolled and positioned on the appropriate hexes surrounding the template. ‘Doubles’ indicate an additional hit on the target hex itself (not just the surrounding spaces). You then roll the appropriate number of Battle Dice for each hex, and the results are determined depending on the images on the upper face of each dice. You then put a ruddy great big bomb crater terrain piece down to show that area of the battlefield is now churned up and has become a huge hole in the ground.

I should point out here that the board itself, and the host of additional terrain tiles... while two dimensional (like any boardgame), are very highly attractive... if you like trench warfare, which I do. But it would be very easy to make your own 3D terrain to plop on top of the board to make the whole thing even more aesthetically attractive to game with.

The specially designed battle dice are a good idea too, as a single roll of the dice can result in a sheer indulgent plethora of different gaming possibilities. I think that`s really nice.
Victory in the game is determined by gaining Victory medals which you earn by completing pre-determined mission objectives, capturing terrain hexes, holding certain terrain objectives, and of course, by eliminating enemy units.
Victory Medals
Well, firstly, you get a lot of these... 162 in all. The Allies and the Germans each get 48 infantrymen in six distinct poses, 3 Special Personnel bomber figures (which are sort of early WWI Grenadier type hand grenade throwers), 3 machine guns and teams comprising gunner and 3 additional crew, and 3 Mortar teams also with 4 crew. The figures are 1/100th scale which in this case means that they measure 15mm from sole of boot to eye level.
Figures are always split into four man units, like all other Richard Borg games such as, Memoir 44, and Battle Cry, etc.
German Infantrymen
The casting is generally excellent (VERY excellent actually for 15mm) and I must make particular mention of the British water-cooled Vickers machine gun, and the German Maxim teams. These pieces are ruddy marvellous.

British Vickers machine gun and crew.

The components for the German Maxim machine gunner model.

They’re dead easy to assemble, and as for the infantry themselves, you wont even need to base them... the bases the pieces come on are just fine and ready to play with.

DO be very careful about removing the pieces from their spurs I WARN YOU!!! Use a pair of sharp clippers to snip the delicate pieces off. DONT be tempted to use a sharp modelling knife, and whatever you do, don`t *gasp* try twisting the miniatures off the sprus, simply won’t work, and you`ll just end up losing untold numbers of bayonets, or worse. Sharp clippers is the best and possibly only way to proceed here. Trust me.

If you’re intending to paint the miniatures, the results you can achieve with these little chaps is absolutely staggeringly good. You can keep the base plastic as is... unpainted. Grey (for the Germans) and the base khaki (for the Brits) and simply paint the flesh, and the leather and wood, and the metal on top... THEN use Games Workshop Purity Seal lightly over the top (again trust me, there is nothing else as good as this amazing stuff). This will give the figures an old matt... weathered look, and trust me, the plastic grey and khaki you left unpainted will look simply bloody amazing . 

To command your forces, and as a hint of what else Plastic Soldier Company Games have planned, you can also buy a Generals packs for £4.50 containing 2 British, 2 German, 2 French and 2 Russians! You won’t need them in the boxed game though… but they’re nice figures, so why not buy a set anyway? The ideas that come to mind for including these guys in self made scenarios alone, make purchasing them (for less than a fiver) a total worthwhile investment.


There are no artillery pieces in the boxed game because it’s always ‘off table’, so they’re represented by tokens.  BUT the big box “Tanks” expansion for this game  includes some truly lovely artillery and full crew complements.
Reserve artillery tokens.

Again, you can buy British and German plastic artillery model packs for just £12 each. The British set contains 5 x 18 pounder guns and 20 crew, and the German pack contains 5 x 105mm howitzers and 20 crew. So great value for money all round. I`m dead impressed with the Plastic Soldier Company for this (but I am NOT impressed by their overseas customer policy of charging a ridiculous standard charge postal fee for minimum orders under a certain amount; forcing overseas customers to buy a lot of goods at a time, just to avoid this stupid marketing condition.

The German 105mm howitzer complete with 4 crew.

The figures would not look out of place on any wargames table, and clearly AFVs, and more troop types and nationalities are on the way, which should reassure potential purchasers that PSC Games are not going to leave The Great War unsupported.

Major credit must also go to Richard Borg for the creation and development of the Command and Colours rule concept and for Great War itself, and it would be churlish to ignore Sian Fahie at The Plastic Soldier Company who was the figure sculptor.

All in all, I would happily give this game a  solid and well deserved 10 out of 10: but I have to drop 2 points from the total....  for the difficulty of removing the lovely miniatures unharmed from the multiple sprus that come with the game. I`m quite dextrous but the whole operation took me the best part of an afternoon to accomplish. And I STILL broke four figures, and ended up having to `tart them up` and nurse them back to full (fixed) health.

If there is any serious interest in this article, in a few weeks time I will do a follow up one on The Great War: “Tanks” Expansion.

The First Ever WWI German Tank

Next Artcle from me will be a fairly hefty review on another Richard Borg game (World War II this time): Memoir 44 and its many expansions.



Tarot`s Musings "To Be or Not to Be?"
An article by Tarot Hunt

To be or not to be... that really is the question?
To de-base my Clix, or not to de-base them at all: hmmmmm? Whether it is nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune, especially with some of the more extremely silly and clunky Clix rules, or to whip the lot off their bases and start afresh?
See, we had this debate a while ago. Between us, Stevie (who is the writer and pretty much undertook the bulk of the mammoth task) me.. Hil, our good friend (and club treasurer) Dave, and with a lot of Bryan`s input: some weeks ago we were wondering whether we should do a complete re-write of Hero and Horror Clix, and present it for everyone on the Gamers Cupboard to enjoy.. a gratis gift for you all. We even wrote the first draft: I did all the abilities and powers, and Stevie wrote the bulk of the rules.. and then we put them out at one of the local clubs for beta play testing: and things looked good.  We called the whole thing “HeroClix Redux” (Bryan came up with that one) and it was shaping up to become a really nice, simplified, little game, with all the Clix rule-ish `clunk factor ` removed,  and streamlined for a modern audience. We were so happy with our initial trial tests, that we even had the jacket cover for the new rules designed, and we all got rather excited by the whole project for a while.
But then we stopped!!!! We put on the brakes and sat back and thought hard and fast. Did the official version of game need changing? See, I started to play lots of BOTH versions, side by side. I`d play test our rules and then I`d run through the same scenario using the official rules as they stand. I must have done this for over forty games, using the lads and lasses at our two clubs as guinea pigs to try everything out. Luckily they were very obliging and sat with me and played dozens of games without a single complaint, and patiently indulged all my pauses and *scratch scratch* of pencil and note paper, and I recorded all my findings in meticulous intensity. So much so, I even surprised myself. Always a stickler for detail and depth.  The end result of all this labour (and fun too) was nearly a fifty/fifty split between us and our ultimate opinions. Half thought the HeroClix game worked just fine as it is: while the other half thought the Clix game too clunky, old fashioned in its approach (being that it is a game originally invented  nearly two decades ago) and all together, too dull to play extensively.. i.e. too limiting in its scope.
... and so, a little regretfully, we decided in the end to scratch our idea and just stay with the game as is (for now) : using the old adage “if it aint broke, don’t mess with it.”
But herein lies my personal dilemma, and I know the guys (Stevie and Hil in especial) have talked themselves into a bit of a corner, and don`t dare utter the words I just know (like me) they are silently  thinking. Is HeroClix and Horror Clix enough of a game to withstand our enduring deep focussed drive and pursuit? Or is it in fact time to `lop` the figures off their beautifully attractive Click-y bases and lovingly re-base them onto smaller (more practical and usable) 20mm roundels? And THEN throw out the Clix rules altogether and move seamlessly towards a new, and more enjoyable rule system.. perhaps something a little closer to 7TV?
Cut our beloved Clickys off their cool bases *oh shock horror* !!!
Chris Evans leading his men. 
It sounds sacrilege I know. I know; and the whole idea fills me with an intrinsic terror and inner shame.. at the very notion of mentioning it. And yet, the very practical part of my brain.. the part which just wants what’s best to make an enjoyable game, practically yearns and screams at me, to do just this, and cut them all off their stupid oversized bloody bases, and convert the entire precious collection into a more usable whole. A direction that means we can use them smoothly in our games (alongside other non Clicky minis), employing a more up to date and enjoyable set of rules with which to pit our indomitable heroes  against on the table top? Maybe something more like 7TV, but equally likely, perhaps we might simply write our very own new set of rules to follow up this major idea epiphany.
I can tell you exactly what started all this.
In my mind.. and silently (perhaps almost ashamedly in the others` minds as well, feeling like traitors to the Click-y cause) was a seed of doubt caused by things we were seeing on line.  For me, it was the amazing threads and articles I was starting to get really interested in on other gamers` blogs.
Bryan`s series of converted Clix figures immediately comes to mind, and Blaxkleric`s  amazingly addictive conversions (yes, I’ve scoured his site page by page. The Blakes 7 thing is just.. wow.. totally inspired: and utterly `did it` for me): then there are Jez`s cool conversions and sculpts, and Andy`s sheer drive and focus on his Bushido.... all of it, has forced me to look at my eclectic range of minis, to look at Hil`s and Stevie’ s combined collection(s) and wonder: are we being a bit dim simply to stick to the old, practically defunct game of HeroClix, when we COULD be using this simply incredible range of miniatures to re-paint, convert, and enjoy in a totally new and upbeat guise, using our own re-paints and re-sculpts, and a totally new set of more playable and enjoyable rules.. more to our joint liking (possibly even making our own set of rules from scratch, or even.. as Stevie has hinted a few times.. writing a conversion of the Chibi World rules set).
But yes, most assuredly it was seeing the Clix conversions on other people`s  blogs which first instilled a sense of awe and wonderment in my mind, and got me pondering on the possibilities of doing something similar. See in this household, we very much share our table top `toys` and that means, if one of us goes off on a passionate new project, the rest of the gang rally round, support, and don’t mind if that means making alterations and conversions of existing `toys`.  This is all very true of the Clix range, and if we DO all decide to do this thing, then no one will put on the brakes and say “you`re not touching MY figures”, if the decision is made, then we will convert the lot... which translated probably means (as Clix is really Hil`s and my baby in this household) Hil and I would end up doing most the re-basing. Though Stevie will probably end up doing half the playing with them when they`re done.
It DOES seems sacrilege. These figures look gorgeous on their existing Clix bases. Especially the lovely newer Oreo type bases, but if we can create a better game, with nicer re-painted miniatures, and more exciting scenarios and campaign potentials, then wouldn’t we be silly not to pursue this to its natural conclusion?
Put it this way, if I..we... DID do this thing: as I am the one pretty much putting the whole campaign together at present, I have a very definite and strict idea of what I would want to do and where I would want to go with this whole venture.
Forget X Men *more shock horror*, forget almost all the Clix factions as they stand now *major gasp*. My interest really, really, really and honestly lies in two very distinct and yet very divergent directions. And yet we easily have enough Clix now (thank you Bryan) to pursue both directions at once.
Mr weedy guy
The first is a World War Two version of Chris Evans.. aka Captain America (like in the first film “Captain America: The First Avenger”) and the whole Hydra adventure element simply rocks my boat and makes me want to immerse in it deeply. It’s all so amazingly clever. EVERYONE knows Hydra “Hail Hydra” is all about Naziism, Hitlerism, and the Third Reich. But there`s not a single Nazi uniform on display, not a single overt reference made.... i.e.  it offends no one, yet at the same time opens all sorts of doors, reveals untold game potential, and gives us a wonderfully evil enemy we can really really rally behind hating, and this gives us an almost untapped recourse for us to campaign with using our little toy soldiers: from alien artefacts, Hydra archaeology, Hydra experimentations, super weapons, evil nefarious deeds and megalomaniac power struggles to take over the world. It’s like Dick Tracy and Fu Man Chu all rolled into one.
My Captain America “Winter Soldier” Clix starter set and maps are simply made for this idea. And my Agents of Shield (with a tiniest of re-painting) will fit perfectly into a Weird World War Two setting.
*Sighssss* My Hero!
Prequel time line X Men, Fantastic Four, Superman,  all the villains and bad guys,  are all just crying out for a lick of paint, rebasing, and moving the whole Clix thing firmly into a non click-y 1940`s style superhero gaming. Even the comic books, for source material (I think) were better written back in the pre 1980`s, and I find myself ever drawn to reading the adventures of Fu Man Chu, the early Adventures of Batman, The Amazing Spiderman, The Man of Iron (Superman),  The Mask of Zoro,  and the very hot well written stories of Vampirella and her menagerie of allies and bad guy nemeses. Helps too that I have all the terrain and cars and sundry vehicles for a more gentler `pulp` era setting, all at my finger tips for using in these games. Including  World War Two soldiers and Tanks and stuff (thanks Stevie... his collection is now MY collection hehe).
I can see, if I do do this thing, and revamp a lot of the Clix collection into usable genre specific figures, for a very genre specific campaign,  I am aware it would be a one way trip. All the various sects and sets of this and that faction would be totally re-painted and converted (where necessary) to make them ideal for a Weird Wartime theme... a sort of The World versus Hydra setting.
I`d need to convert thugs and henchmen into Hydra soldiers, scientists, hoods and evil villains, and I`d need to turn all the Avengers and Batman and Spiderman types.. etc.. into 007 style spies, allied soldiers and special forces, and pre-Nick Fury agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I`d have to reinvent the Joker, Harley Quinn,  Harvey  Dent (Two Face), The Scarecrow, Penguin, Bane, Charles Xavier and Max Eisenhardt (Magnito), Scarlet Witch, etc etc etc.. I`d literally have to re-invent my own separate time line, using the early comic books as a guideline in places, so as not to stray toooooo far off track in places (Not that that would even matter).
Then there`s the second passion. My second divergent path.. and perhaps the one that most excites and thrills me, just thinking about it. This second path is the fault of Blaxkleric blog, and Mikes Projects. Two blogs which fill me with such respect and admiration. But it is for ONE subject in especial which both these guys have covered, which has awakened a deep desire within me, to follow in their footsteps.. in my own unique way.
*drum roll*
And that is...
Blakes 7.
I am massively into this classic Terry Nation retro sci-fi show which was first aired in 1978 I believe, and finally ended after series 4 in1981. AN English TV show, remarkable for its good acting and believable (low fantasy) storylines.. cheap budget and sometimes laughable props. Yet when you think it was written at a time when Star Wars was new to the screen, I like to think of it as Britain`s contribution to good, enduring cinematic history. The show simply wows me, in ways most high tech, big budget, American made movies of today fail to do. I believe I have more than enough left over Hero and Horror Clix figs in the collection to be able to custom make literally ANY personality, character, item or thing I could possibly ever want, to make this game come alive. Even the props and terrain seems like it will be a caboodle of fun to recreate on the table top.

Servalan & Travis

What do you guys think? I`d be very interested to hear your input into this proposed mega project of mine.. well project of ours really I think: this entire Irish mad house of gamers.

... I even have a way formed (in my head) how to tie it all neatly in with the existing Jim and Barbara Gordon adventure I am currently running on the blog.
As the guys here often say, it’s all cool beans.



  1. I`m so glad you are receiving such enjoyment out of your Christmas present. Its obvious just by reading your enthusiastic thoughts on this game. When I got you that game I thought it might be one of those trial things which you quickly got bored of, but you have surprised me with your tenacity over this one; even watching lots of period costume programs, series and documentaries to get familiar with the era. Good, it encourages me to get you more things like this in future years *winks at you*

    Tarot, your dilemma is felt, and I share it with you. What ever the outcome of this article, and what ever you finally decide, I will support it and you.. even if it means taking my lovely Horror Clix miniature off their adorable bases *sob* to make room for an improved future. Actually the clix bases are a pain to be honest, as they simply don't fit with most our normal table top terrain. I also do admit, repainting some of them into new personas and creations might actually be rather fun. Hmmmm, you`ve actually rekindled my love for Blakes 7. I do very much like that series and think maybe its time to revisit it. Well done Stevie for buying the entire series from Amazon recently.

  2. Excellent article, Steve. I must admit that WW1 wargaming is not my thing. I'm much more interested in WW2. That said, I do think I'd love playing this game, especially if I could play with an experienced games master like yourself. The components, though small, are indeed very beautifully sculpted. I do like the fact that all of the figures are available to buy separately. That's a great marketing strategy. Your enthusiasm for this game shines brightly and so I hope you go ahead and review the tanks expansion set. I'm also looking forward to reading your review of "Memoir 44".

  3. Thanks Bryan, that's cool. I knew WWI wasn't really your cup of char, but its sometimes nice to read up on games that are not of our normal preference. I`m reminded of the number of times you`ve got me like that haha: "Not interested" I`s say to you, and over time, I`d end up changing my mind (or you`d change it for me) hahaha. But no, seriously, WWI is either a subject you feel something for or you don`t... like marmite, its a kinda love hate thing; only in this case its more or a love or indifference thing, I believe.

    BUT, yes, play a few games of this with us, and I think you might actually enjoy yourself with a game or two. Might even get ya to watch a few cool WWI movies, like David Jason`s "All the Kings Men" or Daniel Radcliffe`s "Our Boy Jack". Might kickstart an interest for you mate, not sure but... hey its Christmas soon, maybe I`ll get something to view, to srir and peek your interest ^^

  4. Another great article, Tarot. Oh, what a difficult choice you have. To remove your Clix figures from their bases or not? I have removed a lot of my Clix figures from their bases and glued them to much smaller diameter bases, which I then textured. This makes them look more compatible with the vast majority of my figure collection. Plus, all Clix figures that get rebased are also repainted, again so that they are compatible with my other figures. However, I must point out that all of the Clix figures I have rebased have been swaps. This something that anyone can do if the figure they want comes in the three usual variants - Rookie, Experienced or Veteran. Any one of them would do but it's best to use the Rookie versions because if you are missing a character you want or you want a spare, they sell very cheaply. On the other hand, if you want to rebase a Unique or Limited Edition figure getting a swap is very rare and if you do buy a swap you must pay serious money for him or her.

    So to rebase or not? I like the Heroclix and Horrorclix games as written. As you say, if it ain't broken don't fix it. But, I don't like their oversized bases even though they are such an integral part of the game.

    I'm not going to sit on the fence on this matter. You want opinions and I'll give you mine. I think you should rebase your entire collection. It is something I have been thinking of doing with my own collection. I'd like ALL of my figures to be based identically. But how would that affect the Heroclix and Horrorclix games you may well ask. I trust you, Steve and Hil to come up with a solution to that one. :-) You guys are all skilled at games design. You already have written an alternate version. Develop it, play-test and then share it. I think the fact that you are asking whether you should rebase your Clix collection shows it is something you have already thought long and hard about. I think what you're after is confirmation that it's the right thing to do. So, from me, I say go ahead and rebase.

    1. Thank you for such cool and thorough comments Bryan, it is greatly appreciated, especially as I truly and genuinely was hoping for some response to this question, either yes or no. (Because it really is important to me and I so want to get this right). I feared it might be a case of: “Go not to the elves for counsel, for they will say both yes and no.” (Tolkien). So your very clear thoughts on the matter helps me for constructive pro and con thoughts.

      Like you say, some of those rares and limited edition figs are mighty pricey: and ever since you so kindly made me that lovely gift (and gave so many more even, to Stevie and Hil), I have been picking away as fast as I could.. collecting as many of the figures I needed as possible, but I have only been buying the 27p ones, and the occasional 47p and 99p ones I r-e-a-l-l-y felt I needed. The more expensive figures I have simply shrugged my shoulders *looked wistfully at them one last time* then smiled and put the thoughts out of my head. So about £30 down the line I have literally dozens of wonderful new (mostly yellow rookie) pieces in my collection. Now by the time we factor in Hil`s Horror figures and Stevie`s Hero ones, and we are looking at a good three or four hundred Clix to play about with. Things where I have duplicates, like werewolves in yellow blue and red.. well this is a bonus for me: means I can have whole families of monsters *thinks to herself... Dog Soldiers*

      You encourage me Bryan. For some time now, a big big BIG part of me has wanted to take the clickys right off their bases and start all over again: new paint jobs, new cool smaller bases, in some cases a bit of customising, re-posing.. creating hats, weapons, head swaps, cloaks and so on, and in a few rare instances, building an old mini into something new altogether. I can`t afford whole collections of new armies, I`m not rich enough: and so the notion of having so many models to play around with, is (for me) like receiving loads of lovely Christmas presents all at once. I like to paint, and I like to convert, and I like to make an old toy look like something wonderfully new and vibrant. THIS is why I was so taken aback and breathtakingly admiring of the conversions in your 7TV blog articles.

      I do know that if I do this... I should say if me and the others do this, it will change the collection for ever. Many loose factions of monsters, game families and allied figures, will vanish entirely and become converted into.. oh, Hydra clones, soldiers, bullies and lab techs: S.H.I.E.L.D soldiers, World War II soldiers and spies, Special Forces and parachutists, Hydra/Nazi storm troopers and intelligence psy-core officers and agents. Effectively Bryan, a lot of the current collection will simply vanish and be turned into something entirely new and different. This excites me, but also terrifies me..the thought of desecrating such a wonderfully complete and vast collection, based on nothing more than sheer belief that we know what we are doing hehehe. Actually, this bit is pretty secure, I believe that (combined) we really DO know what we are doing.

      .... and I haven’t yet ruled out using the 7TV rules, especially for the Blakes 7 half of the venture. Actually, the Blakes 7 half of this project excites me even more than the notion of doing a wartime Captain America game.

      None of this is a quick fix, or a temporary bit of fun, to be given up soon when a new idea enters our heads. This would be a serious long term project, not just to create new models, but to create models which will be used and played with in two very different and lasting rpg and table top skirmish/wargame campaigns.

      Your reply encourages me, and I can feel the decision slipping on the scales in a very definite tip to the.....

      ,,,,, right :)

  5. Very nice review Stevie. I`ve been watching you paint endless numbers of tiny, tiny little men for a long time now: and I remember the cry of "Eureka!" when you finally put brush and paint to the last one hehe. I see you sitting glued to the rules and to this game for hours, and now I finally see what you see in it. Again I say nice review. It even showed `ME` what the game is about, and until now I didn't have a clue really. It may not be my sort of game, but I DO see why you like it so much.

    1. thank you sweetheart... and to back what Hillers says: yes we will fully support what ever decision you make about the clix and make the old maxim count: "All for one and one for all". Your heartfelt musings are noted, and hey: I LOVE WWII stuff, and weird WWII with Captain A involved, hell yeah count me in. As for Blakes 7, omg Ive wanted to do something based in that sci-fi world almost my whole life (since 1978 anyway). I thought about trying it back then using the GDW Traveller rpg system.. back when Blakes 7 first hit the screen; but Traveller didn't feel right for this show, and sadly, I think we all lacked the GM skills to make it come alive properly at the time. So you have a double hit: I`m in on both for sure.

  6. Steve - nice review, not a time period I game (yet) but have thought about, particularly making a 3D trench board, but I've never started anything beyond the "in my head" phase. I need to research the period more, I know the basics but there was so much more to it than just trenches. Another thing to contemplate..... :-)

    Tarot - I say go for it, big decision but the fact you've blogged about it means it's occupied more space in your head than an idle thought that's not going anywhere and you really just need "permission" to crack on. From a selfish point of view I've been looking for a "supers" system for a little while and 'clix wasn't doing it for me. Jez's system has promise for sure so I wouldn't mind having a couple of options ;-) xx

    1. **clarification**. I have a few 'clix models which are great, it's the system I'm not enamoured with

    2. Thanks a lot for your words Andy, and hey, if you ever DO find yourself getting interested in WWI gaming, just gimme a shout and I will point you in the right direction where to make a start... films, documentaries, blogs, you tube links etc.

    3. {{the fact you've blogged about it means it's occupied more space in your head than an idle thought that's not going anywhere and you really just need "permission" to crack on}}

      YES, yes yesssssss you are so right. I think I was almost seeking `permission` (very perceptive). THANK YOU for your input, it is all helping me so very much.

      {{been looking for a "supers" system for a little while}}

      Would you say 7TV is not the set to use (for Blake 7) I mean? Maybe I should ask BlaxKleric that one actually. As for a supers set, hmmmm, yes we are onto something already, and we may push on with that and have it finished and ready to go fairly soon-ish. Soon as Stevie`s finished his latest writing project (commission), I`m sure we can entice him to finish it for us.

    4. 7TV is a great system and can be used for virtually anything T. for more insight regarding it though best to ask the experts Simon from Fantorical is the guy to ask or the other Simon from Brummies Wargaming Blog both are veterans of the game and know it better than me.

    5. Yes please Steve, start me off a little light though dude, so much information all competing for a little bit of brain space and I've got a degree to finish you

    6. Thank you Andy, I will check these guys out for sure. I`m all excited now, woooot!!!!

    7. You got it bud... I`ll send you a bunch of links tomorrow.

  7. Steve - A nice looking games, with lovely scuplted figures. I'd be interested to hear more about the tanks, as I think a WWI tank was my first ever model. And which one's Captain Blackadder?

    Tarot - When you've spent the time and money to invest in a large collection of figures, it can be hard to 'alter' them. However the question you need to ask yourself is - which version of the figure are you more likely to play with? I don't play Heroclix, as I was no enamoured of the game. However, I do but a lot of 'clox figures. Some I buy because they're a character I want, some I buy specifically to convert into another character (like the He-Man project and Forgotten Heroes) and some I buy because I like the sculpt with no idea what I'm going to use it for.
    But off their chunky bases they come and are rebased. As my basing and rebasing of figures is pretty much uniform, it means that ANY figure I own can be used with ANY other figure, without it looking to out of place. Whilst the majority of my supers are 'clix, I have Dreamblade, Blood Bowl, Superfigs, D&D MIniatures and Dr Who miniatures amongst my collection. As they're all based the same way, no-one can tell me they shouldn't be used together. And conversions mean that ALL the figures you own, even the one's you thought you'd never use, get their chance in the spotlight.
    I was given a Roman centurion figure as a gift' As it's not an era I game, I thought I had no use for him - however, with a suitable paint job, he'll be joining my ghostly horde, ready to be 'busted. Necessity (or lack of funds in my case) is he mother of invention.

    1. That's it, Bryan, Andy, Hil, Stevie, now YOU, you are all encouraging and there isnt a single bit of negativity telling me NOT to do this. I think the message is clear and writing is on the wall. The collection is about to take a new lease of life.. their lives as clix is about to change.

      {{they're all based the same way, no-one can tell me they shouldn't be used together. And conversions mean that ALL the figures you own, even the one's you thought you'd never use, get their chance in the spotlight.}}

      You sold me hook line and sinker with that paragraph.

      Okay its time to do this wooohoooo!!!! Thank you thank you THANK you guys. You`ve given me the courage to do this.

      {{I was given a Roman centurion figure as a gift' As it's not an era I game, I thought I had no use for him - however, with a suitable paint job, he'll be joining my ghostly horde, ready to be 'busted.}}

      This rang a bell too. I have a World War Two British Fighter Pilot, complete with parachute: I had absolutely no idea what to do with him, but suddenly, a light has gone on and all becomes clear to me.

      The phoenix is about to arise :)

  8. Thanks Jez, I will probably do the "Tanks" expansion review in a few weeks. Those WWI behemoths are utterly awesome aren't they.

  9. ... Black Adder`s one is the beastie with the badly drawn turnip painted on the side.

  10. Tarot, I'm so glad you have made the decision to rebase your Heroclix and Horrorclix collection. Based on all the positive comments you've received (and not one negative comment) it seems like it is something you HAD to do. Good for you. I should add that I am very excited about the direction you have planned for your figures. Of the two, your Hydra setting intrigues me the most but that in no way denigrates your plans for a Blake's Seven type of campaign. I'm sure both will fill your imagination with a plethora of interesting ideas. Suffice to say, I'll be following your progress with keen interest and supporting you all the way. I wish you all the best.

  11. part 1)

    thank you so much Bryan.. mwaaahhh!!!! That means a lot to me :)))))

    Yes, not a single person has said "NOOOO!!! DONT DO IT" all have encouraged me in constructive ways, and well: it has to be said. I am a gamer, I am a passionate gamer (I think I`m very passionate about life, my friends, and.. well.. everything really), but as a woman I suffer a lot of put down and misunderstanding (due to certain anatomical things we possess I suppose), and it sometimes makes it hard to relax and chill and just feel like one of the regular crowd.. but I have to say: YOU GUYS ARE ACE!!! So encouraging (yet honest enough to say so bluntly if you think I am wrong). I`m proud and privileged to know each and every one of you. THANK YOU everyone.

    As for the Hydra thing, yes. Jez (or was it Andy) said it best when he replied, oh what was it he said, something like: “when you rebase and repaint your Clix bits, figures you get to breathe new life into those elusively unused pieces which would probably, ordinarily, never have seen the light of day on a game table. But when you re-vamp them the way YOU want them to look, even the lowliest of Clix figs can take on a whole new meaning.” So so so very true.

    Yes there are so many Clix figs I see in this vast joint collection which, in truth, simply might never have been used.. glanced over without a second thought: S.T.A.R. soldiers. A.I.M. soldiers and thugs. S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers, sergeants and medics. Doombots suddenly they all become MASSIVELY useful as Hydra automated robot drones: and the list goes on and on. I`m really enjoying scouring the movies and freeze framing the tv so I can take quick sketches of those more elusive walk on walk off film extras (and NPC`s). Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Guardians, Dark Knight, Superman (especially Lex Luther uniformed thugs), Turtles, and so on and so forth. These sketches I will use to repaint all those normally unused click-y guys, and make them SHINE in my new Hydra order: “Hail Hydra.”

  12. Part 2)

    I think you will enjoy my WWII supers take on things. If you think about it, what are the some of the best magic moments in all these films. It’s the Hellboy flash back to WWII where Grigori Rasputin is trying to open the hell portal, and the iconic scene in X Men where a young Magneto bends the gates of the Auswitz-Birkenau concentration camp with his mind, when he is so stressed and upset at seeing all the misery and death around him.. his powers manifest for the first time. The first two thirds of the (first) Captain America movie, all set in WWII. Basically all World War super stuff is always so griping and enjoyable. I think the only reason the film makers don’t do more of it is the huge budget involved in making and using all those atmosphere inducing props, costumes and so on. So imagine a game set permanently in that era: and imagine the fun I am going to have scouring all the old comics to get the theme right. Captain America first appeared in the comic books in 1941 (two years into the second world war), Batman was invented even earlier - the same time world war two actually started (in 1939). So chasing down these old comics is going to be fun in itself, and they are readily available and very cheap on Amazon too. Whole 500+ page anthologies for less than £20 each. Cool huh?

    Blakes 7 is something deeply personal to me. I wasn’t even born when it ame out, but I have lived with it all my life. First my father and my brother, and later on, I always seemed to come across it in one form or another. Now Stevie and Hil have the entire collection on DVD. It seems I am destined almost to do this, as I sure as sure never seem to get far away from it in my life hehe. I know the series intimately and I actually feel like I was part of it all at the very beginning. Silly I know, but all the characters and adventures feel so personally close to me. Playing a game in this genre will be a personal slice of heaven for me. I know you don’t like Blakes 7 much Bryan (I’m sure Stevie told me that some time ago) but maybe I will be able to persuade you in time. Just like your excellent 7TV blog articles have slowly won Stevie AND me over to that excellent looking rule system.

  13. you write longer letters in the comments section than you do in your articles themselves *chuckls* I LOVE it.

    1. Long replies, long e-mails, long letters are all good, Steve. To me, it shows enthusiasm and a willingness to share that enthusiasm. I totally agree with you, I LOVE it, too!

  14. *grins happily*

    nods head until it almost shakes off*

  15. A fantastically well-written piece, Steve and one which I found to be as enjoyable as I did devilishly tempting. Indeed its quite clear why you and Bryan get on so well with one another, as you're clearly both members of the 'Get Simon's Wallet To Part With Its Dosh' Alliance :-) I was especially interested in the additional non-infantry pieces "Plastic Soldier Company" now do (e.g. metal commanders and gun crews) and would strongly support a follow-piece concerning the Tank expansion - please, please, please.

    Likewise I'm very grateful to Tarot for the kind shout-outs regarding my blog, and her wonderfully infectious enthusiasm for "Heroclix" and "Blake's Seven"; two particular obsessions of mine. I too have considered doing a World War Two Captain America game, as I have the 'clix' and plenty of Hydra-looking Germans too. but have lacked the time to do so. As a result I'd be very interested in seeing how your project develops should you care to post about again :-)

    Now I need both of you to look at all those "Heroclix" you own, cut them off those ghastly-looking clicky bases, and super-glue them to some nice circular stands... And whilst you're doing that, give 'em all a nice re-paint. That should keep you busy :-)

    1. {{Indeed its quite clear why you and Bryan get on so well with one another, as you're clearly both members of the 'Get Simon's Wallet To Part With Its Dosh' Alliance :-) }}

      HAHAHAhahaaaaa, *looks guilty* sorry mate: I know, I know..... so much eye candy is hard to resist isn't it. I know, Bryan tempts me EVERY few weeks, and it takes all my resolve just to say no and keep on track with my current projects. I`m glad you enjoyed the review and stuff, and hope we see you here LOTS more from now on.

      Your own place is incredible and a total mine of cool information and equally tantalising things of interest. Since Tar` put me and Hil onto checking Fantorical out.... I/we shall be regular visitors for sure.

    2. .... and yes, the Tank expansion review WILL be coming, hehe.

  16. Hi Simon, thank you so much for your kind and lovely words. I actually believe your site is amazing and I personally think you are THE crowning King of all things Clix and conversions. You inspire me no end, and I loved nosing round your various threads and articles earlier today. I`ve been so silly and totally forgot for a while to check your place out... which was most remiss of me, and wont happen again. I get so caught up checking and keeping up with the blogs and websites I usually visit, but from now on I have a new favourite to add to my list... Fantorical (cool name btw).

    I am especially interested in your use of 7TV as I am currently scouring the net for information (especially battle reports) using that system. So your articles are a blessing to me as well. I am coming to the rapid conclusion that it might just be THE rules set to use for my proposed Blakes 7 game.

    As for the wartime Captain America, mmmmmmm isn't it a neat idea Simon. I just have to do it. Maybe you will give it a go as well sometime :))

    Thank you again, and happy gaming my friend.

    Tarot xx