Tuesday, 14 August 2018


With the first five now cast, it was time to get some paint on the models, I wanted to have natural colour schemes to the animals, so I used the colours from the reference pictures I sculpted from as these would be the best representations.

From the reference picture you can see there is a lot of different colours in this animal

and here is my representation


There is a lot of colour in the reference picture including iridescent feathers in the tail

and this is what I came up with


Even though the reference picture shows a lot of cream, there is subtle tones in areas

hopefully I've managed to capture the subtlety


In the reference picture you will notice black markings down the spine

on the model they didn't show well so I left them off in the end


No reference picture on this one as it is a fantastical creature, so the colours were down to me, I went for a triad colour scheme, blue being the central colour, with red shading, and yellow high which I put as the base colour for his fur crest
Have started all the remaining models and will show them once their a little further along, until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave

Monday, 13 August 2018


Personal hobby time has been a little sparse recently as I've got so much to do for the business, but have squeezed in a little time to get my test piece of a Tusken Raider on foot painted

Have started painting the other 3 I have, but aren't finished yet, then I had an idea to make a camp for them, as this could make for interesting scenario's but couldn't find a dome to start from that was the right size, so have gone right back to it's base structure and made a frame out of tusks to then skin for the structure. These I will be releasing through the site when finished. Also want to make a female and child to add to the camp.

Have also got a basic Jawa built, now you will notice he has no hands, this is so I can make multiple doing different things, for instance I will make one with a fan to add to Jabba's Palace, and one with the droid restraining device.

Have also started another denizen of Jabba's Palace Ephant Mon, now I could have just bought one from Tritex Games, but I've wanted to build this creature since I first saw him 

Have finished the next Grav Boarder, and here she is.

Have also got the first 5 Zodiac Warriors cast which you can now order by emailing me, available are the Monkey £4, Goat £4, Snake £4, Cockerel £4, and the Dragon £10 . Will let you know as soon as the others are ready, and should have painted versions to show by the end of the week.
Until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave

Monday, 6 August 2018


Sorry guy's no food just models I'm afraid ! LOL
I've been making steady progress on the remaining Grav Boarders, here is the WIP shots of the remaining 4

as you can see from the pictures they are in varying states, but will have them all finished before the end of the month.
Have made some good progress on the Chinese Zodiac models, the Monkey is now finished

The goat needs some detailing on the armour then he is finished.

The Dragon has some detailing left to do.

The snake needs the arms finished, and some detailing on the armour.

The Cockerel needs one wing and some armour detail and he's finished.

Have started the Rat monk as well following Jez's suggestions.

I have slowly been blocking out the three big guy's, the Ox, the Horse, and the Tiger and will show these once they've got a bit more shape. Now I know a few are really interested in some of these models, and as soon as I've got them cast you guy's will be able to order them straight away before release day.
That's the lot for today, so until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave

Monday, 30 July 2018


Now I'm not talking about a portion of crispy chilli beef with fried rice, I'm on about a small range of Oriental figures.
The reasoning behind doing these is one of my display boards at shows is my Oriental scenery board, which currently doesn't have any figures to display on it, unlike my other two boards.
Now there is a lot of Japanese figures available from Bushido to Test of Honour and others, so I thought I would do some from China. The idea started after watching the wall, which had some great armour depicting different animals, so I thought what if I take it a stage further and do animals in Chinese armour. Then to tie the idea together I decided to do the animals from the Chinese Zodiac, I've got the first 5 started and once these are finished I'll do the remaining 7.

first up is the monkey based off the Chinese Golden Monkey, the weapon I've given him is the ball and chain with blade, as seen in the Golden Child staring Eddie Murphy.

This one is going to be armed with twin crescent blades, as I thought these would be the least encumbering on his movement.

This one is going to be armed with a crescent spear.

This one is having the twin hooked swords, a true fighting cock ! LOL

What Chinese Zodiac would be complete without a Dragon, he's armed with twin Dao blades, these swords were designed to fit in a single sheath to cover up the number of weapons carried.
That's it for today, don't know if I'll get chance to post again this week as I have a show at IPMS Thornbury on Sunday, so until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave 

Thursday, 26 July 2018


So I've had an idea, I know there's a bloggers meet at Salute, but what I thought would be great is a day where we all meet up and enjoy being hobbyists, whether it be gaming, modelling or painting.
How I think this will work is if we get a list of all people interested together, then work out the most central location, so no one person has to travel further than others. Each person interested in coming then can say what they will bring games wise, if your the only person bringing that game you would need to bring two forces, so you can show why you like playing it to others and be able to play. I'm happy to run some sculpting demos if people are interested, or painting as well.
So what do you guy's think ? if interested put name location and game in the comments section, also feel free to share the idea on your own blogs as we all have different followers and can make this a better event. Once I've got an idea on numbers and locations I can start working on where to hold it, and what if any costs will be involved.
Here's my example :
Dave Stone, Gloucester, Death Match

Have finally got the megalodon cast ready to release in August, the heat has really been slowing up casting, but glad it's finally finished, the model is 190 mm in length which equates to a 40 footer in 28 mm scale, so on the smaller end of the scale size wise.

Have also got the second Grav Boarder finished and started to make a display piece for taking to shows, will have enough room on it to display all six

That's all for today so until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave