Monday, 12 March 2018


Following on from last weeks post, I have some progress shots to show, but first up is something a bit different
I've started work on this years Salute dragon, now technically this one isn't a dragon as were doing a Wyvern, although Hollywood would disagree as they keep calling Wyverns dragons. There will be a scenic base to help display it in full flight mode, and will have a brass bar running through it, to make sure it's durable

as you can see work is progressing on this and have been working on the optional pilot, there will also be a version of the pilot on foot available, hoping to have it finished before Salute and have some for prerelease at the show.

Also hoping to have these at Salute as prerelease, but all depends on time. The following pictures show how I've gone about the construction, incase anybody fancies building vehicles of their own, "Do You Want To Know More ? " if you'd like to have a detailed description just ask and I'll write one up, also a warning for anyone using Milliput, always use rubber gloves when using this product as it is a carcinogen which is absorbed through the skin.

In other news we have had the proof through of the Death Match printed rulebook, this has taken a while but finally getting my original idea together, just need to sort out boxed deals by Salute and I shall be a happy man.

That's all for this post, so until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave

Thursday, 8 March 2018


Have quite an eclectic mix for you all today, inspired by the kind comments on my recent "FROM THE VAULT" postings I've made up a couple of test pieces for the mutant horde and traitor guard.

The mutant was made from a mutie raider from Gorkamorka, with legs from Mordheim plastics, have gone with a muted set of colours, but will put an element of pink in, maybe on some wrappings.

The guard started life as a Steel Legion model, which I've changed the head, and turned the coat into a smock, have kept the colours muted again so the whole army isn't just a sea of pink

This is Biv Bodhrik from the Twin Shadows expansion my wife got me for our anniversary, still got a couple of small details to finish off, but pleased with the results so far
This is a new piece I'm working on for our post apoc range, so if the two Simon's and Roger would like to scroll past this part, so I don't add to anybody's list . . . . Stop sneaking a peek Simon !
Right now they've scrolled past I've started work on a gyrocopter, and I'm also planning to do a pilot model to sit in it and on foot as a separate piece

Also thinking of making a Transavia Airtruck PL12 with pilot and son, do you think this would be of interest ?

That's it for now so until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave

Monday, 5 March 2018


Here is the concluding part of a look at my Emperor's Children army
I have three dreadnoughts so I can field different variations depending on what I'm facing. The first two are Forgeworld models and the third is a converted Imperial Dreadnought

" Chaos Defiler "
For this model I wanted it to be a moving trophy adorned with skulls and skins of the defeated, I also added some speakers to the face plate to give it a noise marine feel

To make my unit of noise marines a bit more mobile I gave them a Rhino and added some of Forgeworlds extra armour and doors, I also added interior detail in the back section

For the Emperor's children unit 1 I gave them a rhino as well, but wanted to give them a Warp Amp upgrade, I thought a servitor playing an organ would be a good representation of this.

I used the forgeworld version of the turret and extra armour, and I'm in the process of making the sponsons into sonic blasters

For the lost and the damned list you could take a unit of hounds, I went for a unit of 6 as that is the Slaneesh number

These models are a mix of Mordhiem possessed, rat ogres, and Scyla, which have had some conversion work and painting to fit Slaneesh

These two units came in the 40K starter set, I've done some head and weapon swaps so as not to have any duplicates

When I got this model I decided I wanted a look more of a fighter evolving into a demonically possessed vehicle, so changed the wing structure

This last unit has only a couple of conversions as they are all very individual looking any rate.

That's currently all I have for this army, as all the other bits I've collected haven't even been built, this includes a band of mutants, a small contingent of traitor guard and a Hellblade bomber, that's not to say that plans may change and I might add more, but as GW seem to be dropping Slaneesh altogether very unlikely, until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave

Saturday, 3 March 2018


When I did the " From The Vault " post the most votes were for the Emperor's Children, so I will show these first, I will be including parts of the "Lost and the Damned" list with them as these were built to help bolster their numbers and add in some interesting extras.
When I started this army i wanted to have a mighty leader, so why not the demon primarch himself, this conversion was made from the Inquisitor space marine and the tail from a wood elf dragon as the basis, then lots of green stuff to give him the right look.

This next model is a straight out of the packet (yes I do own some of these ! ) I bought incase I needed a cheaper HQ choice at some point

These are all converted models, as at the time GW didn't make any noise marine versions, they have since been dropped from the chaos codex, which is why they are in varying stages of paint, I do plan at some point to finish them all, as I shall be using a army list that my opponents agree to in games at home.

All the models bar one in this unit are conversions some more heavily than others, the unit champion on the left was a standard GW model with a different backpack and weapon, the model on the right is carrying a Blastmaster, the rest are all armed with sonic blasters.

This unit has had a small amount of conversions done to give each model an individual feel as befitting Chaos

This squad has had some major conversion work to base the models on a piece of art by Adrian Smith, as you can see this is another unit that needs finishing.

These are all conversions again as GW never got round to maker noise marine bikers before dropping them, as you can see the conversions are all done, just need to finish painting them

This was a fighter produced by Forgeworld, there was no conversion work just straight painting

At the time I made this army you could take spawn as a choice you could also attempt to turn your opposition into one with a spell, to represent this I converted several models into spawn rather than just using the one standard spawn model at the time

I will show the rest in a second instalment, so until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave

Tuesday, 27 February 2018


This weeks offering from the workbench see's the third vehicle we will be releasing in March, a tanker, looking to do a upgrade kit for this with a dozer blade, and fighting platforms, and even guards for the back wheels of the cab

Also I have finally finished Te'to, this model has been sat in green form for over 7 years, so a big thank you to you all for your kind comments that encouraged me to finally get round to painting it.

That's it for this time, hopefully by the end of the week I should show the Emperor's Children from the vault, until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave