Saturday, 6 October 2018


Before my holiday ! LOL Joking aside got on really well with completing some outstanding models before picking up the next expansion and ally packs.
First is three more characters from the expansions.

Have also finished the second of the hired guns.

Next up is two Imperial officers, I've got them done in different colours to the first one I painted to add variation.

Last up is all the Stormtroopers I need to finish for Azazelx Pqainting Challenge to finish a unit in October, you will see from left to right the different stages each model is going through, the models on the far right just need finishing details.

That's all for this post, hope to catch up on your blogs when I return, that will be a lot harder on some more than others ! LOL So until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave

Monday, 1 October 2018


Hoping to pick up my next expansion and ally packs for IA when I'm on holiday next week, so thought I ought to clear some of the models from previous expansions before getting more.
The first four are from expansions and the core set

Have also finished my Treadwell

Also finished two more of Jabba's Palace that I built

As part of azazelx October painting challenge to finish off squads I'm hoping to finally get all my Stormtroopers done, now as I'm away for two weeks of October it might be a bit of a push, but I do like a challenge ! LOL
Many thanks to Simon Quinton, as he has found a venue for this. It's just off the M5 so easy to get to, the cost will be £4 a head, or if we want £10 a head with non stop coffee and Tea and lunch provided.
All we need to decided now is when ? I'm thinking either March or after Salute as the run up to Christmas can be hectic for people and January and February are manic for me.
For those who haven't seen the news today Carlos Ezquerra passed away, he was a huge supporter of the Strontium Dog fan film and even penned a classic cover based off the likeness of the two principal actors. He will be sorely missed

That's all for this post, hopefully I will get one more in before I go away, so until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave

Tuesday, 25 September 2018


Sarah pointed out recently, that I've not released any scenery for a while. As Terrain is part of my companies name I thought I'd better fix this, so first up is something that has a double use for me, first a new piece of scenery I can release, and secondly with a small bit of conversion I can use it in my Imperial Assault games, so I present our pit monster (no I haven't thought of a better name ! LOL)

Next up is a well that a customer asked if we could build as a one off, which when I looked at thought would be easy enough to put into production, which he was happy with as it will be a lot cheaper for him, he has another design which we will also be putting into production, then I've got a couple of one offs to do for him. In the well there will will be swirling spirits with a Banshee emerging from the centre, will show more once it's further along.

Have also picked up the parts for a ruined church I started last year, and will endeavour to get that finished as well, pictures will follow once it's further along. Now some will remember I started some more post apocalyptic vehicles, these will be released in April as Salute's theme this year is post apocalyptic so seems the best time, but once I've finished them and show them on here you guys will be able to order straight away.
Last thing today, I ran a Death Match day on Saturday at Rochester games and models, and Clint has done a great report which you can find here clint-anythingbutaone
Here is the second review of the weekends event emotionally14
That's all for today, so until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave

Thursday, 20 September 2018


Have been working on some of the more obscure droids for my IA gaming, first up is the demolition droid that's seen in  episode IV in the line up of droids available for sale at the Skywalker farm.
The model was made from a plastic dome, my children had, which I then filled with resin, added a flat green platform underneath and then tracks and bogies, and some ariel's and periscope on top.

Next up is Lebo Dash Rendar's trusty robot, a scratch build model, I've built him slightly more chunky than in the pictures to make him durable for gaming. I now have both of my main characters for my games.

Next is a WIP shot of the K2 I'm building, this was my favourite character in Rogue One, and just had to have one or two.

Have also started Wed Treadwell repair droid, this was another robot for sale at Skywalker's farm

Although I've been busy making robots I've finished two more characters, first is  J'quille also known as Tooth Face.

Last one for today is a variant of Mosep Bineed, this one was seen wandering through Mos Eisley, once I've got a cast of this one I'll make the other two variants from the master.

In other news we are looking for two gamers at Salute next year to help run demo games of Death Match, if interested email me at and I will give you all the details including pay, entry and any other details you will need.
That's all for this post so until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave

Saturday, 15 September 2018


Continuing on with this huge project, I've managed to get a few more R2, R4, and R5 units painted, if I've found their designation I've put it under the picture.
R2 A5
R3 T2
R4 E1
R4 X2
R5 A2
R5 M2

Here's a group shot of all the droids I've got so far.
Can you spot the droid you were looking for ?

If your going to do a post about droids you should really have a Jawa as well, this one is the one seen fanning Jabba when R2 and C3PO arrive in the court room. It was made from the template one I showed a while back which I made.

Have also finished Yuzzum, this is a complete one off, as there is no way to take a mould with all the undercuts and straps.

Have also started doing some more stormtroopers and I've added shoulder pads to the basic ones to tie them in with the heavy ones. would really like some variation in poses, but I'm not ready to convert all these models ! Even I have limits ! LOL

That's the lot for this post, so until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave