Friday, 19 January 2018


This week I've got a few bits to show that I've been working on, first up is the male Nisari based off of Jez's concept sketch, Jez also came up with the pose he would like to see him in, hope I've captured what he envisioned

Next up is another Jez concept the finished Grice, Jez wanted to see a vicious pig so I used prehistoric pigs and pigs from mythology as the basis for this one

The male Creminisci is now finished as well, Jez has also come up with an idea of casting these in translucent blue for helping get an interesting effect when painting, I didn't cast this one in it as I already had a fish colour scheme in mind which was a honey dwarf gourami, which is one of my favourite fish.

Have also completed the last model for DM from the original listing the Revili in heavy armour, as with the other models the arms in the weapon pack can be swapped for alternative weapon combinations, and it also comes with an alternative bare head.

next up are a couple of green's I'm working on first is the Kajaka that I mentioned in the recent story

Next is something new a Medusan, based off the idea of the Greek gorgon' I can't decide on having them turn people to stone, or having them melt, but will work out the details.

Well that's it for now as I have a lot going on at the moment, hopefully will have more next week, so until then have fun !
Cheers Dave

Wednesday, 10 January 2018


Cragor sat sharpening his weapons with his laser sharpener, this had become part of his daily routine for the last seven days, ever since Vallatrix had requested he remained in the Gladiator ready room after the games he had been part of were stopped. The servants who brought his food to him daily seemed to have no information about what had happened, or were instructed not to tell him.
He knew Vallatrix would be looking for a scapegoat and guessed this was why he was languishing in this room.
When he first arrived a cot was provided for him to sleep on, and a physician sent to tend his wounds, he would have healed faster in the med vats, but that would have meant leaving the arena. The wounds were now healed enough they wouldn't hamper him no matter what was thrown at him.
Each day he would rise and exercise for an hour, then he would spend two hours practising with his weapons keeping his skills honed to perfection, after lunch he would meditate remembering his teachings and all the knowledge he had gained in his life. This was the hardest part of the day for him as he found he couldn't focus like he used to, and his mind would wander to what life could be. He found that his life lacked the purpose he felt it should have, and wanted new challenges. If he got out of this predicament he would seek a new challenge.
When he could concentrate no more he would pick up his weapons and sharpen them, giving himself purpose again, not that they needed it this was just a way to stop his mind from wandering.
The servant opened the door and brought in a tray of food for him.
" I have a message for you sire, Vallatrix would like you to partake in tomorrows games, after that you will be able to return to your home "
"Really" he replied "And who am I to face ?"
" I don't know sire !"
He thanked her and returned to his sharpening, getting lost in the task, so lost he didn't hear the wall vent being pushed open, and a Tajaka enter the room, it slowly moved around the the top of the wall, getting in a better position to drop down on the back of him.
The first he knew of the creatures presence was when it's three prehensile limbs tried to latch on to him, fortunately his reactions were quicker and he turned the laser sharpener over his shoulder and straight into the face of the creature killing it in one fluid move. These creatures had not been seen in the city before, something was not right on Traventi and he wanted answers, but first tomorrows game ! . . . .

Tuesday, 2 January 2018


I recall a Star Trek Next Generation episode which (if I recall correctly) was called "All Good Things" and this two part-er saw the very end of that long standing show. The double episode was simply incredible and it was with a mix of deep sadness and joy that they got the ending so right, that I was able to smile and go "Oh WOW!, that was simply awesome."

It`s like that for me a bit now. We are all of us a little bit like Joss Whedon (Buffy) or Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek) in that our `babies` take on a life of their own, and we love them and live with them so long, the very notion of not having them as part of our lives, leaves us with a profound feeling of... well, emotional sorrow a bit.

The Game Cupboard (Or the Gamers Cupboard as it was originally named by Bryan Scott, the original co-owner, along with myself) has been a part of my life for so long: there is not  day... a week goes by without me thinking about it, tending to it, writing for it, or checking it for comments and... oh you know, generally making sure it`s all running smoothly.

But life brings many changes. It`s just a part of what life is really. My health is something I struggle with on a weekly basis: a bit like rolling a coin, heads I feel good that week, tails I feel lousy with bad chest and aching bones due to lack of oxygen getting through my body (it`s like having a permanent flu - but without the flu symptoms... just aching bones and lack of air: but it never fully goes away for me: emphysema is a disease I would not wish on anyone). On top of this the medication I have to take for it has given me diabetes would you believe haha, so I have been double struck with problems.

Now on top of this, Hilary (my darling partner) suffers from a degenerative form of arthritis, and no matter the number of operations she has, is always waiting for the next one.. and the next.. in a long line of operations still lying ahead of her (her left knee is next).

We live in a large six bedroom house sitting on acres of cool ground including an orchard of fruit trees, a stone circle, a medieval well, and the whole house sits right next to an Iron Age Hill Fort. But all our kids have flown the nest and lead lives of their own now throughout the various corners of the globe: leaving us with a big home that is impossible to heat, and is thus damp, cold and impossible to maintain properly, and not conducive to good health. So it`s now or never, and when we were advised by our local estate agent to sell up while the market is good, we took the big decision to do just that. Smaller home, warmth and central heating, and easy to maintain for the two of us.

With Hils out of action for many months and being somewhat isolated in location (Idyllic though it is) it has fallen mainly to me to do all the arrangements, the house painting, general repair to make it optimally sellable: then all the packing and.... well, everything that goes with moving house. The move will see us in our perfect chosen location, but with no internet at all and most likely none for a long long time to come - and even then, may be slow speed wi-fi only.

I may not even return to blogging at all in fact, and instead immerse in my new found passion for combining 00 scale model train sets with wargaming, and see my layout grow from strength to strength all around my super-duper new hobby room. I might even be able to build that perfect (portable) wargame table I`ve wanted all my life - a complete set up of the battle of Edgehill.. maybe another one of Nasby; mmmmm  lovely thoughts, and a cool focus to look forward to in my hobby. I am working on my last EVER commission: the new rules for Dave Stone`s Wargames Terrain Workshop`s DM Skirmish world. And these will be finished and handed over to him very soon indeed. Hils and I were all set to attend Salute 2018, but good friend Jez has stepped up to the peg and has agreed to stand in for us and help Dave and Sarah run the big event. It`s all arranged and should promise to be quite a show, as Dave will be announcing the new rules on that day and a cool range of miniatures to go with the new game as well.

I will try very hard to write a few teaser battle reports before I vanish off the face of the earth entirely. A couple of teaser games to show case the new game: but at the very least Dave WILL soon have his rules in their completed form, replete with cool interior art throughout.

So even though I will try and write a few more articles between now and then, if I do not manage it.... then guys this is it, and thanks for all the support, all the kindness you have shown us over the years, and for your much valued friendship.

I leave TGC in very capable hands.... Dave`s hands no less. Should be quite a roller coaster ride, wooohoooo!!!

Have an amazing hobby, enjoy every moment to the full, and never stop painting and playing.

"Axe High, Friend Go I"


Hils here.

Thank you guys for being the best. We will miss you all, and wish you (every last one of you) the best wishes for a happy happy life, happy gaming, happy modelling, and happy hobbying.

Bye guys

Now over to your new site owner. Over to you Dave..........

Firstly I need to thank Steve and Hils for asking me to take over the cupboard, it is a great honour that they felt i would be a suitable successor, and they will always be welcome here when they have internet, or send an article by pen and paper. The same goes for Tarot, when she has time as she's busy with her new career.

So what's to come is a matter I've been pondering over the festivities, as Steve Hils and I have discussed their departure from the cupboard at great lengths for a while now.
Firstly I want to keep the integrity of the cupboard so this will mean regular AAR's at least one a month, sometimes they will be Death Match, sometimes the new skirmish game, sometimes Imperial assault, and sometimes something completely out of the blue, just depends on what I've played at the time.
Each month I want to do an article that's a step by step guide, if you have requests on this part happy to hear your suggestions.
Each month I will update on hobby progress however big or small, hoping to have at least half a day a week for hobby at least that's the plan.
Also each month will give an insight as what's new on the workbench as we continue to develop models and scenery for our ranges.
Now I know I've only listed four articles, this is due to time constraints of the business, the two or three articles a week have been fun but has meant less time making new bits and I am planning on releasing a new game in April, so I feel 4 articles a month is doable without impacting massively on business needs.
Hope you all continue to visit and comment at the cupboard and here's to a great 2018, until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave

Thursday, 28 December 2017


So as 2017 draws to an end and Xmas is now just another memory of another year passed, I found myself thinking before rushing in as I normally would, "what do I mean by this I hear you say ?" Well at Xmas I would normally open new toys and rush straight in to build and paint them neglecting projects I already had on the go. So this year I thought I would follow the example of Luke and Simon and clear some of my existing projects before starting anything new !
With this in mind I set myself a target of finishing 4 models a day and as a reward I could have an hour at the end of the day on one of my new models.
The first three models I choose to finish were Darth Vader, Ahsoka Tano and Luke Skywalker

Then I finished off one of the Imperial Officers and also my test Stormtrooper

Achieving my goal of minimum of 4 models I had an hour on a 1:48 scale X-Wing
Day two I completed the Tusken raider on Bantha, Stormtrooper on  Dewback, two Scout Troopers with heavy weapon and my second attempt at Sy Snootles

Another goal achieved, so rewarded myself with a second hour on my X-Wing
Day 3 and I continued on making progress by painting 4 jump pack Stormtroopers, you may notice I've done a dark and dirty colour scheme as all the Stormtroopers I've seen on Tatooine are very dusty and dirty.

I also managed to finish Han Solo

So tonight I will reward myself with another hour on my X-Wing, progress will probably slow up a lot now as I need to get back on with actual work so until next time HAVE FUN ! and hope you all have a great NEW YEAR however you celebrate.
Cheers Dave

Saturday, 23 December 2017


Hope your all ready for the festivities and not too much running around at the last minute, leaving yourself time to sit back and enjoy yourself. Thought I would post up my latest post before the big day as who has time to look once the celebration begins ! LOL

Today's article I want to cover painting iridescent armour, the example shown above was painted by my friend Tim Marsh who is a competition painter, Tim sent me an explanation on how he painted this, but I've been looking for a quicker method, so this is what I've come up with :
Step 1  undercoat the model in silver

Step 2  cover all the armour plates in black wash

Step 3  Now add a deep shadow colour, as I'm doing a green armour I've used purple wash

Step 4 Mid tone colour is now added above the shadow and I've used blue wash
No photo sorry the gremlins ate it !

Step 5  Then for the high's I've used yellow wash ( Think where the light would hit the model)

Step 6 Cover all the armour plates in iridescent paint, I've used Citadel Waystone Green, if your happy at this point with the result your finished on the armour, if you want to add more detail follow the following steps.

Step 7 Apply some neat silver on the high colours but don't go completely to the edge of your original highs
Gremlins were hungry again !
Step 8 Apply yellow wash over the silver paint

Step 9 Repeat step 6

The armour plates are now done, but you can go in and tweak areas as much as you want to get your desired effect.
Below are some examples of different colour schemes you can try depending on your preference

As you can see I've painted the sinew between the armour plates in different colours this was experimentation to see which I prefer, another tip if painting Exuvium paint the four arms separate as it can be quite difficult to get to certain areas if you stick them together first.
You can also use this method to paint armour as well just use silver as the highlight colour instead, as shown in the example below
Hope everyone has a very merry Xmas
Until next time HAVE FUN !
Cheers Dave